Arnold A To Z: A Celebration Of All Things Schwarzenegger

With his new autobiography on the way this fall, it's time to take a refresher course on Arnold Schwarzenegger: the bodybuilder, actor, author, and legend.

Do you remember the first time you met Arnold? Perhaps it was when you peered over the couch at that movie you were probably too young to see. Maybe it was on the pages of The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, where you saw Arnie deadlifting barefoot on a log.

Wherever you met him, Austria's most famous export has profoundly influenced the way we think about strength, celebrity, and even how we visualize our own muscles. Join us as we revisit Arnold's body of work in preparation of his new autobiography, Total Recall.

Arnold Forever

In the galaxy of entertainment, stars are often born from obscurity. Now Arnold is the most-recognized champion in bodybuilding history.

An Excerpt From Arnold: The Education Of A Bodybuilder

In anticipation of Arnold's new autobiography, we take a look back at his first: the classic Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder.

Super(set) Man

When it comes to chest and back training, Arnold's philosophy could be described as "pair and pair alike." It worked well enough to claim seven Olympia titles.

Arnold's Circuit Routine

My workout for getting in movie shape can get you ready for anything.

Wisdom Of The Austrian Oak

Arnold knows best. Absorb his knowledge in this compilation of his "Ask Arnold" Muscle & Fitness columns.

Adopt Schwarzenegger's Growth Secret

Close your eyes for a second. Imagine the body of your dreams. Now open your eyes and get after it.

The Essential Arnold Schwarzenegger Library

Whether you're a man, woman, or infant, Arnold has written a book for you. Join us as we head from the gym to the library. Hit the books!