2011 Bikini Olympia Promises Hard Bodies, Hot Competition And New Faces

The 2011 Bikini Olympia has everything you can ask for in a bodybuilding competition.

The 2011 Olympia will showcase some of the hottest hard-bodies in the world. The Bikini Olympia is in its second year, so look for a few familiar names alongside a number of rookies to grace the stage with magnificent bodies. Sonia Gonzales won the inaugural Bikini Olympia Sandow, but can she repeat her title? Twenty-six women will take the stage Friday in hopes of becoming the second Bikini Olympia Champion.

Dina Al-Sabah

Dina was on the Bikini Olympia stage last year and was also in the first ever Figure Olympia. She switched up her training since qualifying earlier in the year and if she can bring a tight booty she'll be in the Top-10. She poses with class and is one of the few competitors who are at ease every time they take the stage.

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer is on a constant roller coaster when it comes to her placings. We've seen her win a show earlier in the year (St. Louis Pro) and slip out of the Top-5 at others (12th at Europa Super Show). Which Jennifer will show up to the big dance? We'll have to wait and see, but a Top-6 placing will be tough.

Jaime Baird

Jaime steadily added fullness to her physique and refined her posing. I was critical of her posing looking a bit too rehearsed in the past and I can't say the same any more. She really came into her own and I see her being in the Top-4 when the names are announced for Friday night's finals.

Barbara Bolotte

Barbara hasn't competed much and it could hurt her in a show like the Olympia. Stage presence will make a huge difference in this point of the game. I like her look and she could be in the top couple of callouts, but she will really need to bring it in her first Olympia appearance.

Abbie Burrows

Abbie is coming off a win in Tijuana and that will do a great deal for her confidence with the 2011 Olympia. She's one of the taller competitors, so she needs to tighten up her backside and pose with a little most poise than in Mexico. She's coming into her own and could definitely be a contender for the Top-6.

Vanessa Campbell

Vanessa got off to a slow start but then found her groove in 2011. We haven't seen her on stage in a few months and the stage rust could affect her here. We'll have to wait and see what she brings to the stage, but if she's not at her all-time best she'll be on the outside of the Top-10 looking in.

Missy Coles

Missy has been all over the map with what she brings to the stage. She finally nailed her tanning, which was distracting many times. All details matter at this level. She has a tendency to come in smooth on her lower half and if she doesn't come in tight she too will be outside the Top-10. A Top-10 finish would be a solid finish for her.

Dianna Dahlgren

Dianna is coming off a win at the Phoenix Pro and has a lot of momentum coming into the show. She is also a tall competitor and if she can bring the Dianna we see at the night shows to the prejudging, she'll be in the first callout. She took fourth in Dallas, but dominated in Arizona. I look for her to be in the hunt for a top spot here and redeem herself after a dismal showing at last year's Olympia.

Juliana Daniell

Juliana is a beautiful woman and has an athletic physique. You can tell she has good genetics on her side and sometimes relies on them a bit more than she should. She's been consistently in the top spots this year and if she brings a tight booty to the stage, along with confidence, she will be Top-10. She was a little off at the Phoenix Pro, but look for her to bounce back at her first Olympia.

Jenny Drennan

Jenny has a rock'n bikini body, but looked a bit too lean at the Tijuana Pro show. She will surely have one of the best booties in the show, but she will have her work cut out for her. I have a feeling she'll get lost in the mix of this deep lineup, but if she can shine in her prejudging presentation, it might change things up.

Sonia Gonzales

Sonia won the first Bikini Olympia championship in 2010 and will look to hold on to her title. She took a disappointing third in Dallas a few weeks ago and left people wondering if she would be able to hold onto her title. I think the bikini look has changed a bit and Sonia's days as a Figure competitor will hinder her at this show. She still has capped shoulders and vascularity through the arms. When I saw her two weeks out from the Dallas show, I thought she looked her best ever; she was softer and curvier. If she brings the same look she did to Dallas she will struggle to make the Top-6. We'll see how the judges feel come Friday.

Candyce Graham

I really like Candyce's look and her physique. She can sometimes pose a bit too angry and it's not a good look. If she smiles, relaxes and poses with confidence but not angrily she could be in the hunt. Definitely one to watch in future shows as a consistent contender.

Diana Graham

Diana will look to bounce back from the Phoenix Pro show where she was out of a top spot. She won in Tampa earlier in the year. She has some of the more muscular legs and it could hurt her here. I'd like to see her pose with more curviness to not draw so much emphasis toward her legs.

Jessica Jessie

Jessica is up and down in her placings. I felt she placed way too high in Dallas and she returned to her "side walking" ways when she took the stage. That is, she looks straight ahead but her body moves sideways; it's odd. I don't see her cracking the Top-6. Her body often looks over-dieted or like she crash dieted with too much cardio. She took time to tighten up since Dallas, so I could be wrong, but if she brings the same look she did in Dallas she won't be Top-16.

Marisa Lee

Marissa turned pro this year and wasted no time taking to the pro stage. It proved to be a good move. She qualified for the Olympia in her first show (NPC Team Universe and National Fitness Championships). She has a nice physique and definitely can hold her own in the pro ranks. It will come down to how well she presents herself to get notice from the judges.

Nathalia Melo

Nathalia should be a Top-3 finisher if she comes in like we know she can. Sometimes she comes in with shredded abs and that's not a good look. She's blessed with a Brazilian booty, which can also be a curse. If she doesn't bring her booty in tight she'll drop in the placings. I like her look and she brings great energy to the stage. Nathalia has a sexy look where others are cute. It will come down to which look the judges like on that day.

Shelsea Montes

Shelsea has shown she's capable of winning pro shows; she's done it more than once. She won the Toronto Pro in 2011 and the Houston Pro in 2010. She also shows that when she's off, she'll be outside of the Top-6. Which Shelsea will show up for this show? We'll have to wait and see. If she's on with her conditioning she'll be in the top two callouts and if she's not, well, say goodbye to a top finish.

Justine Munro

Justine has a fresh new face that turns heads whenever she's in the area. The challenge with Justine is her bringing a tight, conditioned bikini body to the stage. When she took the stage last year at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup she shined. When we saw her at the Pittsburgh pro she was off her best. A Top-10 finish would be a win for her in my book.

Nathalie Mur

Nathalie is another competitor who is up and down in her placings. It usually has nothing to do with her physique, but more for what the judges are looking for and who she is compared to. I would like to see her pose with a little more confidence and showcase her hard work more.

Nicole Nagrani

Nicole is the one to beat. She was the 2011 Bikini International Champion and she has the body and presentation the judges gravitate toward. Some people say, well she's not even 21 so of course she will have a tight body. We'll see what the judges are looking for this show, but I can't see her finishing any lower than third in the 2011 Olympia.

India Paulino

India has a nice bikini body and if she's relaxed and in shape she'll be in the mix for a Top-10 spot. She's been off, and when she is off she doesn't do a good job hiding it in her presentation. She has some muscle on her little frame but she presents it well.

Natalie Pennington

The judges gravitate to Natalie's look, but I can't for the life of me see why. It's nothing personal against her; it's not her fault, but I didn't have her in my top spots in Dallas and she won. I think she looks good from the front and poses with ease. However, from the backside, she lacks a booty. Don't be surprised if she is in the Top-6 at the show.

Vanessa Prebyl

Vanessa has been up and down in her placings. When she is on her game, she's a Top-10 contender. If she is slightly off, she'll be on the outside of the top callouts. She'll have a tough time cracking the Top-10 in this line-up. If she can finish in the Top-15, I think it would be a win for her.

Alison Rosen

Ali switched up her training and we'll see how it pays off for her. She can be soft in the lower body, but the judges like her look. If she's soft in the booty she'll be fighting for a Top-6 spot. If she's on, count on her being in the top spots.

Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly qualified for the Olympia last week at the Tijuana show with a third place finish. Sometimes making it to the Olympia is a big win. For Kelly, I think simply making it to the show is a victory. She continues to get better and better with each show. Look for Gonzalez to be at her best here.

Cristina Vujnich

Cristina qualified for the Olympia the same year she turned pro and that's a huge accomplishment. She's one of the few women who can pull off having short hair and look sexy. She's one of the taller competitors and has a bit of a longer torso but she has a nice look. I wasn't crazy about her suit in her last outing and wish she'd ditch the goofy facial expressions when she poses.

Christina Vargas

Christina Vargas found herself at the bottom of the pack earlier in the year when she competed in Louisiana. She bounced back and landed in the Top-3 at the Phoenix Pro. She has the advantage of living in Las Vegas and not having to travel to the show. The one thing that could hurt her is her crazy work schedule, which often has her training in the middle of the night, at least if you follow her Twitter feed. She has a nice look and will need to bring a tight booty to hang with this lineup.

Cristiana Alicia Mendivil

Cristiana will be the first competitor from Mexico to compete in the Olympia. She turned pro the night before the Tijuana Pro Show by finishing second in their amateur competition. She went on to place second the next day in the IFBB show. Not a bad run! Her posing was way over the top and if she poses like she did in Tijuana, count on her being in the last callout.

Bikini Predictions

  • Nicole Nagrani
  • Nathalia Melo
  • Jaime Baird
  • Dianna Dahlgren
  • Ali Rosen
  • Sonia Gonzales
  • Abbie Burrows

A few things I hope we DO NOT see in the 2011 Bikini Olympia

  • Hair flipping. It's not sexy and shouldn't be done. Moving your hair with your hand is classier than flipping it when posing to the back.
  • Suits that are too tiny. Some suits are getting way too small and at this level we shouldn't see them being near thongs.
  • Standing with the legs spread wide from the back. It's not a classy look and it should be avoided at all times in my opinion. Bikini is about being feminine and classy. That pose doesn't convey it.
  • The "small mouth bass" is not a hot look. Many competitors gasp for air when they are posing and it looks silly. You can have fun without opening your mouth like a fish out of water.
  • Clown make-up. Hire a professional make-up artist who knows what they are doing. Many women think matching their eye shadow with their suit is a good idea. Not a good idea.
  • Tan. Make sure you have a professional tan. If you try doing it yourself at this level you often screw it up. Also don't try anything new with your tan. Now is not the time to experiment.
  • Lean bodies. Many times competitors show up way too lean and it's not a healthy look. I really hope we don't see it on this stage. If a competitor shows up ripped, the judges should penalize them. That's not what bikini should be about.