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If you can train for an Ironman, well, good on you. That's an incredible feat. If you can do it while keeping up a consistent lifting protocol, you're definitely in the minority. And if you can do it while lifting, traveling around the country on a weekly basis, running a business, and staying in touch with millions of fans, you must be Kris Gethin.

Does this man sleep? Sometimes. This week, it's definitely a battle, as Kris finds himself alternately in the sweltering Texas summer or trapped in air conditioned hotel rooms. When he's not there, he's crushing heavy shoulder workouts with IFBB pro Jason Poston.

How does he find the gas at the end of this for an unprecedented 100-mile bike ride, followed by a 12-mile run? We don't have the answer. But with the full Ironman just weeks away, strap yourself in and ride along!

Training and nutrition tips:

  • With the amount of volume in the training plan at this juncture, it's crucial to make rest and recovery a higher priority than ever. Completely rest when you're not training. If you have a laborious job, take that into account.
  • Kris always gets some movement in after a flight. Along with hydration, it's a crucial way of recovering from the rigors of travel. Even just a stroll on the treadmill can be a lifesaver.
  • Legs when he's on the road and battling a bug? That's not for everyone. But Kris does it. And he bounces back from his brief illness. Coincidence, or the healing power of squats?
  • Not every workout this week was a success. His swim in Texas was seriously discouraging. "One of those days," he says—and keeps moving forward.
  • During long rides and runs, hydration is the difference between feeling good and feeling like death. Kris' advice: Always take more fluid than you need. Camelbaks and other hydration packs are a no-brainer.

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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