2013 Bikini International Prejudging Report: Bikini Battle

With reigning Bikini International champ Sonia Gonzales out of the show, Nicole Nagrani aims to retake her Bikini International title. Can she claim it? Find out here!

This year marks the third Bikini International competition, and 16 beautiful ladies are here to take the title. Last year's winner Sonia Gonzales is not in the lineup. The inaugural winner, Nicole Nagrani, is in a great position to get her title back. The babes of bikini swept the prejudging stage earlier today and will take it again tonight as they fight for the title.

The Callouts ///

First: Yeshira Robles, Tiffany Boydston, Nicole Nagrani, India Paulino and Nathalia Melo

Second: Jaime Baird, Jessica Paxson, Jennifer Andrews and Tawna Eubanks

Third: Anna Virmajoki, Ashley Kaltwasser, Lacey DeLuca Lieto, Abbie Burrows and Lexi Kauffman*

*They sent back Anna and Abbie and added Marcela Tribin and Noy Alexander.

Fourth: Tawna Eubanks, Tiffany Boydston, and Ashley Kaltwasser

Nicole Nagrani ///

Nicole Nagrani was in the first callout and looked very confident. Her presentation is always "cute and sassy." She seemed a little more eager today and ready to step up as soon as she heard her name. Her physique was on point; she has a good balance between being toned and lean without looking too muscular. Her suit was also one of my favorites; it complemented her skin tone beautifully.

India Paulino ///

India Paulino, who has consistently been placing in the top three, was also in the first callout. She was wearing her signature yellow suit, which is stunning against her skin tone and complexion. She also had her signature "hip pop" at the end of her posing. She is consistent with her physique and her presentation, so it was no surprise to see her in the first callout.

Yeshaira Robles ///

Yeshaira Robles, who was making her Arnold Classic debut, was also in the first callout. With her exotic look and toned physique, she deserved to be up there with the best. She is another competitor who does the "cute and sexy" presentation well.

Tiffany Boydston ///

Tiffany Boydston, who is one of the noticeably smaller competitors on stage, was also in the first callout. She seems to have conquered the ability to control her nerves and seemed very calm and confident in her presentation. She may sneak in the top five tonight.

Nathalia Melo ///

Nathalia Melo was the last competitor called during the first call out. I would have been very surprised if she didn't make it. Her physique was probably the best I've ever seen it. She has found that balance between getting her legs lean enough without letting her upper body get too shredded. She exudes sex appeal in a very classy way, so her presentation is always flawless.

Jaime Baird ///

Surprisingly, Jaime Baird didn't make the first lineup. I have to say that this was not Jaime's best showing; I've seen her look a little tighter, especially in her midsection. She also debuted a new colored suit and hair style. Not sure how the judges felt, but tonight will tell!