It used to be that if you ever wanted to be up on the latest fitness topics and learn how to be your best self, you had to pick up a magazine (and risk the papercuts!) or watch late-night infomercials filled with people in leotards. Fortunately, those days are far behind us. Nowadays, you just jump on YouTube to learn about anything and everything, even how really fit people go about living an average day.

Still, YouTube can often feel like the Wild West. Everyone thinks they're the go-to for fitness information or motivation. Only a few have successfully built this name for themselves through the combination of relatability, superb information, and basically just being all-around inspiring.

We scoured all of YouTube to find some of the best fitness YouTubers, and after many debates and arm-wrestling matches, we came up with this list of the fitness YouTubers you simply need to know.

Bart Kwan

Bart Kwan made his debut on YouTube as a comedian doing goofy antics. His viewers, however, soon noticed the clearly built physique under the wacky costumes and funny hat. Bart would later talk about his fitness and powerlifting side, and a few years later, he even opened his own gym, Barbell Brigade, in downtown Los Angeles. The gym offers a sense of old-school camaraderie in a new-school setting, showing that while great things can be achieved as individuals, even bigger things can be accomplished as a community. We call that strength in numbers!

Omar Isuf

You can always count on Omar Isuf to deliver informative fitness videos that are also smart, witty, and entertaining. We're such fans of his vivacious personality that we previously wrote about his amazing transformation here. Omar is one of the few YouTubers who truly combines brains and brawn with an additional Power Rangers-tinted flair. Regardless of your experience level, Omar's videos can help tighten your form, clean up your diet, and introduce you to new training modalities.

Bryce Lewis

Bryce Lewis is an elite natural powerlifter in the 83-105 kg weight classes with an incredible competition total best of 1,785 (617 squat, 446 bench press, 722 deadlift). He's also the founder of The Strength Athlete, an online coaching service dedicated to promoting raw, drug-free powerlifting. His channel is a veritable treasure trove of training, nutrition, stretching, and mobility tips. He explores a wide variety of topics pertaining to programming, mental preparation, and injury prevention. Basically, go to his channel for awesome information on powerlifting, but stay for his genuine, down-to-earth attitude and indomitable work ethic.

Dana Linn Bailey

If you're looking for a female role model who's strong in both body and spirit, your search should start and end here. DLB, as she's known, was crowned 2013's Ms. Physique Olympia, making her the very first women's physique pro in the official organization's history. Internet trolls sometimes lambast her physique for being too muscular, but we're pretty sure she doesn't give a rat's gluteus maximus about such comments. Her can-do attitude and work ethic are testaments to her devotion to stay true to herself. Be inspired!

Elliot Hulse

Elliot Hulse's Strength Camp is the reigning king of all fitness YouTube channels. True to his Strength Camp channel's motto, "Become the strongest version of yourself," Elliot has helped millions of people become better and stronger every day, while also hitting on sensitive topics like bullying and low self-esteem. This thinking aligns with's own vision—that is, become your best self—thus confirming that great minds do indeed think alike.

CT Fletcher

The one and only MASSter motivator is part drill sergeant, part preacher, and all badass. CT will force you to push your limits even if you whine all the way to the gym. If you don't feel like working out today, you don't get a pass, either; he'll call you a punk-ass bitch and make you go put in the work anyway. And you'll be glad that you did. If you ever feel uninspired and afraid of pain and hardship, this iSatori spokesperson will force you to smash those barriers and reach for your true potential.

Christian Guzman

Gym owner, Gymshark athlete, founder of the Alphalete Athletics clothing line, fitness YouTuber—Christian Guzman is the walking embodiment of fitness entrepreneurship. The young Texan embarked on his online journey three years ago with the intent of sharing his life as a male model and men's physique competitor. His authentic, down-to-earth approach to vlogging has earned him a dedicated following of loyal fans, including us.

Nikki Blackketter

This classy, sassy, blond beauty is a newer kid on the YouTube fitness block, but that hasn't stopped her from exploding in popularity over the last year and a half. An NPC bikini competitor, online fitness coach, and girlfriend to another big-time fitness YouTuber, Christian Guzman, Nikki regularly posts vlogs on her channel, allowing her dedicated followers to take a peek into her life and follow her along her journey to Gainzville.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones is one of the original fitness YouTubers. Way before many other people caught on, Chris showed us how he cut, how he bulked, and even how he loved aspartame regardless of the comments he got. He just doesn't give a fuck, and that's what we love about him. His no-nonsense, very raw approach to building a "physique of greatness" is appealing to both old-school and new-school trainees alike, and his own results in the gym are a testament to his training methods.

Matt Ogus

A competitive natural bodybuilder and one of the early pioneers of the YouTube fitness movement, Matt is the proud owner of arguably the greatest set of shredded glutes in the world. This self-proclaimed "half-natty manlet" and Krillin look-alike spends his days making gainz, counting macros, and eating obscene amounts of Chipotle (though one must wonder about the wizardry involved in transmuting all that Chipotle directly to gains). Matt's passion for fitness, cheerful personality, and honest desire to help others make his channel a top destination for anyone committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Mark Bell

Creator of the Slingshot and owner of Team Super Training Gym, Mark Bell is a growing presence to watch out for. A former professional wrestler and elite powerlifter himself, "Smelly," as he's affectionately known, fills his channel with raw and fun coaching advice to elevate your lifting game. If you want to get stronger and laugh your ass off while doing so, follow this awesome athlete.

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