Felicia Romero is an athlete-turned-cover model whose looks can swivel heads at neck-snapping speed. She attributes her start in fitness modeling (and her bangin' athletic bod) to her days as a collegiate softball player.

She's been known to knock it out of the park a time or two.

As a gym owner and personal trainer, Felicia knows her way around a workout. And with an A-list physique like hers, you'd think she'd be following the latest fad diet.

Not. Felicia takes a back-to-the-basics training approach, and says the key to her success is consistency and clean eating.

Want a body that stakes its claim on the gold every time you're on the stage for a fitness competition? Then you'll want to check out Felicia Romero's "no nonsense" training regimen.


Felicia Romero is no stranger to hard work. And when sculpting her goddess-like physique, she puts her nose to the grindstone until exacting the results she demands.


When prepped for a photo shoot or fitness contest, Felicia Romero is a smoke stack that burns red hot. Check out her high-intensity cutting regimen.

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