Arnold Sports Weekend: Figure International Report

The Figure International was shocking, to say the very least. A new champion has been crowned, breaking Candice Keene's winning streak from the past two years.

Arnold Sports Weekend: Figure International Report

With the last two Figure International titles under her belt, Candice Keene had hoped to tie Jenny Lynn's record with a third. Alas, she was dethroned by Camala Rodriguez-McClure, who brought a polished and put-together physique to the stage.

1st Place Camala Rodriguez-McClure

Camala Rodriguez-McClure has been consistent with the package she brings, making small but noticeable improvements. Her beautiful physique, with amazing lines, poise, hair, and makeup, made her stand out from the other 14 competitors. She walked away with what the judges deemed the best and most deserving physique to hold the prestigious Figure International title.

2nd Place Candice Lewis

In second place was a stunning Candice Lewis. Some could argue that Lewis deserved a first-place finish, as her shape is something no one has ever seen. Lewis has an extremely small waistline, wide back, round shoulders, and lean midsection with abs that pop. She has a lower body to match it all and make her look complete. She definitely has what it takes to walk away the winner at a future Figure International—and perhaps even an Olympia.

3rd Place Candice Keene

Candice Keene finished a surprising third. Her gorgeous, statuesque physique was not enough for her to hold her own against Rodriguez-McClure and Lewis. Keene appeared a tad bit softer than usual, but she has mastered the art of posing, ensuring that all her lines, particularly her shoulders and hamstrings, pop. You can bet Keene will return with a vengeance and better than ever to challenge again for this title.

4th Place Latorya Watts

Latorya Watts brought a jaw-dropping physiques, with an incredibly small waist, capped shoulders, and really polished posing, hair, and makeup. It will be interesting to hear what feedback the judges give her, considering her physique is very similar to that of Candice Lewis. In any case, Watts is on the path to becoming a threat in the top three spots at a future Figure International. She must continue to improve, and perhaps add a couple of pounds of muscle to fill out her frame a tad more.

5th Place Ann Titone

Ann Titone brought one of her best packages ever to this year's Arnold. A veteran in the figure game, Titone has always had a very small waist and wide back, giving her a great V-taper. She came in a little smaller than usual, but this look works for her. What would it take for Titone to break into the top three spots at the top-tier shows like the Arnold and the Olympia? All we know is that when it comes to perseverance and reaching a goal, Ann Titone is all over it.

6th Place Gennifer Strobo

Gennifer Strobo finished sixth by also coming in with one of her best shapes to date. Strobo has filled in her physique over the years, and this look seems to work well for her. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the year looks like for Gennifer's placings while maintaining this look.

Final Results

  1. Camala Rodriguez-McClure
  2. Candice Lewis
  3. Candice Keene
  4. Latorya Watts
  5. Ann Titone
  6. Gennifer Strobo
  7. Heather Dees
  8. Dana Ambrose
  9. Cydney Gillon
  10. Julie Mayer
  11. Amanda Doherty
  12. Vera Mallet
  13. Andressa Ribeiro
  14. Myra Rogers
  15. Ava Cowan

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