Body Transformation: A Family Tradition

Lane found joy in post-workout pain. He felt physical changes and sought more until he built a happiness in his body. See how he gained 40 pounds!

Name: Lane Scott
BodySpace: lane408

Lane Scott Lane Scott
AGE 14
95 lbs
AGE 17
135 lbs

Why I Got Started

Vacation pictures were a giant factor, I hated everything about my body. But I would have to say the biggest motivator was my brother, he's 5 years older than me, and was 18 at the time.

My brother was blessed with the right genetics of the family and I was given the "leftovers." His senior year of high school he was 215 pounds maxing 325 on the bench. He was a monster; I always looked up to him as one of my biggest motivators.

How I Did It

It was the summer of 2009 in the garage, out back with an old weight bench and concrete plates that my dad used when he was a teenager. I threw 40 pounds on the bar and got it up a couple times, so I thought "OK! Let's go heavier."

60 pounds on the bar and I was struggling so hard to get that weight off my chest! I got it twice and I had to lower the weight. I threw 40 pounds back on the bar and did as many reps as I could until my chest gave out!

The next day, I could not get out of bed. I liked the fact that I could feel what I had done to my body and was happy I was doing something useful. After that I decided I was going to get better at lifting.

I started looking up workouts and different types of exercises. I only had dumbbells and a bar, no machines or anything at my disposal.

I learned quickly that you could hit almost every muscle with dumbbells. I have put hard work and dedication into what I started and I like where I've ended up!

Suggestions For Others

The best advice I could give would have to be DO NOT GIVE UP! So many people start something like this and either give up or maybe they just don't have time for it.

You have the time to get in the shape that you want to be in. It's hard work but it really pays off!

  • Pick a time that works best to workout.
  • Pick workouts that best fit you.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Don't listen to the people that say you cannot do it!