2015 Fall/Winter Fitness Gear Guide

We've gathered the best 2015 fall and winter necessities—and a few treats—to help you become your best self!

2015 Fall/Winter Fitness Gear Guide

Not so long ago, fall and winter workout gear consisted of sweatpants and a hoodie. Oh, how times have changed. In a world where people now wear the number of steps they've taken on their wrist, we demand more from our fitness gear.

From smart equipment to killer devices to incredibly delicious snacks, we've assembled this list of all-star fitness gear to make your normal day-to-day activities that much more productive and enjoyable, in and out of the gym.

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For the Dorm or Office

ProSource Doorway Chin-Up and Pull-Up Bar - $29.99

Bust out some pull-ups between classes or meetings, before showering or eating, and even before bedtime.

GoFit ProGym Extreme - $59.99

When a quick workout is calling, these extra-compact bands will help you get the results you want wherever you are.

Better Bodies Backpack - $99.99

Organize all of your workout needs in one sexy and sturdy backpack. Fits gym clothes, a laptop, your shaker bottle, and any snacks you need for the day!

Skullcandy Grind Headphones - $59.99

Look hip and get the sound quality you've come to expect from Skullcandy's Supreme Sound technology. And the detachable cable helps you avoid tangled messes!

Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger - $49.99

The last thing you want is a low battery when you've got hours left in the day. Let this portable USB recharger get you out of those technological pinches.

Bodybuilding.com Core Swoosh Poly Tech Pullover Hoodie - $39.99

Rock out with your hoodie out to your next lecture and be the envy of all. This comfy pullover won't help you ace midterms or your next client pitch, though.

For Growling Stomachs

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System - $49.95

Skip the cold lunches and bring hot soup or stew in this insulated jar. It's leak-proof and totally easy to wash, too.

Escali Pop Collapsible Bowl Scale - $25.48

This travel-friendly food scale will come in handy for weighing your pasta at a family dinner. Just kidding. Don't actually do that, but this scale still does come in handy.

Pumped Up Pancakes - $10.95

Do these cakes include 20 grams of protein? Yes. Are they fluffy as hell? Hell yes. 'Nuff said.

Buff Bake Nut Butter - $10.99

Make your taste buds happy with some of the most amazing muscle-building nut butters around.

Perky Jerky - $19.68

A high-protein, low-fat snack that'll add a little bit of perk to your day!

GSI Outdoors Commuter Java Press - $22.95

For you java junkies who are always in a rush in the morning, meet the all-in-one insulated coffee mug with an integrated French press. Press, sip, repeat.

For the Gym

Fit and Fresh Jaxx Glass Shaker Bottle - $18.99

Hate it when bits of protein powder clump up at the bottom of your shaker? The Jaxx agitators will provide you with well-mixed shakes. Always.

Inov8 Fastlift 335 Weightlifting Shoes - $149.00

These snazzy weightlifting shoes offer more stability, which can benefit your squat, clean and jerk, snatch, and even overhead presses.

KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape - $10.98

Short for kinesiology therapeutic tape, KT helps you stay active even while you're recovering from injury.*

GoFit Foot and Hand Recovery Massage Roller - $25.49

You use your hands and feet every day, so give these underrated heroes a feel-good reward with this compact massager.

Liquid Grip - $17.23

If you're tired of getting chalk everywhere, this mess-free alternative might just be your savior.

CEP Compression Sportswear Recovery+ Socks - $45.99

When leg day gets you down, let these recovery socks bring you back up!

For Endurance

GU Energy Gel - $11.60

For a quick boost during an event or workout, hit these fast-acting sugars for immediate energy that won't mess with your stomach.

Polar M400 With H7 Heart Rate Sensor - $229.95

Plug into your run anywhere with this advanced heart rate monitor featuring GPS and mapping features for serious runners.

2XU Compression Tights - $109.99

These bad boys protect your lower body during strenuous activity and may even improve post-exercise recovery.

Merrell Capra Sport GTX Hiking Shoe - $159.95

Featuring waterproof Gore-Tex protection and super lightweight support, the Capra Sport lives up to Merrell's reliability for hiking gear.

Julbo Megeve Sunglasses - $70.00

Protect your eyes with a pair of style-dripping Julbo shades. Available in loud and fly colors.

Salomon Agile Belt - $51.96

This lightweight pack moves with you when you're out on a fun run or in a serious race. Either way, it'll hold your water, keys, and anything else you need to keep with you.