Body Transformation: Ken Kicked His Excess Fat To The Curb

Sometimes all it takes is a bad picture to set you on the track toward body reinvention. That was the case for Ken. Read on to see how one photo convinced him to make a change.

Vital Stats

Name: Ken Creta
Bodyspace: EggSuckingLeech

Ken Creta Ken Creta


225 lbs
Body Fat:


183 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I was getting ready to turn 40 and my wife and I went on a Mexico cruise. It was at that cruise and the subsequent photos I saw that disappointed me on many levels. I realized that I was no longer the strong guy I thought I used to be and reality hit me: I had become fat and out-of-shape.

In college I would lift and take care of myself, but you know the story: got a good desk job, got married, had kids and concluded that I had no time for exercise. I found that I could not keep up with my kids as they got older and more active. I was getting sore a lot and just didn't feel good.

My wife always encouraged me to get in shape, but I honestly didn't see how I could afford the time. That cruise pushed me over the edge and I decided to accept the support she had been giving me all along. I signed up to join the local YMCA.

It's only a "skull crusher" if you lose control of the rep. French press sounds so much nicer.

How I Did It

I honestly knew nothing about bodybuilding at that time but I am one of those people that truly enjoys learning everything there is to learn about my new endeavors. There were so many diets and workout routines out there! So I decided that the absolute best way to learn how to get into shape and lose body fat was to turn to the experts that know how to do this: bodybuilders.

I started buying books and magazines and I soaked it all up. I didn't necessarily want to look like a competitive bodybuilder but they certainly know how to diet better than anyone. I frequented bodybuilding websites and forums. I set up my Bodyspace account for tracking and accountability. I listened to bodybuilding podcasts. Over time I began to "get it" and I constructed my own plan (detailed below).

I discovered you should not expect to lose more than 1-2 pounds of fat per week so I set up realistic short-term goals and a long-term goal to lose the fat and gain muscle. I quickly learned that bodybuilders and fitness models alike do NOT look like the magazines all year round. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve that look and it takes months to arrive there. It took me about 6 months to drop from a fat 225 pounds to a reasonably fit 185 pounds. Since January 2009, my goals have altered to focus on my weak body parts while keeping good health.

Now that I am in the 12% body fat range, I realize to take my physique to the next level will require a whole different level of commitment which includes intense training, frequent cardio, and tracking my macronutrients all with rigorous logs. Sometimes I am good about it but I fail too - and that's OK because I simply get back on the horse the next day.

I'm not competing or doing any photo shoots so I try not to get too out of hand and stick to what I find to be sustainable. My definition of "sustainable" keeps evolving!

Easy to rule the dumbbell rack when your body fat stands at 12%.

Suggestions for Others

You can't lose a pound in a day and you can't gain it either. You just need to keep plugging away because your body is simply a reflection of a moment in time. You cannot keep the muscle and keep off the fat if you don't keep at it - at least I can't.

It's cliché I know but bodybuilding really is a way of life and like bathing, it's something you have to keep doing if you want to keep looking good.

You just need to keep plugging away because your body is simply a reflection of a moment in time.

    • Age is totally irrelevant. Anyone can transform regardless of age. Things can get harder when you get older but I would argue that as you get older, your health increases in importance. There is nothing inherent about age that gets in the way of a dramatic transformation.

    • Set up realistic short term goals designed to achieve a long term goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. This is a personal endeavor.

    • Train hard like a bodybuilder. Don't get caught up with the weight you move and leave your ego at the door. There is exactly one person in the gym that cares about how much you lift and that's you.

      What's important is that you give it your all. You will not "get bulky" like a bodybuilder unless you try to achieve that look for many years. In other words, don't be concerned that you might look "bulky" if you train like a bodybuilder - it won't sneak up on you like that.

    • Diet is absolutely key. How many folks have you seen at the gym every day but their body composition doesn't change? When you log in 300 calories on the treadmill, how can you possibly consume 300 calories with a donut? Too much for me to throw it away by eating something like this.

    • Don't overcomplicate this process and use your brain. Transformation is very simple. It's not easy to do, but it's simple. Restrict your calories while keeping them nutritious and exercise hard. Stick to the basics, track your progress (Bodyspace is great for this) and watch the fat drop and the muscle increase.

    • You need a support system and other people to support your goals. I am lucky to have a wife and family who understand how important this is to me and they stand behind me all the way. I could not do this without my wife's support.

I'm flattered to be featured here, but if I can do it, anyone can. Best of luck to reaching your own goals.

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