Looking for a little fitness motivation? Want to get some new workout ideas? Or maybe you just want to see what it's like to live the life of a social media fitness star. Whatever you're after, Instagram's got what you need. 

The Rock

With over 88 million followers, it's safe to say Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson needs no introduction. Whether you know him from his movies or his wrestling days, one look at his famous physique will get you wanting to lift heavy. 

With a wide variety of pictures from all areas of his life, his feed is interesting, entertaining, and inspirational. Even if you never look like him, you'll probably come away with some training info you can put to use, like the best way to start your next leg day

Calum von Moger

If your goal is to get big—or just to see that getting big doesn't mean you have to outgrow your sense of humor—Calum von Moger is one to follow. Calum is giving back to the fitness community in a big way with his clothing line and online training books to help people build massive muscles. 

Check out his website and follow him on his blog

Dana Linn Bailey 

If you're looking for some strong female inspiration, Dana Linn Bailey is your gal. She's mostly known for her insanely popular YouTube channel, her intense competitive history, and her Flag Nor Fail clothing line, but her Instagram account is no slouch! 

With frequent workout video clips and plenty of workout selfies, you'll get no shortage of inspiration from this prolific Instagrammer. 

Jessie Hilgenberg 

As a fitness fanatic and mother, Jessie Hilgenberg gives a big dose of motivation and inspiration to fit—and hoping to be fit—moms everywhere. Follow her on Instagram for plenty of training tips, as well as real-life accounts of her family, her gym progress, and her meal plans. 

Of course, Bodybuilding.com is also a great place to learn and lift with Jessie. If you have 30 minutes, try her Half-Hour of Power workout.

Nicole Wilkins 

If you dream of competing and need an extra dose of motivation to get through those grueling training sessions and diet days, follow Nicole Wilkins. Her Instagram takes you through the life of a Figure Olympia Champion. 

This is hardcore training with a smile.

Jen Jewell 

Do you need a few new workout ideas to boost your next session? Check out Cellucor athlete Jen Jewell's Instagram account for your daily fix. With plenty of workout clips, unique exercises, healthy meal shots, and motivational quotes, Jen will inspire you to take everything in your fit life to the next level. 

Ben Booker 

Not just a fitness model, but a father and overall generous person, Ben Booker shows you how to stay in shape no matter how busy you are, or what your life has been up to this point. 

To help spread the word of what it really means to be fit, Ben created his Second Chance 24 Hour Gym, where he helps people work on their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. But, if all you're interested in is his training, don't worry: He gives away plenty of his workouts, too!

Phil Heath

The reigning king of the sport of bodybuilding shares a little of everything on his Instagram feed: food, supps, training, and pure motivation. 

As Heath works toward his attempt to own the Olympia crown for the seventh straight year, this is without a doubt the place to be. 

Jessica Arevalo 

This outgoing bikini model and competitor tracks every rep, pound, and gram on her way to the stage, and shares it all with over 2 million followers. If you're looking for booty workouts in particular, this is a must-follow account! 

Kai Greene 

If you love the nitty-gritty of bodybuilding, like hardcore show prep and backstage access, Kai Greene is a no-brainer to follow on Instagram. But, if you know Kai, you know that is only part of the draw. Each post contains some of Kai's unique brand of fitness philosophy and wisdom, like he shared in the Bodybuilding.com videos Give Yourself a Chance and Command Your Thinking, Control Your Life.

Another great thing about Kai's feed is that he's rarely the only person on it. Plenty of A-list fitness celebs, including a few from this list, show up there regularly. If you're fascinated by how the elite live, train, and motivate themselves to keep going, this is an essential stop.

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