10 Steps To Becoming The Perfect Training Partner

Follow this handy guide, and your training partner will return the favor.

It is a question that has been asked and debated in every major publication and on forums all over the internet. Are you better off training alone or should you have a training partner? If you are someone who has trained alone and are considering whether or not you want someone to join you, then I personally recommend finding someone and training with him or her for a while and see how it works out for you.

There are many people out there that prefer to train alone in the weight room and there is nothing wrong with that. Many people have succeeded in the gym by themselves.

However, you may find that you perform better with someone else there with you. Your chances of succeeding definitely increase with a partner there to push you, spot you, and give you that kick in the butt when you need it.

Since you never trained with anyone else before, make sure you practice these tips on how to be the best training partner possible for your new iron brother or sister. Make sure the other person practices these also so you can benefit.

More Than Showing Up and Lifting

You should understand immediately that there is more to being a good training partner in the gym than showing up to lift and spotting the other person.

Being a good partner requires you to be more involved into the training and more invested into the other person as well. You must want the other person to succeed as much as you want to do well yourself.

Your partner must be the exact same way or else it just won't work out for either of you. Hopefully implementing these suggestions will show you how great a partner can be.

1. Have similar goals

It doesn't do much good to have a partner that is looking to lose 50 pounds if you are a skinny person looking to pack on mass. Your training will be too different and you will have different motivation.

If you want to succeed with your goals, find someone who wants to do the same thing or something similar so you will know how to push him or her to the max.

2. Be on time every time

Have you ever heard the phrase "if you are early you are on time and if you are on time you are late"? This is the way you should feel when it comes to training with a partner.

That other person is counting on you and you showing up late is going to show your partner that you are not dependable and can't be relied on to workout with.

Make sure you show up and it is better to be a few minutes early so you can be ready to train on the scheduled time.

3. Know how to spot your partner

There are some people that don't want you anywhere near them until they hit failure and there are others that want your hands on the bar at all times so they feel safer to lift.

Find out which way your partner wants you to spot and let the other person know how you like to be spotted so there are no questions later on. Doing this ensures both comfort and safety for both of you which can only lead to positive things when training.

4. Watch form

Make sure when it is your partner's turn you aren't just wandering around or thinking about what you will be doing later. If your partner is doing something wrong you need to let him or her know so they can correct it and benefit from whatever exercise is being performed.

You also want your partner to be watching you to correct you as well. That actually leads right into the next tip.

5. Accept criticism

If you want a good partner to help you, then you must take the good with the bad. At some point he or she is going to notice you are doing something wrong and let you know it.

Keep in mind your partner is not doing this to insult you or make you mad. He or she only wants the best for you as a good partner should. Take the criticism and learn from it.

You will be both a better athlete and person for having this attitude and it will improve morale with your partner in the long run.

6. Know what the motivation is

Being the perfect partner is more than just knowing their goals. You should know why your partner wants to do this so you can remind him or her when those last few reps get tough and he or she wants to drop the weight.

Something as subtle as stating the motivation could be all it takes for your partner to turn the intensity up and train at a higher level. Also, tell your partner why you are doing this so you can be reminded from time to time also.

If you only get eight reps and decide you are done, your partner can drop a subtle hint to you and push you to get two, three, or even four more reps. Those extra reps could mean the difference between good and great.

7. Turn the cell phone off

Having cell phones or other things around to distract holds both of you back from meeting your goals because you are not focused on the task at hand. Would you want to be in the middle of a set and have your partner take a call and just walk off?

I don't think so and your partner is going to feel the same way. Make sure you and your partner both leave the phones in your lockers or cars so you stay focused on what matters...pushing iron and smashing goals.

8. Keep chit chat to a minimum

It isn't very productive to do a workout in an hour and a half when it can take as little as thirty to forty five minutes. You can socialize a little before training and all you want after the workout is done.

However from the moment you set foot in that weight room until you walk out of it for the last time that day, there should be only one topic on both of your minds and that is training.

9. Be positive

This one I cannot emphasize enough. If you come in with a negative attitude or just dragging during your workout then your partner is going to feel the same way and neither of you will succeed.

It isn't very motivating for your partner if you storm into the gym in a bad mood because of something that happened at work or hanging your head in a depressive state. I know it can be tough if you have a bad day, but do your best to shut it out and focus on the positive things you will do in the gym.

Being enthusiastic and energetic is crucial in order for both you and your partner to benefit from joining forces.

10. Celebrate for both of you

If your partner happens to hit his or her goal while you are training together, make it a point to be as happy for him or her as you would for yourself doing it.

After all, you played a part in the success and that is just as rewarding for you as hitting your goal is for your partner. It is an accomplishment that should be celebrated and make sure you have a partner that will do the same for you.

Now Find That Training Partner

Following these ten steps will ensure that you and your partner both benefit and enjoy training together. It is one thing to succeed in the gym yourself.

It is another to succeed and know you helped someone else succeed as well. You are winning twice. Whether it is a co worker, family member, buddy, or even another member of the gym who is as dedicated as you are, having someone there not only helps you reach your goals.

It also helps you enjoy and appreciate the journey that much more.