Cody's parents didn't allow sweets, but that didn't stop him from hoarding food in his room. Throughout his childhood, Cody developed unhealthy eating habits. "I was overweight all through high school, and always felt self-conscious," he remembers. "I was never proud of what I looked like or who I was."

An active lifestyle wasn't enough to curb Cody's poor eating habits; they just became worse once he joined his high school's football team. "I started playing sports and became more active in high school, but because I was hungrier, I started eating more—and it wasn't exactly healthy food," he says.

When an injury landed Cody on the sidelines, his weight ballooned. It wasn't until he stepped on the scale at his first physical therapy appointment that Cody saw how far he'd let himself go and committed to reversing the damage.

This is Cody's story.

What drove you to change your physique?

I tore my medial collateral ligament (MCL) and my meniscus in high school while playing football. I had to have knee surgery, and before I was able to start physical therapy, I just sat around for almost eight months. When I got on the scale at a physical therapy appointment, I weighed 245 pounds, which was a lot for my 5-foot-8 frame. I was overwhelmed that I could weigh that much.


Age: 19, Height: 5'8'', Weight: 245 lbs. Body Fat: 27%


Age: 22, Height: 5'8'', Weight: 158 lbs. Body Fat: 7%

What were the first steps you took to restructure your lifestyle?

The first thing I did was cut out soft drinks and fast food. After that, I stopped eating all fried foods.

I also began working out almost immediately. I had a background in strength training, because of football, but when we worked out as a team, it was always to be bigger and wider. This time, I wanted to get leaner and healthier. I had to change the way I worked out. taught me workouts that helped me increase my flexibility and put on more muscle mass.


How did you discover

On one of my first days in the gym, I asked someone about the kind of shake he was drinking. He told me he got all his products and supplements from I checked it out to see about ordering products, but I ended up reading articles, too.

I learned the definition of macro and micronutrients and how to track my own. I also started looking at possible meal plans. By following their examples, I learned how to create a healthy diet I could stick with. I also did (and still do) get a lot of my workout ideas from the site, especially from my favorite trainers: Steve Cook, Calum von Moger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Do you use any supplements?

Upon waking:



What was the most difficult part of your transformation?

The hardest thing for me was definitely the dieting. My parents didn't struggle with their weight, so they didn't cook much clean food. Also, being from southern Louisiana, the local food here is not exactly what you would call healthy. I just had to really do my research on what was healthy, as well as accept the fact that going out to eat all the time was going to have to stop.

I had to learn to love cooking. I always knew how to cook—it's something my mom and dad taught me growing up—but this was the first time I enjoyed it. I got so much satisfaction knowing I'd made something that tasted good and was healthy.


Who helped and encouraged you along the way?

My family was always very supportive. When I lived at home, my mom offered to cook separate meals that fit my diet. If I needed to keep certain foods in the house, my parents were happy to buy them for me. My mom was an athlete when she was younger and used to lift weights, so she gave me a lot of tips and pointers when I was getting started.

What's Next For You?

I hope to compete in men's physique competitions within the next year. I've also begun helping my friends with their fitness goals. A close friend of mine has lost 30 pounds in the last four months since starting to follow the plan I set up for him.

I also plan to take a six-week course next year to become a certified personal trainer.

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