2011 Arnold Sports Weekend: Women's Physique Events Finals

Adela Garcia may have found the fountain of youth--it's called training four hours a day for a show. The veteran performer looked and performed better than ever during a night when favorites held serve.

2011 Arnold Sports Weekend: Women's Physique Events

Tension ran high tonight. By the time we finished prejudging, we pretty much knew who, in each category, would place Top 5 (based on the callouts). So tonight, the women had to prove that they either earned their right to be in the callout they were in OR that they were better than the judges placed them in the morning.

Lonnie Teper, the emcee, started off by introducing the female bodybuilders one by one. Unfortunately, the house wasn't packed. These women need a lot more support and encouragement! They train and diet just as hard as the men, and deserve the recognition for it too.


Dayana Cadeau

Tightened up from this morning, needs a little more density in her back (she's wide, but not that defined), routine was pretty entertaining with elements of being sexy and flirty.

View Dayana Cadeau's Contest History Here.

Jeannie Paparone

Glutes are tight, not that thick, light weight, very good routine.

View Jeannie Paparone's Contest History Here.

Mari Seguro

Thick lower body and abs (which might hurt her), weird mash up of songs though.

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Alina Popa

Thick lower body and abs (which might hurt her), weird mash up of songs though.

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Maria Rita Bello

Won the Arnold Amateur heavyweight class in 2009, and in 2010, she won the heavyweight class and the overall. She's in her mid 40's and looks INCREDIBLE. Hard, dense, shredded, she just struggles a little with opening up her lats on the front and rear poses.

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Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia

Tightened up and got harder from the morning, hamstrings are popping out like crazy, has a great midsection with great definition of the abdominals.

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Antoinette Thompson

This girl knows how to move, wow, incredible quads, great suit too (though it should've been smaller to show off more of her physique), so much spunk and attitude, she was definitely a crowd favorite with that routine.

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Tina Chandler

Needs more size and better conditioning, routine was good but there was nothing stand out about it.

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Sarah Hayes

Beautiful girl, huge, delts, great back, but needs more conditioning and size in her lower body. Her quads were really soft, she needs to step up her game before she competes again with the likes of Iris and Yaxeni.

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Iris Kyle

The glutes are back, her structure is incredible and can't be duplicated, hamstrings hang LITERALLY like meat off the bone.

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Cathy LeFrancois

It's her 10th Ms. International appearance, looks much better than she did at the Olympia (where she placed 7th), Madonna-inspired routine, her midsection is a little blocky, at least in proportion to the rest of her which is streamlined and tiny.

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Debi Laszewski

GREAT legs, nice lines, her arms and shoulders are a little small relative to the rest of her, but overall has a very pleasing physique.

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Betty Viana Atkins

Hamstrings are popping out, but glutes need to be tighter, very sensual routine (Burlesque-inspired), nice physique.

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6 - Cathy LaFrancois
5 - Betty Atkins
4 - Debi Laszewski
3 - Alina Popa
2 - Yaxeni Oriquen
1 - Iris Kyle

Fitness Results

Great little funky high energy intro for all the girls. A couple of them look like they've come up with new, innovative routines. The emcee switched from Loni to Clif. And to reiterate, this division has switched from 4 rounds to 2. They have to incorporate strength, costumes, music, props, etc. There's so much that goes into this performance.

Tina Durkin

Incredible display of athleticism, completely shredded upper body, but glutes were a little soft.

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Adela Garcia

Same theme/intro as the Olympia, but that's not a bad thing because this girl was AMAZING. I'd say that for her age and competition history, her routine was perfect, but for ANY age and ANY level, her routine was PERFECT!

View Adela Garcia's Contest History Here.

Camala Rodriguez

High energy, Kill Bill theme, the musical transitions were very well done, she had a good mixer.

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Myriam Capes

Used a chair as a prop and just completely ROCKED her routine, she's a little ball of energy.

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Regiane Da Silva

SO high energy, doesn't looks as overly muscular when she's wearing clothes, she's almost TOO energetic though, and missed some of her steps.

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Alison Ethier

Very petite, Asian-inspired theme, lots of great choreography, started off slow, but she definitely picked up the pace, and finished strong.

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Bethany Wager Cisternino

Gynastics-inspired routine, very muscular back, incredible athletic, very good and polished, but was lacking in "Ooph" and drama.

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Sylvia Tremblay

Started off dramatic, missed a step or two in the middle of the routine, but didn't let it show, kept the energy high.

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Nicole Duncan

Former NFL Falcons cheerleader, 70s/funk-inspired, physique wasn't as tight as some of the other girls, but she's extremely entertaining and athletic.

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Tanji Johnson

30 contests, placed 2nd at the Olympia last year, great use of props and music that flowed into her routine perfectly, loudest cheer from the crowd so far. Stomp-inspired routine.

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Trish Warren

4th place at the Ms. International last year, lots of rock/heavy metal music but no "Wow" factor.

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Erin Riley

GREAT entrance, but nothing that really stood out about the routine.

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Daniella Omara

Needs to spice up her routine a little, too much emphasis on the rhythmic gymnastics part and not enough on the actual strength moves.

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Oksana Grishna

The artistry that she brings to the stage is incredible, Avatar-inspired routine, incredible drama, this wasn't just a routine, it was a performance.

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6 - Bethany Wagner Cisternino
5 - Myriam Capes
4 - Camela Rodriguez
3 - Trisha Warren
2 - Tanji Johnson
1 - Adela Garcia


Rosa Maria Romero

Looks phenomenal tonight. Great stage presence.

View Rosa Maria Romero's Contest History Here.

Courtney West

Not only did she win the Houston Pro show last year and qualified for the Olympia but she turned right around and donated her winnings to help with the fight against breast cancer. We expect many great things from her in the future.

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Ava Cowan

Her first appearance at the Arnold Classic and it seems that she is on her way to winning a top three spot tonight after having finished 2 at the Ft. Lauderdale Pro.

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Chelsey Morgenstern

View Chelsey Morgenstern's Contest History Here.

Cheryl Brown

Mother of 3 looks great! She is on the shorter figure competitors and has a great V-taper with beautiful round delts.

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Erin Stern

The reigning Ms Olympia has brought nothing but the best to this stage tonight. She is here to give the reiging Ms Figure International a run for her money.

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Monica Specking

She really brought a good package to the stage tonight.

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Felicia Romero

It looks like all the hard work she put into bringing up her legs paid off. She has a more balance physique and her presentation really helped showcase that this evening.

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Natália Revajova Lenartova

Brings a really good package, a little too lean.

View Natália Revajova Lenartova's Contest History Here.

Candice Kneen

Brings a very well rounded physique this year at her very first Arnold Classic.

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Jenn Gates

The beautiful mom of a 10 month old baby. She is very conditioned and maybe a little too hard for what the judges are looking for tonight.

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Nicole Wilkins-Lee

The current Ms Figure International brings a very similar package as she did in last year's Olymia. Her quads are significantly harder, but her upper body is very close to what it was in the Olympia.

View Nicole Wilkins-Lee's Contest History Here.

Latisha Wilder

An Ohio girl brings a well rounded physique. Her posing and presentation could use some polishing.

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Larissa Reis

A very beautiful and graceful Larissa has really brought a different package to the stage tonight. A softer more feminine look.

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Teresa Anthony

She has an incredible V-taper and very well rounded delts. Her presentation and poise has really improved.

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6 - Courtney West
5 - Cheryl Brown
4 - Felicia Romero
3 - Ava Cowan
2 - Erin Stern
1 - Nicole Wilkins