Round One - Compulsory Poses: Front Double Biceps!

First impressions are vital, and likely this will be the first pose that the judges first see you perform. There are two ways to do this pose...

First impressions are vital, and it's likely this will be the first pose that the judges first see you perform. There are two ways to do this pose, with a stomach vacuum or with your abs flexed and crunched. It's not uncommon for some bodybuilders to do both in one pose.

dot Stomach Vacuum Or Flexed Abs dot

    The vacuum method allows for a broader shoulders base and lat spread, while the abdominal crunch method is impressive if your midsection is ripped. You should do the variation which you feel makes you look the best overall.

    A way to do both variations during the double biceps pose is to begin in the vacuum position, then at the finish of the pose, exhale and crunch those abs before moving on.

Vacuum Crunched
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Stomach Vacuum (Left) Or Flexed Abs (Right)?

dot Forearm Placement dot

    The next thing to consider is the angle you bend your forearm in relation to your upper arm. You should hold your arms in such a fashion as to give each arm an equally balanced look. Keep in mind, this shot depends on well-developed biceps and triceps, as well as being evenly balanced.


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Posing With The Master!
In the following interview Ed provides a detailed look at how he became the greatest poser ever and why he feels posing should not be neglected.
David Robson

    If you have great biceps with large peaks, you're better off flexing your arms past 90 degrees with your wrists only half suppinated. If you're biceps are less than highly peaked, try holding them at near right angles with fully suppinated wrists. It is usually more impressive when the upper arms are slightly above parallel with the floor.

Forearm Forearm
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Use A Forearm Placement That Will
Best Complement Your Bicep Peak.

dot Bending Your Legs dot

    You'll want to bend your legs so that the flex will be most impressive. If you have some built legs, point your toes on your best leg outward and bent slightly, while the other leg is extended about a foot to the side. This will greatly show your highly developed thighs and calves.


Mandatory Posing:
Front Double Biceps

Learn how to properly do a front double biceps pose from writer Mark Tilden.

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    Another option is to put your best leg 3-5 inches in front of the other with toes pointed directly forward, while the back foot is somewhat angled and bent outward. With slightly bent legs, you should be able to achieve maximum muscle separation when you flex.

Quads Quads
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Bend Your Legs To That The
Flex Will Be Most Impressive.