Who Will Win The 2009 Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro?

Who will win the 2009 Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro? On January 24th the pros will take the stage in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 20th anniversary of the IFBB Iron Man Pro. Here's input on Silvio and others who will compete!

TOPIC: Who Will Win The 2009 Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro?

The Question:

On January 24th the pros will take the stage in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2009 Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro. This year's Iron Man Pro should be very exciting as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

With most of the top Mr. Olympia contenders out means there is room for many to get the coveted Olympia spots. Who will it be this time?

Men - The list of the competitors:
(*List is not final. Last updated January 6, 2009)

      1. Abbew, Eddie - USA

      2. Adzievski, Oliver - Sweden

      3. Bannout, Mohammad - Lebanon

      4. Baptista, Cesar - Venezuela

      5. Benagli, Thomas - Italy

      6. Cherry, Adorthus - USA

      7. Dugdale, Mark - USA

      8. Emelyanov, Oleg - Russia

      9. Faour, Aiman - Lebanon

      10. Grimez, DeShaun - USA

      11. Haidar, Ahmad - Lebanon

      12. LaVoie, Marc - Canada

      13. Long, Don - USA

      14. Lytle, Daron - USA

      15. Mishin, Evgeny - Russia

      16. Rockel, Ronny - Germany

      17. Samuel, Silvio - Spain

      18. Seccarecci, Daniele - Italy

    19. Yamagishi, Hidetada - Japan

Give your opinion on who will be in the top five and give full details why you believe it will go down that way.

Bonus Question: Have you ever attended the Iron Man Pro Show? If so, what did you think of it and how was your experience? Was it what you thought it would be? How could it be made better?

* Editor's Note: Comments made below are a reflection of the competitor list; updated January 6th.

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The Winners:

1st Place - _Translucency
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On January 24th the pros will take the stage in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2009 Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro. This year's Iron Man Pro should be very exciting as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The new year has just begun and that time is upon us once again. The new year of bodybuilding will begin with the first major competition of the year, the 2009 Iron Man Pro.

The Iron Man Pro is likely the largest competition of the year, outside of fan favorites like the Arnold and the Olympia. Some of bodybuilding's biggest names (such as Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, and Lee Priest) have won this competition in past years and have used it as a stepping stone for the larger competitions.

It is, undoubtedly, the largest competition in the birthplace of bodybuilding, the West Coast. Bodybuilding greats, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, got their start on the West Coast - this year's competitors will look to do the same.

2009 Iron Man Pro
The Low Down

The 2009 Iron Man Pro is a momentous one - it is the 20th anniversary of this great competition. This year's competition should be quite interesting, as none of last year's top three finishers (Phil Heath, Gustavo Badell, and Moe El Moussawi) will be returning to the stage this year. This will allow many bodybuilders, once unheard of, to etch their names into the record books and the minds of bodybuilding fans everywhere.

Last year's fourth place finisher, Silvio Samuel, is the odds-on favorite to win this year and for good reason. Eddie Abbew, who finished seventh in last year's Iron Man, is the only returning top-ten finisher from the previous year's competition. This, however, doesn't guarantee Silvio Samuel the victory. Many of bodybuilding's lesser known competitors have something to say about this.

The 2009 Iron Man Pro
Silvio Samuel - The Favorite

Samuel's popularity has grown in recent years, and for good reason. Silvio is one of the most charismatic and personable bodybuilders and his routines never cease to please. Furthermore, his recent outings have warranted the buzz that surrounds him - he finished fourth in this very competition last year and followed that up with a 5th place finish in the 2008 Arnold Classic and 7th at the 2008 Olympia against a stellar [and daunting] lineup.

He has won two shows throughout his career - the 2008 Houston Pro, against notables such as Bill Wilmore, Leo Ingram, and Craig Richardson, and the 2007 Europa Super Show (also won the under 210-division), against notables such as Will Harris, Bill Wilmore, Quincy Taylor, and Joel Stubbs. Samuel will be looking to add this competition to that short list.

Silvio Samuel is no stranger to adversity. He has stood amongst some of the giants of bodybuilding and has fared well against them. He has more experience than anyone else that will stand on the stage this year and will certainly look to use that to his advantage. But who will he have to worry about?

The 2009 Iron Man Pro
The Contenders

Mark Dugdale:

If Silvio Samuel isn't the favorite to take home the 2009 Iron Man Trophy, Mark Dugdale is. Dugdale is coming off of a poor 2008 showing and is looking to show why he is widely considered one of the better bodybuilders.

We haven't seen Mark Dugdale hit the stage since he finished 9th at the fifteenth anniversary of the Europa Super Show in 2008. He will certainly be looking to improve upon that finish at the Iron Man, where he has fared well in the past, finishing 2nd in 2007 and 5th in 2006.

Ronny Rockel:

Outside of Silvio Samuel and Mark Dugdale, Ronny Rockel is another name getting votes to take home the trophy at this year's Iron Man Pro. Rockel is one of the most overlooked bodybuilders in the IFBB.

He has been making a splash recently, placing well in some of the smaller competitions in the IFBB, such as the 2008 New York Pro (3rd), the 2007 Santa Susanna Bodybuilding and Figure Contest (3rd), and the 2007 Australian Pro Grand Prix (2nd). He also won the 2006 Grand Prix Australia.

However, he hasn't fared well in the larger competitions, such as the Arnold and Olympia, which is likely why his name isn't mentioned much in bodybuilding circles. Rockel will be looking to change that here with a solid placing.

Ahmad Haidar:

Ahmad Haidar is certainly a fan favorite. His aesthetic physique is very pleasing to the eye and as a result, his popularity amongst bodybuilding fans has skyrocketed in recent years. He has been away from the stage for some time, as he didn't compete in 2008.

The last time we saw Ahmad on the stage was in 2007 at the Sacramento Pro where he finished 4th. He has taken the stage before at the Iron Man Pro - he finished 8th in 2007 and 9th in 2006; these are just the recent showings.

Ahmad has been around longer than any of the other bodybuilders in this competition. However, he doesn't have much hardware to show for it. He will be looking to add to his collection at this year's Iron Man.

Eddie Abbew:

Eddie Abbew finished seventh in this competition last year and 3rd in 2006. He has always fared well at the Iron Man despite poor showings in many of his other competitions.

He finished 16th at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro and failed to place at the 2007 Olympia. The 16th place finish at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro was the only show he competed at in 2008 outside of the Iron Man. He will be looking to cast his [rather large] shadow upon the other competitors in this year's competition.

Hidetada Yamagishi:

Hidetada Yamagishi has continued to improve since he made his debut at the 2005 Iron Man Pro, where he finished 17th. He finished 7th on this stage in 2007 and his recent placings include 8th at the 2008 Atlantic City Pro and 13th at the 2007 Olympia.

He returns to the stage where he makes his debut in 2009 on the 20th Anniversary of this prestigious contest and will look to upset some of the larger names in this competition.

The 2009 Iron Man Pro
Names To Watch

Evgeny Mishin:

Evgeny Mishin is a name that many may recognize, as his physique caused a lot of fuss on many of the internets bodybuilding forums. However, he hasn't placed well in any of his IFBB shows and will be looking to change that here. He certainly has the size to do well.

Mohammad Bannout:

Mohammad Bannout is the nephew of former IFBB Champion, Samir Bannout. He will be making his pro debut at the 2009 Iron Man Pro and it should be interesting to see how his genetics contribute to his physique. We haven't seen much from Mohammad Bannout but he will certainly be one to watch.

Now that we are familiar with all of the competitors, we have the difficult task of deciding where they will place.

The 2009 Iron Man Pro
The Top Five

5th - Eddie Abbew:

Eddie Abbew has placed well in this competition in past years. However, at last year's Olympia, he severely missed his conditioning and failed to bring the same package to the stage that he did at the Iron Man, where he qualified for the Olympia.

If he brings the same conditioning he did last year, where he looked amazing, he could place very well at this competition. If he comes in holding water like he did at the Olympia, he could easily drop outside of the top five.

4th - Ahmad Haidar:

Ahmad "Abzilla" Haidar has the best abs in bodybuilding. However, his inconsistencies have made him a difficult competitor to place. He could easily finish within the top three or could place outside of the top ten. If he gets his conditioning right, he will show the judges why he has earned the name "Abzilla" and will place well. If not, it could be a slippery slope for him.

3rd - Ronny Rockel:

Ronny Rockel certainly has the size to compete with some of the names seen on the slate for this competition. However, he has had issues with his conditioning in the past and hasn't come in as dry as the judges would like to see. Furthermore, his posing routines could use some improvement. If he shows improvement in those areas, look for him to place well here.

He has the ability to place well in competitions, as he has done it in the past, but if he lets his weaknesses show, he could slide down the rankings as there are plenty of capable competitors looking to climb up it.

2nd - Mark Dugdale:

Mark Dugdale is known for his aesthetics and has one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques in all of bodybuilding. He has added some size in recent years, which should allow him to stand amongst some of the larger bodybuilders in the IFBB.

He had a poor showing in 2008 and will be looking to improve upon that here. It is a new year and he will be looking to start over. If Mark Dugdale comes in dry, as we are accustomed to seeing, he will be hard to beat. If the top man misses his mark, look for Dugdale to slide into the top spot.

And without further hesitation, I present to you your 2009 Iron Man Pro Champion:

1st - Silvio Samuel:

Silvio Samuel has some of the best conditioning in bodybuilding - his conditioning was light years ahead of everyone else at this past year's Olympia.

Recent photographs have shown that he is on pace to repeat that conditioning and he will use his experience to dial it on competition day. His unrivaled conditioning, combined with his posing, size, and aesthetics, will make this an easy decision for the judges.

Bonus Question
Have You Ever Attended The Iron Man Pro Show? If So, What Did You Think Of It And How Was Your Experience? Was It What You Thought It Would Be? How Could It Be Made Better

Sadly, I have not been able to attend the Iron Man Pro, as it is an event that takes place on the West Coast while I reside on the East Coast. It is certainly an event that I would like to attend in the future, as it is one of the larger competitions in the IFBB. It seems to have a wonderful atmosphere and there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy.

Good luck to all of the 2009 Iron Man Pro Competitors!

God Bless,

Author Note: The above preview of the 2009 Iron Man Pro was done based on the above competitor list which was last updated January 6, 2009.

2nd Place - soundcheck129
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On January 24th the pros will take the stage in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2009 Iron Man Pro. This year's Iron Man Pro should be very exciting as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

With most of the top Mr. Olympia contenders out means there is room for many to get the coveted Olympia spots. Who will it be this time?

Top 5
Give Your Opinion On Who Will Be In The Top Five And Give Full Details Why You Believe It Will Go Down That Way?

1. Silvio Samuel:

There's a reason most people are predicting Samuel will walk away the winner on January 24th - because he's an absolute beast. And while Samuel obviously had time to prep for that shoot, some pictures from his recent prep, in mid-December, have been posted on the internet and are causing quite a buzz on message boards and bodybuilding sites.

With beastly size and great symmetry, there's not much left to be desired about Samuel's shape, which is a major reason why he qualified five times out of five for the Mr. Olympia in 2007.

Samuel is a fierce competitor whose experience has taught him the ins and outs of nutrition and training as it applies to HIS body. However, he also acknowledges that hard work lies ahead and is thankful for the support of his sponsors, MuscleTech and Joe Weider.

2. Gustavo Badell(*):

[*Editors Note: Gustavo will not be competing.]

If anyone is going to give Silvio Samuel a serious run for his money, it's Gustavo Badell. Simply put, the man is ripped beyond belief. At 5'8" and an astonishing 245 lbs (contest weight), Badell is a wall of muscle. In addition to his massive body, he's got a massive body of experience, having begun his training at 18.

While he intended to pursue boxing, Badell's propensity to put on size launched him into the bodybuilding scene, and the rest is history. Badell has an unbeatable drive to achieve, and realizes that bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not just a sport; he's willing to put everything he has into every contest, and the 2009 Iron Man Pro will be no exception.

3. Mark Dugdale:

In my opinion, it would be an atrocity to go any farther without mentioning Dugdale. From right here in the USA, he's got all the makings of a true American hero. Dugdale burst onto the scene with a first place finish in the teen division of 1993's Northwest Natural competition, and he's kept up the pace with six first place overall finishes, and a showing at the 2007 Mr. Olympia.

In addition, Dugdale is a man after my own heart - his favorite food is sushi and his favorite day at the gym is leg day. Dugdale has devoted his life to fitness, often training with his wife Christina, who also knows her way around the bodybuilding scene. Dugdale boasts numerous sponsorships, and he's earned each one with his work ethic, and the results that have followed.

4. Ahmad Haidar:

The almighty Abzilla. While quite accurate, the nickname reveals only one aspect of Haidar's incredible physique. In addition to his ridiculous midsection, Haidar has huge, veiny biceps and delts rivaled in size only by his head. But that's just his upper body - his quads are the size of tree trunks yet are incredible defined.

Amazingly, Haidar's competition weight usually comes in around 220 lbs, meaning he's packing an insane amount of muscle on his 5'7" frame. The only flaw I can find about this man is that in the past his calves have appeared a bit underdeveloped, but that's a tiny part of this otherwise incredible package.

5. Ronny Rockel:

They don't call Rockel "The Rock" for no reason - the man is a mountain of muscle. While he doesn't have quite the definition of Abzilla, Rockel's entire torso is basically one long taper, from his broad shoulders to his very tiny waist. However, just under his waist, his legs explode out into massive quads that seem like a physical impossibility.

It's difficult to figure out why Rockel hasn't placed higher in competitions, with only one first place - at the 2006 IFBB Grand Prix Australia - but I guess the judges must be detecting some flaws that I can't ascertain. Regardless of how impressed I am with his physique, I feel like there must be a reason he hasn't placed higher, and that will probably drop him to fifth at the Iron Man Pro.

Although many of the sport's top competitors will not be present, there will be no shortage of talent on the stage. This is a great opportunity for some of the underappreciated, yet still incredibly muscular, bodybuilders to shine.

Bonus Question
Have You Ever Attended The Iron Man Pro Show? If So, What Did You Think Of It And How Was Your Experience? Was It What You Thought It Would Be? How Could It Be Made Better?

Sadly, I have not had the chance to attend the Iron Man Pro, but I imagine it's an unbelievable experience. Just seeing the pictures from previous competitions is very humbling and inspiring at the same time. While I have not attended the Iron Man Pro, I do have one thought on how it could be improved - more promotion.

Overall, bodybuilding never seems to get as much attention as it deserves. Millions of people watch American Idol and the Little League World Series, but the incredible work and discipline of professional bodybuilders goes relatively unnoticed by comparison. To me, that's an incredible injustice.

Considering that America is a nation in which image is very important to a large number of people, I would think more people would appreciate the incredible physiques of these competitors. With more exposure, I believe the sport would see exponential growth in popularity.

3rd Place - History in Effect
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My Top 5 

    1. Silvio Samuel
    2. Ronny Rockel
    3. Mark Dugdale
    4. Ahmad Haidar
    5. Hidetada Yamagishi

Why are they placed like that?

1. Silvio Samuel:

Silvio Samuel finished seventh at the Mr. Olympia, but this show he will dominate. He should have placed higher at the event, but that was the past and the Iron Man is for him to dominate. There will be nobody competing with him.

He was the best conditioned athlete on that Mr. Olympia day and he will be the best conditioned athlete come crunch time. This is a warm-up for him, but I'm telling you he will take it serious. Silvio is shredded like no other and if he gained some mass he could compete with the big boys on any stage.

2. Ronny Rockel:

Ronny Rockel has to be placed second for the simple fact he has much to prove in my mind to the bodybuilding world. He placed a certainly disappointed 14th place in the Mr. Olympia, but I have good faith to believe he will place very high.

Rockel is one of the most symmetrical guys I seen in a while. He may lack the huge size, but is symmetry is wonderful. The Mr. Olympia proved symmetry is in over size, so who knows. If he wants to think about competing with Silvio, he better come hard and ripped to the bone like no other. He's got some monster legs, no doubt, but Silvio can win shows on just his conditioning.

3. Mark Dugdale:

Mark Dugdale finished ninth at the Europa and he has had some time to work on bringing his arms up to match his amazing legs. Legs that look freaky in every magazine cover I have seen him in.

I think Dugdale can come into 3rd place comfortably. Mark is a great family man it would be wonderful for him to place high 'cause I know he can do it. If the others are off by a little and Dugdale is bigger and conditioned, he could make a splash. He just has to remain symmetrical while sharpening those pieces.

4. Ahmad Haidar:

Mr. Ahmad Haidar may have been forgotten by some, but not by me. He placed 4th in the Sacramento Pro in 2007 and that was probably the last time I heard of it. Well, he is back ladies and gents.

Haidar has always been known for the man with the best abs in the business, but the real test is whether he will be known as the man in the business with the complete package. His legs are solid, but the test is whether his upper body matches his leg development. Mr. Universe will show the world he is back at the 2009 Iron Man.

5. Hidetada Yamagishi:

Hidetada Yamagishi is back people with something to prove. 2008 started out bad for Yamagishi due to legal problems. Things got better slowly as he finished eighth at the Atlantic Pro last year.

Yamagishi is one massive dude and in good shape; he looks full and amazing on stage. I think this year will be much improved for him as he sets out to make 2009 his year of change. He gets the audience pumped, but let's see if the judges are satisfied.

Sleeper Alert:

Eddie Abbew is massive and continues to get better.

Final Thought

The big players might not be at this show, but it still will be amazing. It will be competitive, so if you got the funds or live close I urge you to go.

Bonus Question
Have You Ever Gone To The Iron Man?

No, but I hope to someday.