2012 Olympia Weekend: Nathalia Melo Wins Bikini Olympia

The 2012 Olympia Weekend hosted an epic bikini battle. Brazilian bombshell Nathalia Melo won the brawl to become the new Ms. Bikini Olympia!

Tonight, the 2012 Olympia was transformed into a bikini battleground. Gorgeous women with incredible physiques fought for the crown, but there can be only one bikini queen. The beautiful Nathalia Melo was crowned the new Ms. Bikini Olympia! Melo beat past winners Nicole Nagrani and Sonia Gonzales, who placed second and sixth, respectively.

I've been a huge fan of Nathalia for a long time. Her physique is such a great representation of what a bikini competitor should aim to look like. She brings the total package. Her presentation is sexy, yet classy. This Brazilian beauty will enjoy a long reign.

Sonia Gonzalez was a bit too lean, which I believe hurt her placing. Nonetheless, she still performed well and grabbed sixth place.

The beautiful and always graceful Jaime Baird was awarded fifth place. Based on this morning's prejudging, I admit I was happily surprised. Jaime has always had an amazing physique and her presentation is second to none.

Dianna Dahlgren, the blonde bombshell, looked incredible. Her beautiful smile and gracious stage presence won her fourth place.

India Paulino, who's had an amazing competitive year, took third. Her conditioning, physique, and presentation are continually on point. She continues to place in the top.

Last year's winner, Nicole Nagrani, was tonight's runner-up. She was absolutely beautiful and just came up a bit short.

Congratulations to all the competitors. Nathalia Melo is your new Ms. Bikini Olympia!