Body Transformation: Brandon Put The Brawny Back In His Body

Brandon needed to reinvent himself in order to improve his endurance and self-esteem. Once he discovered Hitchfit he was on his way back to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Vital Stats

Name: Brandon Winders

Brandon Winders Brandon Winders


205 lbs
Body Fat:


176 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I told myself that I would one day get my butt in gear and get back into the condition I once was. Well, days, months and years went by and I did nothing to change the way I was eating and working out.

I'm a Marine Veteran and a SWAT officer. I believe it is necessary to be in the best physical shape I can be, not just for me, but also for the members of my team. If I lack endurance, it's going to show, causing my team members to have to work even harder. I have been going to the gym and lifting weights for as long as I can remember. I considered myself to be in fairly decent shape. Deep down inside I was kidding myself and was really not happy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

I would go to a restaurant and stuff myself so bad that it would be uncomfortable to sit there when the meal was over. I would bend over and tie my shoes and grunt from having to lean over my belly. I was constantly winded and tired when I'd exercise or just in everyday life.

It boiled down to these three things. I wasn't happy with my appearance, I was worried about my overall health, and was telling myself that I was in good enough shape to basically get by. I decided I finally had enough.

Those abs aren't just for show - from Marine to SWAT, Brandon has served his country.

How I Did It

I first found out about HitchFit from a co-worker of mine, Chad Evans. I could see week by week the phenomenal improvements he was making. I went to the website,, and was blown away by the before and after photos and the testimonials.

When I first contacted Micah, he told me to stick with this plan and I would be more ripped than I've ever been. He told me to believe in myself and the plan and it would change my life. He was exactly right. I followed the plan to the letter and after only the first four weeks I started to see an improvement. My energy level started to go back up and I felt so much better.

I actually look forward to making my meals on Sunday for the rest of the week, which makes life a lot easier because of my crazy schedule. I realized and decided during the 12 weeks that I wanted this to be a way of life for me and didn't want to revert back to my old ways. Months later I feel amazing and I am continuing to keep the weight off with the tools I was given.

I want to thank Micah for all the support and advice that he has given to me throughout my transformation and for showing me that with proper nutrition and exercise it can change your life.

These guns have engraved barrels.

Suggestions for Others

Don't ever think that it's too late to get started. I could see how someone could easily get discouraged because of their busy schedule, age, or even the distance they might live from a gym. There is always a way to get it done. It is never too late to change your life.

I thought that 12 weeks sounded like a long time in the beginning. The truth is that there is no time limit that is "too long" for your health sake. When you start seeing results it will all be worthwhile and you will wonder why you didn't get started sooner.

Make it a way of life for you and your family. My wife was extremely supportive through my transformation and we continue to make changes to the way we eat to this day.

Don't be afraid to get a plan that is right for you. That's why I got in touch with Micah at HitchFit. He was able to give me the confidence, motivation and tools I needed to change my life forever.

Trainer Credit:
Micah LaCerte - HitchFit online personal training,

Photographic Credit:
Holly Kay Winders, HK Photography