Body Transformation: Sustained Growth

This Aussie used to pass out from too much cardio and too little nutrition. Six years later, Daniel is shredded! See what sparked his mind to shift focus toward healthy lifting!
Name: Daniel Nikolovski
BodySpace: antixxx

Daniel Nikolovski Daniel Nikolovski
AGE 15
308 lbs
AGE 24
181 lbs

Why I Decided To Transform

As a child, I was the biggest out of all my family and friends, always eating and never having enough. I progressively got bigger and bigger growing up even while playing soccer between the ages of 10-15. My biggest weight was at age 15-16: 308lbs and 35 percent body fat.

Growing up just doubled the food intake. At 15, I was eating two family-sized pizzas and a large bowl of chips, washing it down with 1 liter of soda and a tub of ice cream. Within a few short hours, I'd be hungry all over again and just continually eat big meals that always consisted of bread and sugary drinks to wash them down.

I was bullied and picked on growing up throughout high school because of my weight; always seeing the body I wanted in the magazines. I decided to give it a go at age 18. There was no point hoping and dreaming about it.

I thought if I can dedicate 18 years of my life to being overweight and eating bad, I can commit to a healthy diet to better improve my own life for many more reasons. I started with one rule; DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!

How I Accomplished My Goals

At age 18, between 264-275lbs, I had had enough and finally was prepared to do whatever it took to get the body I wanted.

I stuck by those words throughout my transformation and still do. I pretty much had no idea about nutrition. I just split all my meals from three huge meals into six and just took my cardio to an excess of two hours a day.

I progressively lost 88lbs within one year, going extremely hard. I thought whatever I had had to be burned off. I got to the point of passing out doing my cardio.

At age 21 (216lbs), I finally took my nutrition seriously and realized it was the way to be healthy and achieve more than just being lighter than I was before. My local gym owners set me up on the right kind of plan.

I also learned by using and speaking to other athletes. I stepped up my training and took it to a new level; hitting the weights hard with solid form.

It was amazing watching the fat strip off and definition appear; something I longed to see. Looking back, it took 14 months, but in that time my changes were unbelievable. All because I ate right! It changed my mindset and I BELIEVED it was mine even before I started.

Never missing a meal and being prepared for the day/s ahead is key. Huge credit goes to my Mrs. for helping with prep and keeping me fed when it was time. Her support means the world and gives me extra motivation.

Supplements That Helped Me Through The Journey

I really got caught up taking SO many supplements and tried so many over my beginning stages. When I got my diet on track I only used the minimal amounts. A lot of people (myself included) believe supplements are the solution.

When they get unexpected results without any change to their diet, they try a new supplement because the first 10 did not work. Yet, they eat poorly.

I add a fat burner when dieting down to kick start things and lower calorie intake to below maintenance and use casein protein throughout the day.

Upon Waking
With Meal 1
With Meal 2
With Meal 3
With Meal 4: Pre-Workout
With Meal 5
With Meal 7

Diet Plan That Guided My Transformation

My diet doesn't change too much throughout the year. I just up my portion size by 2 ounces of protein and 2-4 ounces of complex carbs in order to make gains during the colder season. I never go above 10 percent body fat.

Sometimes I mix carb sources and cycle brown rice, basmati rice, white rice, oats, sweet potatoes, whole meal bread or rice cakes and protein. I mix in different sources of lean cut proteins such as turkey, chicken, beef, kangaroo mince, kangaroo fillets, and white fish, tuna, and sardines. I'll also include a lot more fruit and various veggies.

My below sample meal is when I'm in peak condition. At some point, to really drop the last bit of stubborn fat, I'll follow a typical keto diet for 2-3 weeks max.

I make sure to eat every 2 1/2-3 hours; always keeping food on hand, and never being caught without anything to eat. Huge thanks go to my amazing Mrs. Sophia for always making sure I have food on hand!

Meal 1
Meal 4: Pre-workout
Meal 5
Meal 6
Meal 7

Training Regimen That Kept Me On Track

I always followed the standard 12 reps, three sets with one warm-up set. When I started my major change and new outlook on training, I used big weight that I could control and did negative sets beyond failure (works only with a good spotter). I started lifting to grow; lean mass soon followed.

I always started with a warm-up set of 20-25 reps of about 60 percent max followed by a huge set of six reps to failure, using weight I would barely get 6-8 reps out of on my own, with good contraction. I would do another 6-8 negatives with spotter help. This gave me great core strength as I controlled the weight with by contracting the muscles.

I train weights 5-6 days a week and include kickboxing/MMA classes 1-2 times a week as cardio and keep my fitness up. I try do 3 MMA classes to achieve peak condition as my main cardio workout.

My rest period is 45-90 seconds for big sets (squats/deadlifts/incline bench). Keeping the heart rate up is important and I sometimes go to triple drop sets to get up to 50 reps on the last set.

Intensity is key to making my progress continue as well as staying hydrated through the day. I like to crank the iPod on loud and go into my own zone. I'm there to train hard and it's what I do!

I do construction work, so I get plenty of cardio most days.

Day 1: Chest/Cardio
Day 2: Back/Abs
Day 3: Arms
Day 4: Shoulders/Traps/MMA-Kickboxing
Day 5: Legs
Day 6: Cardio
Day 7: Rest

Suggestions For Aspiring Transformers

NEVER LOSE FAITH! Believe in yourself! Look away and ignore people who try to put you down, laughing at you, or tell you stop wasting time with training, cooking, or eating. KEEP FAITH!

This is a lifestyle, not a race. The majority of work is done outside of the training sessions. Be prepared every step of the way, always have food with you, and don't be embarrassed of what anyone says to you.

Take heaps of photos weekly to see your results and don't expect your own eyes to see the results instantly! KEEP GOING!

Try new things and always read and learn as much as you can from the great people and articles on and throughout the industry.

We are all one thought away from being what we want. All it took was the change of mindset from "I can't!" to "I can!" that split-second change of thought is all it takes. Hold onto it and push through the tough times; they don't last. Results come if you do everything you possibly can WITHOUT doubting yourself!

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

My plans for the future revolve around health and activity in all forms; for my job and for my own well-being and mental state. I will never allow myself to slip into that slump. I apply my training and discipline into all aspects of my life.

I plan on entering a physique competition. I think it's more the look and lifestyle I am after and it would look great to have a trophy standing next to a huge photo of my past weight!

Huge Thanks

To my amazing Mrs. Sophia, for all the time she puts into my cooking, carrying my food, and continuous support; never complaining or questioning why I do it and day in day out being there for me.

To my father, for showing me this is a lifestyle to live day in day out and not a race. Always make time for training as it's a stress relief as well as an enjoyment and never take things too serious.

To my mother, for always believing in me and always being so supportive throughout my life.

To Nick "Mug", for always kicking my ass into training insane day in and day out; even on my off days. Thanks for helping me balance life!

To my gym owners, Joseph and Tracey at Bfit Health & Fitness, for all the advice and help along the way.

To Simon Moran, INBA physique competitor, for taking the time to give me great advice/training and nutritional tips.

Also, to Stefan Avtarovski at and Luke Pezzutti at Lion's Den Academy.

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