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While in Europe for both work and holiday, Kris ventures out of the gym for a high-altitude adventure, then ventures in to the hotel gym for minimalist workouts. This is how hybrid athletes make the most of every day, no matter where they are!

"This is such tough going. This is going to take a little longer than I anticipated. So hard on the legs. I'm shaking all over," Kris says. Is he doing DTP sets of squats or leg presses? No, it's a run-hike up Snowdon, the iconic Welsh mountain that Sir Edmund Hillary once used to prepare for the first-ever successful ascent of Mount Everest. 

Seem pretty adventurous for a gym rat like Kris, right? That's part of the appeal of this program. "It's a great opportunity to see new parts of the places you've visited but don't generally explore." 

Make the most of your training this week, no matter where you are, with the downloadable workout PDF and video to guide you!

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 9: 

  • A hotel gym may seem like the least hardcore place imaginable, but Kris says it's a great venue for DTP sets. "It isn't the perfect environment, but we're not going to be controlled by it. We're going to control it," he says. 
  • Take the opportunity to go for a hike or trail run rather than the same old treadmill slog. "Gotta make sure we're present the whole time," Kris says. "No headphones. No topless pictures while we're running. We'll stop for those."
  • If you have access to a pool that's not what you're accustomed to, just change the settings on your watch and go for it. Don't have a triathlon watch? Consider investing in one if a tri is your goal. 
  • If you're traveling and trying to get in quality training, it can be tough to stay on schedule with your meals—and even tougher to stay hydrated. Both are equally important, though. Don’t wait until you're gasping during a workout to remember to drink, or your performance will go down in a hurry!

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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