5 Reasons To Bodybuild?

Check out these basic reasons of why you would want to be a bodybuilder. What do you think makes a bodybuilder?

5 Reasons To Bodybuild

dot 1. Improvement Of Self Confidence: dot

    Bodybuilding will imporve your self confidence immensly. You will walk around feeling strong and good about how you look. When you look in the mirror and are happy with what you see, you feel so awesome and confident. Just walking down the halls at school knowing everyone is looking at you is an awesome feeling.

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Bodybuilding Will Improve
Your Self Confidence Immensely.

dot 2. Making A Change: dot

    Ever been called "skinny" or "fat" or "weak"? These are all words we hate hearing when geared towards us. Bodybuilding will change all of this and change your life. You will now be the kid everyone wants to be and who everyone likes. You will have more friends and more people will want to be with you.


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Want Self-Confidence?
Summer is coming and it’s not too late to shed a few pounds. How long have you been thinking about starting an exercise program?
Lisa Sutton

dot 3. Attention: dot

    If you are ripped, you will get a lot of attention. People will look up upon you and talk to you and ask you questions. Also girls will constantly want to touch you and talk to you which we all know is a big plus.

Do You Have Low Self-Confidence?


dot 4. Girls: dot

    This is usually the number 1 reason to bodybuild. Girls love guys that are strong and muscular. This shows they are "able" and look good. They want to feel your muscles and freak out when they find out how big they are. This is a great feeling.

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Girls Love Guys That
Are Strong And Muscular.

dot 5. Long Term: dot

    In case you havent noticed, most people aged 30 and over are out of shape. They have beer bellies and are overweight. They look very unnattractice because of this and are fat. If you bodybuild, you can be different than these people.

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    You can be the one who everyone is looking at, you can be the one who has ripped abs, and you can be the one who has the most self confidence. You can be in shape your whole life. This is because your muscles burn a ton of calories which will make it very hard to gain weight.