Body Transformation: Concrete Kyle

He was the definition of skinny. Every rib and bone was exposed. The ridicule he faced from classmates was overwhelming. That's when Kyle joined a gym and transformed

Name: Kyle Dansereau
Bodyspace: Italianguido

Kyle Dansereau Kyle Dansereau
AGE 16
125 lbs
AGE 18
164 lbs

Why I Got Started

I was so tired of being skinny and constantly being made fun of; getting called anorexic and bullied all throughout middle school and high school. I did not have an ounce of muscle on my body. It was bad - you could see every bone and rib on me! I decided one day to join the local YMCA, and from there, built up experience and moved onto a bigger gym. I started to notice changes rather quickly at first and this pushed me to keep going. I did not want to stop.

I would go the gym and stay for hours. It's so hard for me to gain weight, but I pushed myself as much as I could and kept seeing improvements. After a few months, people had realized my arms were getting bigger and started to compliment me rather than make fun of me. This pushed me to work even harder and I finally started to build confidence in myself, something I had completely lost from being bullied daily. Over time people left me alone and in many cases people apologized then asked me for advice. Since I started, I have put on about 40 pounds! If I can do it, anyone can!

How I Did It

I was so determined to not be skinny. I tracked myself by taking photos every several months and doing comparisons. I became addicted to working out and could never get it out of my head. I'd leave the gym and be thinking of what I was going to do tomorrow or if I should go again after. My friends also played a big role; they were always very supportive of me the whole time. Also, once I really started to notice results and see veins and muscles, I didn't want to stop! Walking through the gym doors, I'd put on my iPod, blast my music, and lift like an animal.

Suggestions For Others

You can never give up! Bodybuilding is not something that happens overnight; it's a lifestyle you have to commit to. Build a set gym schedule and it will just become a part of your daily routine once you get used to it. Believe me, once you become addicted, you'll want to go everyday and never want to leave! Track your progress and never back down. Always push yourself to the max because this is what helps you gain muscle. If I can do it, you can too!