In videos, C.T. Fletcher is the ultimate badass and bad mouth. But those of us who have dealt with him personally know there's another side to the Compton Superman. Believe it or not, he's about as humble and—dare we say it—straight-up nice as they come. Who else could take the phrase "it's still yo muthafuckin set" and turn it into a positive rallying cry and life message for lifters around the world?

That's why we were thrilled, as were his millions of fans, when we heard that just a few days after undergoing a long-awaited 11-hour heart transplant surgery, he is up and walking around the hospital. He even filmed a personal message to his fans from the hospital bed on Thursday, May 10, saying:

"To all the Iron Addicts all over the planet who've been praying for me and sending me well wishes, I want to say thank you. It's the very least I can say, and it's definitely not enough… And could you please keep it up, motherfuckers? I highly appreciate it. God bless all of you, I love y'all, and I'll be cussing at you again soon enough."

Everyone at sends C.T. their strongest thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. The company Motivation Room just isn't the same without him!

If you've never seen it, take this opportunity to watch the Fitness 360 profile we created with him back in 2015. It's still one of the best and most popular profiles we've ever released. And then, if you dare, give the original Iron Addict a 100-rep salute by submitting to the torture that is his Armed Warfare arm workout.

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