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The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.
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This has been a good workout week, but not as good as last week. On Monday, me and my partner got off on a rocky start when we argued but it came out ok. He misloaded one of my sets on the bench, so I actually did a set of 5 with 335 and a set of 4 with 335. I must of done 3 reps with I think 345 (added a 10 to one side). Jon did ok at 265 and we both are stuck at are respective weights for another week. We did wide-chest press, me 425 and Jon 365 and we could only manage one muscle-round. Like on the bench, we are stuck here on this exercise as well. On shoulders, we did DB shoulder press for one muscle-round instead of two. I did 100s and Jon did 90s, this proved to be really tough, but it was done.

On Tuesday, we went back to doing Rack DL Shrugs which really worked out pretty good. We both did 315 on this exercise. I think I will write an article on this exercise so that people can do this exercise. We did out front pulldowns closer instead of wider. I read an article from George Halbert that inspired me to do so and seeing Jeff Willet, my favorite natural bodybuilder, doing it the same way. After cable rows, we tried for pull-ups and we both did 6 reps to failure.

We ended the week early again on Thursday (which was a hot day!!!). We did for biceps, barbell curls, DB curls (muscle-rounds), and Hammer Strength curls. After doing HS curls for 25-reps and then holding it for an X-Rep made my biceps much tighter. Then for triceps, we did the same, rack close-grip bench press, where I did 325 for 3 sets and Jon did 305 for 3 sets. Then we went to pushdowns and dips to pump up are triceps. We finished the workout with Hammer curls for high reps.

We took off Friday to see Spider-Man but my partner wanted to wait until Saturday and I wanted a rest from training. So we decided to go today (Saturday) to see and it was worth the wait folks. They did this movie right and I give it a great thumbs up...a plus 10 even!! I haven't seen a great movie like this since the "X-Men". If you guys see any movie this summer, see Spider-Man, I guarantee you won't be disappointed at all. Well, until next week, strength and honor.