2012 Olympia Weekend: Adela Garcia Wins Seventh Fitness Olympia

Adela Garcia is unstoppable! The reigning Fitness champ soared to her seventh Fitness Olympia title.

Tonight's Fitness Olympia routines were more exciting than any fireworks show. As always, the competitors stormed the stage with skill, precision, and intensity. Adela Garcia, no stranger to the Olympia stage, won her seventh Fitness Olympia title!

Adela is incredible. Her conditioning is consistent, her moves are always explosive, and she continually brings some of the best themes to her routines. Tonight, she went with a devil and angel theme that worked wonders. It was beautifully executed. The question remains: Can anyone beat Adela?

Bethany Cisternino took sixth place. She placed seventh last year, so this was an improvement for her. This morning, based on the physique rounds, I predicted Bethany would place in the top three. Her routine was extremely entertaining and packed with great gymnastics, but it just wasn't enough.

Tanji Johnson took fifth, which was a huge surprise. Her new routine was nearly flawless, and it was full of energy. I loved the band theme, her choreography was amazing, and she didn't miss a beat. Despite the fifth place finish, Tanji is a crowd favorite, and she looked better than at the Arnold.

Myriam Capes was awarded fourth place. She came in third last year, so she dropped a spot. She performed the same routine that she used at the Valenti Cup in Sarasota. It was very graceful and entertaining to watch.

Tina Durkin grabbed third place. She moved up from fourth place last year. Her physique was great. She has nearly perfect symmetry and beautiful lines, which were complemented by her energetic and well-executed gymnastic moves.

Oksana Grishina moved up from fifth place last year to second place. Oksana's routines are always entertaining. Her classic gymnastics and ballet background shined this year. Her routines are explosive and full of great choreography. I predict she will only continue to improve.