5 Days Of Dorian - Feature-Series Main Page & Introduction!

To celebrate the most popular blue-collard bodybuilder of all time, we are launching the most in-depth feature ever to be published on Yates.

During the 90's a shadow draped over the bodybuilding world, and eclipsed anything that was previously thought imaginable. Every year this monstrosity rose from the depths of its dungeon only to leave a wake of destruction upon the mortal world.

It soon became apparent that nothing was going to halt the formidable force of condition, depth and size, and thus, claimed 6 Sandow victories on its destination to greatness. The beast had a combination of 3D-like depth and size that we hadn't seen before, and will probably never see again. That beast became known to many as "The Shadow." Millions know him as the great "Diesel" Dorian Yates.

5 Days Of Dorian

To celebrate the most popular blue-collard bodybuilder of all time, we are launching the most in-depth feature ever to be published on Yates. Our "5 Days of Dorian" series will include several in-depth interviews with the former Mr. Olympia that will cover everything from nutrition, supplementation, training, injuries and competition.

We will be publishing an interview and pictorial with his famous training partner "Leroy." We reunited the two for the first time in 5 years. Leroy speaks on their "Blood n Guts" training style, the Olympia wins, the competition, and bodybuilders of today.

A timeless pictorial and editorial of Yates' and Leroy's sons training together within Temple Gym 10 years after their seniors ceased their partnership.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the great photographer Kevin Horton who shot the famous black and white 93 pictures of Yates that sealed the Olympia fate of his competition before even stepping on stage.

As of recent, Yates lent his guiding hand to help prepare an IFBB Pro for her competition. As a result, she stepped on stage so hard and grainy that she was marked down for being too ripped. You can read his advice and see the accompanying images of him training her in the article "The Dictator and Translator".

And to finish off, we will publish an unbelievable unseen picture of Yates which Kevin Horton believes is even more insane than his 93 image. Believe me, this one will blow Yates' sock off the 93 shots, and you will see them first!

Below is a calendar of articles that will be published over the 5 Days of Dorian.

arrow Day One:

    1. IFBB Pro Marika Johansson Contest Prep For 2007 Europa - Part 1: Dorian Yates Diet Plan!
    2. Dorian Yates Discusses Bodybuilding Training: Never Before Published Insights!

arrow Day Two:

    1. Behind the Shadow - Leroy Davis interview
    2. All Access to Yates - A timeless up-to-date Yates interview on supplementation, injuries, competition and everything in-between

arrow Day Three:

    1. Ten Years After - A Ferocious Training Editorial and Pictorial with Yates and Leroy Jr.
    2. The Dictator and Translator - Part 2

arrow Day Four:

    1. An interview with Kevin Horton - Known for producing some of the most amazing bodybuilding pictures ever seen, Kevin Horton speaks on his experiences shooting with Dorian, and the most famous pictures of all time - the 93 Black and Whites images of Yates.
    2. Interview with Dorian: Nutrition
    1. The Unseen picture of Yates.
    2. The preview on the new Ultimate Edition Blood n Guts DVD.