Bikini International Finals: A Teenage Dream Tonight!

Nineteen-year-old Nicole Nagrani came out on top in Arnold's first bikini contest.

Bikini International Finals: A Teenage Dream Tonight

Back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was flexing on the beach in his bodybuilding heyday, a bikini-clad girl was usually perched on each deltoid. So how fitting that 2011 saw the debut of the IFBB's "professional bikini" division in Columbus.

In fact, seeing these toned and tanned bodies sashaying around on stage, the first question for the promoter might have been: What took you so long, Arnold?

Each of the women who placed top five in this division at the Olympia were back on stage tonight, so the theme for the evening was, "dangerous curves ahead." All the women were full of spunk and swagger, and they shook what their momma gave them. Which was a lot, by the way. The way they moved and turned transfixed the crowd, I for one WISH I could have that kind of pizzazz and poise on stage.

The crowd favorites were Amanda Latona, Sonia Gonzales and Jessica Putnam. It was Sonia's show to lose, as she is currently the reigning Ms. Bikini Olympia. However, in a not-so-shocking turn of events-you'd understand if you saw the girls in person-Nicole "The Teen Sensation" Nagrani came out on top.

  • First Callout: Jessica Putnam, Nicole Nagrani, Sonia Gonzales, Amanda Latona, Jaime Baird, Nathalia Melo
  • Second Callout: Jelena Abbou, Shelsea Montes, Justine Munro, Ali Rosen, Noemi Olah
  • Third Callout: Jessica Clay, Missy Coles, Willeke Davis, Dina Al-Sabah, Jennifer Andrews

Final Placings:

6. Amanda Latona

Placed top five at every show she's done. Beautiful, graceful stage presence.

5. Jaime Baird

Can work the stage and the crowd. Commands attention with her sassy attitude and beautiful smile. Legs are definitely her standout body part.

4. Jessica Putnam

Crowd favorite, definitely tightened up her physique from the Olympia, bringing a curvaceous package with nice muscle tone and great stage presence. Big improvement in every aspect.

3. Nathalia Melo

A crowd favorite with great lines, lean but not TOO lean, brings a curvaceous figure to the stage. Crowds and judges respond to it.

2. Sonia Gonzales

The reigning Ms. Bikini Olympia, she's small in stature, but large in presence on stage. Not as tight as she was at the Olympia.

1. Nicole Nagrani

The youngest competitor on stage (at 19), but don't let her age fool you. She commands the stage like a seasoned veteran.