2010 Olympia Interview - Nicole Nagrani - The IFBB's Youngest Bikini Pro Heads To The O!

Nicole Nagrani is a hard working teenager who balances medical school and competing in figure competitions. Read on to find out how she feels about being one of the youngest competitiors in the first Bikini Olympia!

Article Summary:
  • Nicole is in medical school and hopes to become a physician.
  • Both Nicole and her mother are IFBB Figure Pros.
  • Nicole is one of the youngest figure pros competing at the 2010 Olympia.

Nicole Nagrani - The IFBB's Youngest Bikini Pro Heads To The O!

Nicole Nagrani

Nicole Nagrani may only be 18 years old but don't let her age fool you. She's not only a top contender in the first Bikini Olympia but also a wicked smart college student. Learn more about how this youngster finds balance en route to the big dance.

Name: Nicole Nagrani
Age: 18
Born In: Daytona Beach, FL Currently Resides In: Daytona, but going to school in Deland, FL at Stetson University

[ Isaac Hinds ] You're in what year of college?

[ Nicole Nagrani ] Sophomore, however I am in an accelerated Med Program in which I complete Undergraduate studies as well as medical school in 7 years. So technically I am a Junior because I am finishing Undergraduate studies in 3 years.

[ IH ] That's pretty impressive to already be a Junior in Med School at age 18. Ultimately what would you like to become?

[ NN ] A Physician, however I'm not sure what I would like to specialize in.

[ IH ] How old were you when you first competed?

[ NN ] At 14, I competed in the Sunshine Classic in West Palm Beach, FL and won both the teen figure division as well as short class fitness.

[ IH ] Some people say girls should be 18 or older to compete in the bikini division. Do you agree?

[ NN ] I have to say that I am neutral on this topic. Personally, I competed in teen figure before 18. Since Bikini is a relatively new division, I don't think people actually realize that Bikini athletes train as hard as the other athletes in the bodybuilding industry. I know I work just as hard as my mother, if not harder and she is a figure competitor. The subject of being young and competing in this division only becomes an issue because of the stereotype that comes along with it. People think it's just pretty girls strutting around the stage, but it's really not. I think people need to look at this division as a sport, instead of a pageant, and then when it comes to age it really will not be such a controversial issue because people will realize that it's girls walking around the stage showing off their hard work and not just being flirtatious posers.

[ IH ] How does it feel to be the youngest IFBB Bikini Pro?

[ NN ] I'm completely thrilled! Being able to excel in this sport alongside some of the greatest athletes to hit the stage is truly an honor, and it's cool that all of the other competitors treat me as a peer, not a child.

[ IH ] You already won a pro show and now you're headed to the Olympia. Did you ever think that would happen?

[ NN ] Never in my mind had I even considered winning a pro show a week after earning a pro card, let alone becoming an Olympia athlete. It's really funny because my parents had tickets to attend the Olympia this year and then I ended up needing a room as well once I qualified! It was so unexpected but so exciting!

[ IH ] What do your classmates in college think?

[ NN ] Most kids don't really understand what this sport entails besides walking around onstage in a bikini and heels. As time goes on, though, and they see me doing hours of cardio and lifting in the gym all the time, I think they're starting to catch on to how much work is necessary. They really think it's cool though and everyone has been really supportive, even my teachers.

[ IH ] How do you get in all your meals and workouts?

[ NN ] Time management! Literally. I stay moving all day, so I have to keep a schedule of when all my classes are, when my meals are and have to make time for training and cardio. It's definitely hard trying to balance out school with meals and workouts but the hard work pays off!

[ IH ] No temptation to be out eating fast food or hitting the party scene?

[ NN ] Of course there is temptation, but I am committed to this sport and excelling in it. I realize to get to where I want in the sport I have to complete the tasks necessary and eating fast food and partying are definitely not on the plan!

[ IH ] Your parents have played an active role in leading you down the right paths. How important have they been in your current success?

[ NN ] I give so much credit to my parents for where I stand today in this sport. The encouragement and support keeps me going every day and helps me persevere through the hard times. They have been there for me through all of this and are always willing to help me out in any way possible! I really can't thank them enough for all that they've done to help me get here because without them none of this would have been possible.

[ IH ] You competed with your mom at the Team Universe contest - was that cool or did you want to strangle her during the prep?

[ NN ] Preparing for Team Universe with my Mom and competing in the show with her was so cool! Of course we had our ups and downs, mostly concerning who was going to cook all the food for the week or whose turn it was to use the treadmill, but overall I would have not traded that experience for anything. Being able to train with one another and then earning pro cards together was awesome! I'm a pretty lucky kid too because I definitely have the coolest mom ever and we get along really well; she's my best friend.

[ IH ] She turned pro too which has never been done on the same night. Who ate more at the Cheesecake factory?

[ NN ] My mother did not even eat at the Cheesecake Factory after! She just went along for the company, so I ate way more than her!

[ IH ] During your first pro show someone broke into your brother's car and stole your suitcase. That had to suck. How were you able to get another suit by the night show?

[ NN ] That was a crazy story! Thank goodness the contest took place in Tampa, FL, which is where Suits You Swimwear is located. As soon as I discovered my suit was gone, I contacted Shannon Dey my coach. Shannon is always calm and in control and knew exactly what to do. She immediately called Suits You and they helped me with a custom suit instantly! I cannot thank Suits You and Shannon enough. Thanks to both of them I ended up having a wonderful evening!

P.S. Be aware of the area around the mall you are going to when in Tampa!

[ IH ] What's a sample day of eating look like for you?

[ NN ]

Meal 1:

  • 1 serving Oatmeal
  • 1 serving Egg Whites

Meal 2:

  • 1 serving Chicken
  • 1 serving Broccoli
  • 1 Cucumber

Meal 3:

  • 1 serving Ground Chicken
  • 1 serving Asparagus
  • 1 serving Sweet Potatoes

Meal 4:

  • 1 serving Chicken
  • 1 Grapefruit
  • 1 serving Brown Rice

Meal 5:

  • 1 serving Ground Turkey
  • 1 serving Spinach

Meal 6:

  • 1 serving Chicken
  • 1 serving Asparagus

Meal 7:

  • 1 serving Egg Whites
  • 1 serving Rice Cakes

[ IH ] How much cardio do you do?

[ NN ] When preparing for a show, I do two hours a day!

[ IH ] What type of crazy exercises do Rob and Shannon have you doing for this show?

[ NN ] There are all sorts of crazy exercises that we do! That's why bombshells look they way they do!

[ IH ] Is this show any different than your previous ones to prepare for?

[ NN ] This show is definitely different in preparation but mostly from a mental aspect. Both Team U and the Tampa Pro were during the summer so I was only taking two classes. Now that I'm a full time student and trying to prepare, my head has to be on straight and make sure I stay focused with school and competition both. As far as the physical aspect goes, mostly higher intensity because I really want to come in looking my best!

[ IH ] What's your goal for the Olympia?

[ NN ] To be totally honest, I really don't have a goal but to only come in looking the same or better than I have before. The lineup for this show is extremely intimidating with some of the best bodies in the world! I'm just excited to be competing in the first Bikini Olympia ever!

[ IH ] Who is your biggest competition (don't say yourself) in this show?

[ NN ] I cannot say that I have one specific person that I believe is my biggest competition. I have only competed in one pro show so I have yet to make my way around the circuit and compete against all of the other pros! I am conscious of all the athletes that I am competing against because I know they are all going to come in at their best.

[ IH ] Who has more fun blondes or brunettes?

[ NN ] Well, from my own personal experience, I am a brunette and my mom is a blonde. Most people say we are identical in personality and we always have a ton of fun, so I'd say its split between the two. But...if you want only a specific answer, I'd say brunettes!

[ IH ] Are guys intimidated by how you eat and how much you work out?

[ NN ] It depends, but mostly at my age at school, I think most of the guys are shocked that the only girl in the gym can outdo them on any day! So I'd say some are definitely intimidated, but are respectful in a sense that I'm so committed.

[ IH ] What's the best advice anyone has given you?

[ NN ] Recently, Jaime Baird was discussing her outlook on competition prep and how she is able to get through. She says she attempts to "Win each day". This was the best advice I've ever received because it pertains to all aspects of daily life. Its important to take each day one at a time and stay focused on winning that day before you can move on to the next. If not, you'll stress yourself out trying to always be concerned with the future.

[ IH ] You took a little vacation after your first show - was it hard to not fall off the wagon and go crazy with food in Europe?

[ NN ] You know, it was hard to not eat everything in sight, but we were walking up to 9 miles a day through both London and Paris. So, all that walking really helped when it came to eating all the junk.

[ IH ] What do you have planned after the Olympia? Any special food?

[ NN ] After the Olympia, I'm mostly looking forward to a little relaxation and time to focus on school. Oh, and a fat piece of cheesecake sounds pretty good after the show!

[ IH ] Will you compete again after the Olympia this year?

[ NN ] I'm just taking this one step at a time, so Im not sure what show will be next for me after the Olympia.

[ IH ] What advice do you have for other young women on how to stay fit and healthy?

[ NN ] Nowadays, everyone has the tools and knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are magazines everywhere with the information as well as websites and tons of other things. I think the most important thing is to have commitment and to exemplify will power. If you have those things and stay focused, being fit and healthy will come naturally.

[ IH ] Who were your fitness idols or women you looked up to?

[ NN ] I've always looked to my mother as a source of inspiration. Watching her compete for many years now, I completely respect her dedication and perseverance. My mother has always taught me to proceed and push through, to work hard for what you want, and to never give up. Now we are both Pros together!!

[ IH ] How can people get in touch with you or find out more about you?

[ NN ] I have a Facebook page, Nicole Nagrani IFBB Bikini Pro, which I update so people can keep in touch.

[ IH ] Will you be working a booth or anything at the olympia?

[ NN ] I'll be working the MET-Rx booth at the Olympia!

Thanks Nicole! Good luck!