In this article I am going to present one of the best workouts to destroy both your quads and hamstrings and submit them into unbelievable growth. It's pretty sad when you go to the gym and see these people with decent sized upper bodies only to look down to their toothpick sized legs, hey maybe they think their "symmetry" looks good. Sometimes I really begin to wonder how these people train their legs? This is the reason why I feel that this article must be written.

The Truth

Right now I am going to let everyone in on a little secret. It may be hard to grasp the concept, but it's the truth, listen and pay attention. You cannot properly stimulate your legs by going into the gym for 25 min., do a few sets on half-rep leg presses, some leg extensions and some reverse extensions. It's a proven fact, just look at the people who perform these workouts. Do they have wheels of steel? No!

This is a leg workout that you can really not question. You can only perform it with your outmost intensity and feel the results days later. Now that I got all that out, I will now present everyone with my very own personal "leg workout from hell." This leg workout actually starts days later before the workout begins. This is when you start visioning the sets and feel the pain that gets inflicted days later. This is when the anxiety sets in.

Once my brother and I arrive at the gym we hit the stair master or another cardio machine that focuses on properly warming up the legs. This is performed for approximately 5-10 min., very much depending on when our legs are properly warmed up and my body heat becomes elevated. During this time the proper mindset is also created, if visioning Paco Bautista's legs on your body doesn't put you in the right mindset for legs, I don't think anything will. After this is preformed we head over to the leg extension to continue our warm-up. The leg extension is hit one leg at a time for 15-20 reps to further stretch and get the legs warm.

Annihilating The Legs

When we are properly warmed up we head over to the leg press and start to annihilate the legs in every which way. After a few warm up's are preformed, the real weight is thrown on, somewhere between 9 and 11 plates per side. As I sit on the edge of the leg press I start to wrap my knees and get a good song blaring into my headphones. The set has officially begun. 8 reps are preformed, slow and controlled with an additional 5 partner assisted reps. The weight is racked, but is the set over? Of course not! The weight is then stripped to 6 plates, again another 8-10 slow and controlled reps are performed with an additional 2-4 partner assisted.

The weight is then racked for the second time. At this point my legs are on fire and my knees are about to explode from the knee wraps, which are removed for the next set. That's right, there is another drop. This time the weight is dropped to 4 plates per side, but there is a twist. For the next 10-15 reps the negative will take 6 seconds, the pause at rock bottom will take 4 seconds, with an explosion to the top, and a 2-4 second contraction. Finally the set is done, my legs are screaming with agony and I can barely move myself from the machine. That is how a "proper" set of leg press is preformed.

After I have taken my sorry ass off the machine we limp over to the next exercise. Two grueling sets of rock bottom smith squats. When I mean rock bottom I'm talking about all the way down, to do this try placing you feet a few more inches forward than what you would normally do. With this exercise we pick a weight that we can handle reasonably for 15 reps and bang out 25, which is somewhere between 225 and 245. Normally this is not a lot of weight but in this style this weight will take you to the point of puking if performed properly.

After two long grueling sets are complete, and my legs are trembling and burning from the pain being inflicted on them we are ready to start hamstrings.

For hamstrings we do not go as crazy as quads due to the fact that they are being stimulated by using a full range of motion in the previous exercises. The first exercise is stiff leg dead lifts with dumbbells. These are done with 125lb dumbbells with pauses at the bottom. After two sets of those are completed we finish up with one set of reverse leg curls, 10 reps with holds at the top, and that's it! After currently doing this workout I was at the verge of puking at the last set of squats and I could barely finish hamstrings due to the trauma inflicted on my quads.

Stop Pussy Footing

That's the workout. The reason for writing this is because I see too many people pussy footing around on leg days. I want to let everyone with balls of steel know how to test themselves on leg days. And for the people who won't try it for whatever excuse they can conjure up will never know what it feels like to have big ass legs with cross striations and road map veins running through them.

Sample Workout
Stationary bike
1 set, 5-10 mins
Leg Extensions
2 sets, 15-20 reps
Leg Press
2 sets, 15-20 reps
Barbell Squat
2 sets, 25 reps
Barbell stiff-legged deadlift
2 sets, 8-10 reps
Back extension
1 set, 8-10 reps

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