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You can get strong and have a
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Getting Big & Strong On A Vegan Diet!

I have the strength and size to back up the fact that you can get strong and have a muscular body on a vegan diet. In this article I am going to discuss why I became a vegan and then go into how to plan your diet to pack on some muscle.

There is no way that you can get big and strong on a vegetarian diet! I used to hear this all the time from my meat-eating friends. I say, used to as I never hear it anymore from people that know me or from people that have seen my photos on my website. Yes my friends, you can in fact get bigger and stronger on a vegetarian diet. You can even do it on a vegan diet (no animal products whatsoever).

How To Get Started

When I was fifteen I read an interview with Harley Flannagan (lead singer of the legendary NYC hardcore band, the Cro-mags) in which he stated that he became a vegetarian to lead a more peaceful life and that one cannot talk about peace when they have a steak on their plate, as an animal died in agonizing pain to end up there. That really struck a cord with me and got me thinking about the thousands of animals that suffer daily on factory farms. Next, I visited Kenya with my parents and experienced a feeling of oneness with the animals over there.

I realized that I did not want to contribute to the unnecessary suffering of other beings and I knew that I needed to make some changes. Finally, I saw a movie called "The Fly II" in which a golden retriever is mutilated in an experiment gone bad. That got me thinking about how animals are abused in labs and further solidified the new direction that I was taking. In addition, to giving up meat, I decided that I would make sure to purchase products such as: toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc that were not tested on animals.

I gave up meat gradually. I stated off by giving up all meat except fish. Then I gave up fish, but continued to eat eggs and dairy. Once I realized that most eggs and dairy products came from animals that lived miserable lives on factory farms, I gave up all animal products. That was ten years ago and I have never looked back. While I am an ethical vegan, there is no doubt in mind that a vegan diet is healthy and that I can get everything that my body need for my intense lifestyle. Regardless, like any other diet, planning is required.

The number one thing that people always ask me is where do I get my protein. Many vegans that I have met make the mistake of thinking that you do not need much protein at all. I even had one guy tell me that only 5% of one's diet should come from protein. Of course this guy looked like Don Knots and would be blown off like kite if a strong wind came by. I had another guy tell me that I can get protein from a cucumber and that I should not even worry about it.

Of course, this guy was not in shape either and was in no position to give me nutrition advice. We have to be much more sensible than that. Especially, if we expect anyone to give up meat and adopt a vegetarian diet. Telling people that they can get all of the protein that they need from eating spinach and leafy green vegetables is impractical. Just because it works for the gorillas does not mean that it will work for us. Not getting enough protein and thinking that only 5% of your diet needs to be comprised of protein are sure fire ways to be spindly and weak for the rest of your life. Now I am not saying that you need two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight like the bodybuilding magazines state.

That is way too much protein and a case of overkill. For athletes, 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle is optimal for increasing strength and size. For example, if you weigh 180lb and have ten percent bodyfat, then you should shoot for 150-160 grams of protein to build more muscle. If you want to maintain your size, then 100-120 will probably be sufficient.

Next, vegans like anyone else need to load up on healthy sources of fat. Without enough fat in your diet, your skin will dry up, your energy will plummet, and you will look like death. Getting 20-30% of your calories from fat is a good way to go. Load up on healthy fats such as: flaxseed oil, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, almond butter, and avocadoes. Also, vegan diets are free of all saturated fats, which is great for the most part. However, some saturated fat is required for optimal health, so get some coconut oil or coconut milk in you diet as well.

Finally, make sure that you eat a variety of food to get a full array of muscle building amino acids. Some examples of good combinations include: black beans and quinoa, lentils and brown rice, almond butter sandwich, Rice protein/soy milk shake, green peas and almonds. Have some veggie burgers and other fake meat products from time to time, but make sure that the majority of your diet comes from fresh organic food.

Sample Diet

Note: Use 3 tablespoons of Rice Protein Powder (nutribiotic brand) with 8oz of almond Milk and 8oz of soy milk. I add 1/2 cup of frozen mango or strawberries to The mix and one tablespoon of coconut oil. I also add in two teaspoons of Vitamineral Green
Mid Afternoon Snack
Late Afternoon Snack
  • Veggie Burger Veggie Burger


Post Workout Shake
Note: I throw in 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil and 1/2 cup of frozen fruit.
Late Night Snack

Sample Four Day Program

Okay, now that we have the diet taken care of, let me address the most important part of getting bigger and stronger which of course is training. If you do not have a solid training regimen, it does not matter what your diet looks like, you will not make any progress.

Many trainees make the mistake of doing way too much volume and focusing way too much time on isolation exercises. If strength and size is what you want, then focus on compound movements that work a lot of muscle groups such as: Deadlifts, Squats, Military Presses, Dips, Chin-ups, Bent-over rows, and Bench Presses.

Monday & Friday: Upper Body Emphasis
Take a two-minute break
Note: Do one set of A-1, wait two-minutes, then do a set of A-2, wait two-minutes, then another set of A-1 and so forth until you have completed five sets of five on each exercise. Use the same weight on all five sets. When you can do seven reps on the fifth set, increase the weight by 5-10lbs.

Wednesday & Sunday: Lower Body Emphasis
Note: Take three-minute breaks in between each set and one-minute breaks in between each exercise. Use the same weight on all five sets. When you can do seven reps on the fifth set, increase the weight by 5-10 lbs.

If you have always wanted to be vegetarian or vegan, but though that you would melt away, your worries are over. Follow my guidelines and I have no doubt that you will get stronger and pack on some size.

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About The Author

Mike Mahler is a certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor, strength coach, athlete and freelance journalist.

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I'm all for being vegan, I did it once for about two months and the benefits were astounding. Weight loss and feeling amazing was something I want back. Thanks for listing your diet, I may try it again

Aug 15, 2012 11:06pm | report

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Thanks a lot for this great article. I have tons of skin and digestion problems from eating the typical "bulking" diet. I am desperately looking for something else, and i also want to treat animals better. My questions are:
How many calories per day are you getting and are the macros ok for actual weight gain or just maintenance?
Does the soy have negative effects on male hormones. My male hormones are on the low end and it's pretty hard to build muscle. My goat physique is a fit 185 at around 10%. Would this be possible on a vegan diet? Thanks

Oct 3, 2012 7:28pm | report

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t3/t4, I read this article today along with your comment. since there was no reply, I thought I'd chime in with my experiences. I've been a vegan for 11 years, and only actually bodybuilding as a vegan for about half a year.

It seems I'm getting way more calories and protein than this guy, but this diet plan looks great. I'd just.. double it possibly! I'm eating around 3500 calories a day, 4000 on big days. I was 190lbs when I started in January and I'm around 210lbs right now. Stocking up on brown rice, oats, black beans, greens, almonds, avocados, along with tofu, vegan turkey, veggie burgers, etc. I'm twice as strong as I was when I started, my arms, lats, chest, and legs are all way bigger. With the amount of food I'm eating, I'm not losing much fat, but I plan on doing a cutting phase soon to maintain some of my growth but lose quite a bit of chub, for a leaner strong build. I feel like you can rock 185/10% since that's what I'm going for.

I've eaten WAY more soy than people recommend, and 11 years later, no man boobs. I don't know if I have a lot of testosterone, or the average amount, but I haven't felt any difference. I rage pretty hard when I work out, and feel great eating compassionately. My skin has been great, my digestion is fine (just smelly), and since I've gone vegan, I rarely get headaches or bad poops. Like hardly ever. It's been great!

May 12, 2013 8:32pm | report

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I love the workout routine. But I have a question about the upper body workouts. Now, how I've been doing it, is doing supersets with incline dumbbell presses and bent over dumbbell rows. Wait two minutes, then do another superset, until I do 5 supersets with those two exercises. Then I do the same with the dumbbell shoulder presses and pullups.

Now, I know that's not completely how your workout is laid out. So you want me to do incline dumbbell presses, wait 2 minutes, then do bent over dumbbell rows, wait 2 minutes, do shoulder presses, wait 2 minutes, and do pullups?

Jul 31, 2013 7:57am | report

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Great advice. I am also now a vegan and not only eat guilt free but feel fantastic and aim to achieve pro results and share the journey with others as well! Thank you!

Feb 5, 2014 6:28am | report

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Great advice. I am also now a vegan and not only eat guilt free but feel fantastic and aim to achieve pro results and share the journey with others as well! Thank you!

Feb 5, 2014 6:28am | report

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Excellent feed. I too am a vegan bodybuilder. At 63 I lift quite an amount of weight. Feel good all the time. Physically as well as mentally . Physically because vegan food is clean and the body works fine 24x7. Mentally because I am kind to animals, our co-owners of this world, the sentient beings. Thanks for sharing the article

Article Rated:
Aug 10, 2014 12:31pm | report

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Great Article, I was just wondering what type of protein powder you use, as a vegan i take Vega one and it seems to do the Job but is very $$$$ is there a cheaper alternative, that is just as good?

Aug 21, 2014 6:00pm | report
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