Arnold Sports Weekend: Women's Physique International Report

This was the inaugural appearance by this exciting class at the Arnold. The competition was tough. Find out who came out on top!

Arnold Sports Weekend: Women's Physique International Report

This was the inaugural Women’s Physique International, so anticipation was running high. It took two years from the time Women’s Physique was included as part of the events at the Olympia for it to make it to the prestigious Arnold Sports Festival, an invite-only event.

Coming in, prognosticators had the top Olympia finishers placing the same here. But we all know physiques can change drastically from one show to the next.

1st Place Juliana Malacarne

This year the top prize went to Juliana Malacarne. Juliana’s fuller and rounder muscles, along with her lean appearance and flowing lines, proved impossible to beat. Her posing routine, hair, makeup and overall presentation exuded the confidence that judges look for in competitors.

2nd Place Dana Linn Bailey

Second place went to Dana Linn Bailey, clearly a crowd favorite here. She showcased a beautiful upper body with broad and shapely shoulders, incredible abs, and a much-improved V-taper. She fell slightly short because her smaller lower body didn’t match her upper body to complete her physique. Her presentation was phenomenal, and her routine brought down the house.

3rd Place Tycie Coppett

In third place, Tycie Coppett's statuesque physique truly did stand out. She has amazing lines that flow extremely well. She has very little, if anything, to improve on, which makes her a real threat at getting closer to breaking into the top two spots at future shows.

4th Place Karina Nascimento

Karina Nascimento, another crowd favorite, came in slightly smaller and tighter. She appeared comfortable with her look and it showed. Great presentation and posing routine, good for fourth place here.

5th Place La'Drissa Bonivel

La'Drissa Bonivel came in much improved—smaller and tighter than she’s been in the past. This landed her in fifth place, a better finish than her Olympia placing.

6th Place Sabrina Taylor

In sixth place, Sabrina Taylor looked outstanding with a tight physique and nice lines. She would fare even better with added muscle. Despite being sick during her last week of prep and not being able to hold much food, she more than held her own here.

Honorable Mention

Mindi O’Brien left us in awe with an amazing posing routine reminiscent of her fitness competitor days. She looked outstanding, leaving the crowd to wonder: Is there a chance she will ever return to fitness?

Congratulations to all the women who competed in the Inaugural 2015 Arnold Classic Women’s Physique International. It is also worth mentioning that these wonderful ladies of the WPD division share a sisterhood that is quite admirable and commendable. They often hold “secret Santas” and potlucks to be shared backstage, showing great sportsmanship and support for one another. You go ladies!

Final Results

  1. Juliana Malacarne
  2. Dana Linn Bailey
  3. Tycie Coppett
  4. Karina Nascimento
  5. La'Drissa Bonivel
  6. Sabrina Taylor
  7. Jillian Reville
  8. Mindi O’Brien
  9. Heather Grace
  10. Jennifer Robinson
  11. Nathalie Falk

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