2013 Ms. Fitness International: Tanji Johnson Takes The Crown

Tanji Johnson had been knocking on the door at the fitness international for years. Tonight, the door opened.

In an age when we all want our dreams to come true tomorrow, if not yesterday, how many of us would be willing to wait 10 years full of toil, sweat and near misses? That's exactly how long Tanji Johnson waited to become Ms. Fitness International.

Wait no more, girl. You are now No. 1.

1 / Tanji Johnson

The evening was jammed with amazingly entertaining fitness routines. These ladies are gymnasts, acrobats, magicians and physique stars rolled into one gorgeous package. But on this night, only one woman had the total package, and that was Johnson. Her physique was on point and her new Janet Jackson-themed routine rocked the house. (We need Miss Janet to start recording music again, if only for the routines of fitness divas everywhere.)

2 / Oksana Grishina

In second place was the always incredibly talented and beautiful Oksana Grishina. Her Joker-themed routine was no joke—this was serious athleticism and showmanship at its finest. She is one of those rare performers who leaves the audience in a state of slack-jawed disbelief.

3 / Bethany Cisternino

In third place was Bethany Cisternino, whose physique was as well balanced as Warren Buffett's checkbook. Her cheerleader routine, while entertaining, fell a bit flat, even though she powered through it with no mishaps or missed transitions.

4 / Trish Warren

Trish Warren is back in the top ranks, and she proved it by earning fourth place here. She definitely brought her physique back, and her routine was more high energy than Kelly Ripa after three espressos and a special guest. Warren will only continue to get better as the year goes on and she polishes her routine even more.

5 / Regiane Da Silva

Regiane Da Silva has perfected her routine, one that was already energetic and fun to watch. Her physique was dialed in and her stage presentation has been upgraded to premium status. All of her hard work paid off tonight! She earned fifth place, a huge improvement over last year's 12th spot.

6 / Ryall Graber-Vasani

Ryall Graber-Vasani rocked sixth place tonight, cementing her position as a top fitness competitor. She earned third at the Miami Pro show last year and fifth at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup. She continues to be consistent with her physique, and her routines are becoming more and more polished.

Final Results ///
  1. Tanji Johnson
  2. Oksana Grishina
  3. Bethany Cisternino
  4. Trish Warren
  5. Regiane Da Silva
  6. Ryall Graber-Vasani