Male Transformation Of The Week


Guys, have you made a dramatic change either by gaining muscle of by losing all the weight you have been hoping for, if so, send in your pics, stats, what got you started and why and you could be next month's winner!

Criteria To Enter

  • Pictures (Before & After)
  • Stats (Before & After)
  • Why you decided to change your body!
  • What got you started?
  • When and how long it took you!

This section on will be updated once a week and winners will be contacted via e-mail!

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  • Transformation Of The Week - Damion Ricketts.

    Damion has been spending his time deployed as a Marine in Iraq. He made a personal goal to workout 6 times per week until it was time to go home. Here is what he has done.

  • Body Transformation: Lean Machine!

    Consistent determination propelled David into a lucrative fitness class. See how he overhauled his life and went from 28 to nine percent body fat!

  • Body Transformation: Troy Fox Made A Healthy Promise And Kept It

    Troy went through some rough patches and handled stress with food. It took years to reverse his depressed actions, but now he is fit and fired up to help others!

  • Body Transformation: Anthony Went From Spud To Stud. No More Couch Potato

    Anthony took one look in the mirror and knew he let himself go. After experimenting with bulking he got his fitness program on track. Read on to see how he did it.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Ryan Shanahan!

    After the birth of his daughter, Ryan's wasn't able to keep up with the demanding task of parenthood and maintain his physique at the same time. But after some inspiration from Pete Siegel, he was ready to get his body back. Learn how he put on 20 pounds!

  • Transformation Of The Month - David Brown.

    See how he went from 245 pounds to 190 pounds at the age of 40!

  • Matt Gained 33 Pounds Of Lean Muscle Mass And Got Ripped!

    Matt was known as the skinny fat kid, and he hated it! Find out how he transformed his body into a mass of toned, quality muscle.

  • Transformation Of The Week - Kent Trivette!

    Want some inspiration? Then look no farther. Kent has been through some severe health problems in addition to being overweight. Can you relate? Find out right here what he has done to improve his life. It certainly has not been easy.

  • Tim Evans Shed 45 Pounds To Become A Healthy Role Model For His Daughter!

    After an injury while training for a bench press competition, Tim began packing on the pounds and became overweight and out of shape. Read on to learn how he got his motivation back and shed 45 pounds to become a healthy role model!

  • Knowledge Is Power: Make The Science Of Bodybuilding Work For You .

    Josh Bonner took bodybuilding science to a whole new level and sculpted himself into competition shape.

  • Body Transformation: Post-College Reversal

    College had its way with Andrew’s body. When the party was over he repaired the damage and created new, healthy habits. See how he turned his party pack into a sculpted six-pack!

  • Body Transformation: Aaron Feinberg Went Pyro And Burned 40 Percent Body Fat!

    The insecurities associated with morbid obesity overwhelmed Aaron's existence until he found courage to transform. See how he lost 30 percent body fat and 217 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: Guided Growth

    A personal trainer introduced Jordan to fitness and taught him the basics. As his intensity grew, Jordan started lifting with seasoned veterans who rounded out his weaknesses!

  • Body Transformation: Robins Dorvil Set An Exercise Example!

    The clincher that drove Robins to transform was his son who followed unhealthy habits. See how it motivated him to lose 30 percent body fat!

  • Packing On 50 Pounds Of Muscle!

    Andrew idolized the muscular bodies that he saw in the movies and magazines and knew that he if he wanted to change his skinny physique then he would have to get to work. Read on to see how he did it!

  • Body Transformation: Bodybuilding Brought Charles Pate Back To Life!

    Charles lived through a car accident and a two-month coma that significantly altered his future. See how bodybuilding helped to heal his mind and body!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Jacob Valdez.

    Jacob and his family had a rough 2005 which led them to gaining a lot of weight. Well that all changed after a small bet was made ... Learn how he won the bet and went on to lose almost 40 pounds and a whole lot of body fat!

  • Body Transformation: Micah Van Yperen Went From Pudgy To Pumped Up!

    Micah completely changed his body composition as a teen and turned fat to muscle after years of hard work in the gym and kitchen. See how you can too!

  • Body Transformation: Stripped Down And Built Up!

    Drugs and alcohol ruined Seth's early college experience. He kicked his own ass for allowing it, lost 100 pounds in 10 months, and started over with a foundation of muscle!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Ben Silverman.

    Ben was out of shape and, at 425 pounds, considered himself a large mammal. He was embarrassed when friends wouldn’t even ask him to help them move! See how this amazing and ongoing transformation has led to a 145-pound loss!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Michael Wassell.

    Michael got started because he was sick and tired of being sick and tired. He was a slob, with low energy levels and wanted change. Learn right here how he went from 285 pounds and 46% body fat to 175 pounds and only 8% body fat!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week!

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  • Body Transformation: Ahmed Gave Himself A Lifestyle Change For His 30th Birthday

    Ahmed gave himself 6 weeks to get into better shape and surprise his family. He surpassed even his own expectations.

  • Edward Turned His Life Around And Put On 30 Lbs Of Pure Muscle

    After going through a bad break-up Edward lost the motivation to stay fit. With the help of his friends he found himself and returned to the gym. See how he changed his life!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Brian Strider!

    Brian was picked on in high school for being so skinny and wanted to change that. But being from a family of people who were all skinny he wanted to see how big he could get. Here is his story.

  • Body Transformation: Noble Decision

    Hansel did everything wrong. He ate wrong, moved wrong, smoked, drank and generally failed at health. Then he found and Kris Gethin’s trainer righted everything!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Mark Haynes.

    After emergency appendix surgery Mark let his body go and was not happy. At one point he became disgusted with himself and decided to change. Learn more about how he gained 30 pounds!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Clarence Court.

    Clarence was tired of seeing himself as a large, out of shape, middle-aged man. See how he got tired of being that way and made the steps to change everything. See how he went from 250-plus pounds down to a healthy 200 pounds and only 12% body fat.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Bill Nestor.

    Bill started the downward spiral because of work conditions, marital status, and various other reasons. After a visit to his doc he made the life altering change and went on to lose 34 pounds and a great deal of body fat. Learn more right here!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Etienne D'Alfonso.

    Etienne was not happy when he realized he was gaining to much weight. He did not like it and did not think it was right. Here he will share some of his story and a sample workout and meal plan.

  • John Miller Demolished 12 Percent Body Fat To Get Ripped Six-Pack Abs!

    John lost his motivation when he started college. But one day he decided that he could take control of his diet and change his body! Find out how John demolished 12 Percent body fat to get a ripped six-pack below!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Amado Serna

    Amado was sick of getting winded from doing simple, everyday activities. So he decided to finally get in shape. Learn how he lost 75 pounds ...

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Martyn Knowles!

    Martyn wasn't content with living his life as the chubby kid, so he decided to focus on dropping the weight and getting healthy. Read on to learn how he shed and incredible 111 pounds and 12 inches off his waist!

  • Jon Found The Perfect Formula To Increase His Results

    From the hockey rink to the bodybuilding stage, this investment banker sought a strong and confident body!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Brian Jones.

    Brian did not want to continue the downward spiral that was being caused by his obesity. With many health problems he knew it was time to change. See how he went on to lose more than 100 pounds and almost 30% body fat!

  • Body Transformation: Kan-Do Attitude

    Greg was the last person anyone expected to complete Kris Gethin's 12-Week Hardcore Trainer. He did with strong perseverance and an unwavering will to change!

  • From Dirty Bulk To Washboard Abs -- The Lean-And-Mean Fitness Plan!

    Enrico Willis once though that bulking meant eating everything in sight. Read on to see how Enrico changed his diet and learned how to stay lean.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Mark Valenti.

    Mark was overweight and hated it - he would have to gasp for air just to bend over and tie his shoes. Soon though, he discovered a formula for success and went on to lose more than 15 pounds and more than 20% body fat!

  • Make Your Diet And Cardio Work For You

    When August topped the scale at 200 pounds he decided it was time to re-evaluate his fitness goals and get his diet on track. See how he changed his meal plan and learned to love cardio.

  • Body Transformation: Adam Capps Sent 170 Pounds Packing!

    Adam's life changed when he discovered a forum thread mocking his fat body walking out of McDonald's. See how that moment drove him to lose 170 pounds!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Sam Rathbun!

    Sam first decided to begin training to be a good role model for his children and to increase his self-esteem. Read on to learn how he shed 50 pounds and gained his confidence back!

  • Dusty Trimmed 29 Pounds And Toned Up His Body After Adopting A Fit Lifestyle!

    Dusty had let his life get ahead of him and he desperately wanted to go back to a healthier lifestyle. See how he completely changed his body and his outlook on life!

  • Transformation Of The Month - Dan Boylan.

    See how he went from 225 pounds to 148 pounds!

  • This SWAT Guy Became A Fitness Enforcer!

    Like many others Chad was in denial about the state of his health and physical appearance. Read on to see how Chad woke his body up and shed 50 pounds!

  • Transformation Of The Week - John Jimenez.

    John made an amazing transformation and lost 370 pounds! With his life on the line (literally) he made the decision himself to change everything. Learn why and what he did right here!

  • Body Transformation: Jimmy Silenced His Doubters

    Despite what his friends and family thought, Jimmy pushed on and wowed them all in the end.

  • Body Transformation: Ryno Cordier Is A Monster Among Men!

    Ryno left his sedentary life to capitalize on great genetics that produced mass muscle. Now he's a monster among men! Use his training plan for explosive gains!

  • Tony Was Tired Of Being Skinny So He Packed On 12 Pounds Of Muscle!

    Tony was inspired by action movies like Rambo to become the strongest he could be. See how he used his bodybuilding research to sculpt the body of his dreams.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Vaughn DuBow.

    Vaughn gained 60 pounds in less than two years and became that guy on the beach who kept his shirt on the whole time. Learn how he made amazing changes with just a set of dumbbells and went on to burn off 79 pounds over the last 2 years!

  • Transformation Of The Week - James Babb!

    I was told by my doctor I would have to take blood pressure medication if I did not start losing weight. Before I started losing the weight my days of life were numbered. See how I beat back the doom with this transformation!

  • Body Transformation: Sean Henry Torched 33-Percent Body Fat!

    Sean was tired of screwing around with fad diets and unreliable training programs. See how this fighter took his fat to the cleaners and lost 127 pounds in two years!

  • Transformation Of The Month - Joel Dale

    See how he went from having eating disorders to where he's at today! Amazing transformation ... read on to find out what he did.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Alan Velasquez!

    Alan's weight caused him to have countless health problems. After realizing he needed to make a change, Alan began learning about nutrition and exercise. Read on to learn how he lost 68 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: Fitness Dreams Do Come True!

    Weight problems held Matt back in several areas. It cost him a college baseball career and led to years of depression. See how he reclaimed his health and inspired thousands!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Lee Hayward.

    How Lee Hayward lost 42 pounds and won the overall title in a bodybuilding contest. Learn more about this fantastic muscle building/fat loss transformation. Check out his sample training, nutrition and supplementation details below!

  • James Welch Was Motivated To Live A Healthier Lifestyle And Lost 33 Lbs!

    James was no stranger to the gym, but he didn't have the body he wanted so he decided to take his training up a notch. Learn how James transformed his lifestyle and sculpted a new fit body!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Eyad Yehyawi.

    Dr. Eyad unknowingly suffered a stroke at the age of 28. At this point he lost all hope with weight going up to 210 pounds. See how he made an amazing recovery and competed after losing 25 pounds and over 10% body fat!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Nabil Khan.

    Nabil was always chubby and continued to gain weight through high school It was at this time he decided to make a major transformation. See how he lost 30 pounds and 5 off his waist line!

  • Kyle Kesler Cut His Body Fat By 14.5% By Cutting Fat And Building Lean Muscle!

    Kyle felt like he wasn't getting anywhere in the gym so he decided to do a little research and it paid off. Read on to see how Kyle turned education into rsults!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Michael Drane!

    Focused on making a change to his body, Michael decided to give powerlifting a try. But without proper knowledge of nutrition, he soon suffered a shoulder injury that made him re-evaluate his training. Learn how he dropped 33 pounds and 6.6% body fat!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Scott Blass.

    Scott started lifting because he was tired of being the small skinny kid in school. After training he started seeing changes and eventually went from a puny 135 pounds up to 185 pounds of muscle. Check out his great transformation!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Gary Moore.

    I started working out and soon realized my passion. On Jan. 23rd (weighing 230 pounds) I began a 15-week pre-contest regimen for the 2006 NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding show. See what my motivation was and how I prepared.

  • Hardgainer Helper — From Eating Disorder To Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

    Matthew found the inner strength he needed to overcome his illness in the gym. Read on to see how he changed his eating habits and added size to his frame.

  • Body Transformation: Micah LaCerte Turned His Body Into A Brand

    Micah LaCerte wanted to have the kind of body he grew up idolizing. He ended up accomplishing his goal and then some along the way. The sky is the limit for Micah.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Benoît Fauteux.

    Benoît was tired of being the skinny kid and with some encouragement from his father decided to start training. Get his training and nutrition plan right here and see how he gained 57 pounds in two years!

  • Larry Favroth Shed 36 Pounds To Get The Lean Body He Always Wanted!

    After 2 weeks of military training, Larry decided to see just how far he could push himself to get the physique he'd always dreamed of. Read on to learn how he shed 36 pounds right here!

  • John R. Smith Gained The Motivation He Needed To Shed An Amazing 163 Pounds!

    One morning, John took a long look at himself and realized he wasn't happy with his overweight physique. Read on to learn how he got motivated and lost 163 pounds with proper diet and exercise!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Randy Robitaille Shed 54 Pounds!

    Randy decided to take a year off from competing, but it soon became apparent that he had let his weight get out of control. Read on to learn how he gained his focus back and shed 54 pounds right here!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Jeremiah Bustos.

    I have always been known as the 'little guy' because I am so small. At only 5-foot-7 and a weight of 125 pounds, there was not much meat on me. Well that all changed after Basic Training. Learn more ...

  • David Shutler Shed 40 Pounds And Got Ripped!

    David always believed he needed a huge bulking cycle to put on quality muscle, but soon he realized he could put on the mass without being overweight. Read on to learn how he shed 40 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: How To Lose 100+ Pounds In 1 Year!

    If Steve had downtime, he was either training or preparing meals. That dedicated plan of attack drove him to lose 102 pounds and 30 percent body fat in one year! See how you can too!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Josh Studzinski!

    Starting a motivational company with his father, Josh knew he had to transform his body. By staying focused at the task at hand he was able to drop 40 pounds. Find out more here!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Dan Freed.

    I got started about 8 months ago when I realized that just being strong was not enough. I needed to lose some weight. See how I managed to go from 220 pounds at 16% body fat down to 162 pounds and only 4% body fat. Learn more ...

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Steve Chua-Caedo.

    Steve was a competitive powerlifter who wanted to step on stage as a bodybuilder. In July of '07 he let his drive and determination fuel what would happen next. See how he lost 47 pounds as part of his contest prep!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Greg J!

    Greg no longer played competitive sports, so his level of activity began to take its toll on his body. But with some help from his brother, he was able to turn his life around. Read on to learn how Greg gained 20 pounds of solid muscle!

  • Body Transformation: Unleashed The Beast

    Olu wasn’t sure where fitness would take him. All he wanted to do was feel and look better. Apparently, he did something right because this guy has haters bowing at his feet!

  • Body Transformation: Trimmed Down Timmy!

    Timmy initially transformed to impress a girl, but was intoxicated by euphoric endorphins. See how a gym addition helped him lose 90 pounds and 20 percent body fat!

  • Transformation Of The Month - Jay Scott.

    See how he lost more than 75 pounds while prepping for a contest!

  • Body Transformation: Awesome Aussie

    When Rob started the Kris Gethin Trainer, his fit knowledge lacked detail. After 12 weeks of videos with the Welsh warrior, this Aussie was hooked!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Chris Holliday!

    Chris was tired of feeling uncomfortable in his own body, so once he heard about the MuscleTech Transformation Contest, he decided this was his time to change. Read on to learn how he shed 38.7 pounds right here!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Jake!

    A career change helped Jake take a step back and see that he didn't have the body he knew he was capable of having. So with some hard work and education on nutrition, he managed to drop 18% body fat! Read on to learn how he did it.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Shawn Reagan.

    Shawn was putting on weight despite the fact that he was exercising. Learn here how he changed his diet and other lifestyle habits to lose 33 pounds in just over 3 months! Check it out.

  • Jerry Chapman Shed 73 Pounds And Changed His Life Forever!

    Jerry knew it was time to change his body and with a little push he began his transformation. Read on to see how he was able to change his lifestyle and shed 73 pounds.

  • Tyler Dropped The Unwanted Weight And Built A Carved Physique!

    Tyler led a moderately fit lifestyle, but he knew he was capable of so much more. Read on to see how he zeroed in on his fitness regimen and took his body to the next level.

  • Body Transformation: Justin Frechette Turned Adversity Into Advantage

    This world was rough on Justin, but he was done taking it in stride. He chose to advance. With Greg Plitt's help he leads a new life!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Franco Castiglione.

    As I flipped through some pictures at a family reunion I noticed one picture of me on the beach with my shirt off. I was disgusted at how I looked. Learn about how I changed all of that right here.

  • William Sucik Shed 31 Pounds And More Than Half Of His Body Fat!

    William Sucik wanted to walk across the fitness stage by the time he was 40. See how he found the motivation with help from his wife and friends and make his dreams come true!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Vince DelMonte.

    My nickname was 'Skinny Vinny' all through high school and even when I went to University where I thought I escaped the embarrassing name ... a roommate brought the name back to life. Learn how I went from 150-pound kinny, to a robust 190 pounds.

  • Body Transformation: Back In Black

    Josh suffered a horrible string of luck that would have finished most people, but life didn't stay bad for long. He found the strength to pick himself up through fitness!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Jeff Setton.

    I was an active child and did not have a weight problem until I turned 15. At this point I shot up to 352 pounds. When I realized I was borderline diabetic it was time for a drastic change. See how I did it!

  • Caleb Lost 165 Pounds Through Diet And Exercise!

    Caleb Craig knew he had to change his lifestyle for his health and well being. Read on to see how Caleb shed 165 pounds and changed his life forever.

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - John Milici.

    John had all sorts of problems, unfortunately, while in high school and it all had to do with being to skinny. Check out this great transformation as he goes on to gain 40 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: Body Fat Incineration!

    Edwin waged war against blubber and came armed with a flamethrower. See how he lit flab on fire and went from 48 to 9.4 percent body fat!

  • Transformation Of The Week - Geoffrey B Miller.

    Geoffrey shares with us how and why he chose to make a body transformation. Included is an extensive nutrition plan that he followed for two different shows. Check it out!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Zachary S. Sokolik.

    I accomplished my goals by staying focused and dedicated and never forgetting what I was working for. I had constant support in this challenge where I lost 85 pounds and 20 % body fat. Read on for the story!

  • Gary Pyatigorsky Shed 70 Pounds By Learning To Love Fitness!

    Gary was tired of being picked on because of his weight, so he set his sights on getting ripped. Read on to learn how he shed 70 pounds right here!

  • Male Transformation Of The Week - Phillip L. Dell

    Phillip's friends and family always tried to get him to be more active. Then, after his divorce, he moved to Las Vegas and got his life on track. Now, he's 92 pounds lighter and has started competing. Learn more about his accomplishments here ...

  • Body Transformation: Eric Made Bodybuilding His Life's Work

    Eric Gibson was a business major until he realized that he had more business being a health, fitness, and exercise science guru. Once he found the stage, he was hooked.

  • Transformation Of The Week - Tommy Skupien!

    Tommy has undergone an amazing transformation and would like to share his story about why and how he made this life altering decision.

  • David Shed 40 Pounds And Sculpted His Body!

    David was up to nearly 250 pounds of mass but it was taking its toll on his endurance so he dieted down. See how he was able to shed excess weight and sculpt his ideal body!