5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

If you are new to exercising and need motivation or instruction, hiring a trainer may put you on the proper path to fitness.

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You Are Totally Confused

The landslide of fitness routines and diet plans on the market can flood your sensory receptors. It is tough to narrow down a program and commit to it, especially when you really don't fully understand how to do it.

If you are having a hard time choosing or figuring out how to perform your routine, then it is time to call a trainer. A good trainer will put you on the right path to success.

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You Have Stopped Making Gains

If you have been training for a while and you are not satisfied with the results you have achieved, then you need a trainer. A trainer can dissect your training routine like an investigator at a crime scene and make the appropriate changes to put you back on track to faster results.

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You're Unsure About Your Form

One of the easiest ways to stifle results is to use poor exercise form. You can work out day-in and day-out, but unless you perform your exercises correctly, you won't see the results you long after.

Bad form can cause a serious injury. A trainer can teach you good form and exercise habits that will last you a lifetime. Many beginners should hire a trainer for the first week, so they are taught proper exercise form from the start.

When you can't adjust the seat ... you may need a personal trainer.

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You Need To Be Challenged

Exercise plateaus are often difficult to overcome by yourself. Many people just can't find a way to surmount a plateau without the help of a professional trainer. You can save a lot of time and wasted energy if you hire a trainer when you hit a fitness plateau.

A trainer can put together a personal workout plan that will take you over the hump and onto new results-Fast!

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Injuries & Special Needs

If you are injured and/or have a specific illness, then your doctor and trainer can work together to make sure that your training routine is effective, but safe at the same time. Working out is supposed to create better health, not impair you further.

It is an absolute must that your doctor and trainer work together if you are injured or have a specific illness that requires medical attention.

Zen and the art of muscle maintenance, courtesy of a helping hand.

Hiring a Trainer?
Make sure you ask him/her about the following:

    1. References: Check with the gym he/she works out at and any past clients. You don't want to wind up working out with Charles Manson.

    1. Certification: What organization did he/she get his/her certificate from? Make sure it is a reputable organization and not a $1.99 Internet certificate.

    1. Payment: How does he/she take payment? You might be able to get a discount on a package of 10 or 20 sessions. Just be careful; thoroughly check references before spending any money.

    1. Training Philosophy: Ask your trainer what he/she thinks is the best way to get you in shape. If you are not on board with their training methods, you will not be happy training with them. You also might be stuck flipping tractor tires at 6 a.m. or running up hills with a weighted vest.

    1. Appearance: If your trainer is out of shape, then ask them why they are not in shape. They don't have to be cover models, but they should practice what they preach. If they are overweight or out of shape, then how are they supposed to motivate you?

Personal Training Certification Programs

Are you an aspiring personal trainer? Here are 5 organizations (in no particular order) that offer personal training certification programs and more. For more info, visit their respective websites.

Always consult your doctor before beginning this or any training or diet/supplement program.
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