IFBB Pro Undercover #5.

Here we go again with the 5th edition of IFBB Pro Undercover. Some good questions this time so lets get started.

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Column #5

Here we go again with the 5th edition of IFBB Pro Undercover. Some good questions this time so lets get started.

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Please don't laugh at me for asking, but is Skip LaCour really natural or juiced to the gills like everybody else? He doesn't seem natural to me.

He seems natural to me! If Skip were to get on an IFBB pro stage he wouldn't even get a call out. With the exception of the Dallas Pro Show last may 4th where Skip may have gotten a call out. I mean he looks better then George Farah but then again George looks like he's a natural competitor. Skip is not anywhere near IFBB Pro potential which tells me he is all-natural. No, I really don't think he uses steroids of any kind.

I'm confused about the whole synthol thing? I mean Gregg Valentino looks unbelievable freakish and disgusting. I was wondering what it is, how much it is used, and why pro's are even allowed to do contests if they use it?

First of all I don't really know who Gregg Valentino is, but if he's using synthol sooner or later it will catch up to him. The thing is Pros are not allowed to use the stuff. It seems like the judges are having a hard time determining who is guilty of using. Synthol is a man made synthetic fat that bodybuilders are site injecting to increase muscle size. Problem is the athletes are getting carried away and their muscles are becoming very distorted and disfigured resulting in an un-natural grotesque look. The IFBB judges need to get more educated on what to look for because a few pros are placing when it is very apparent they are injecting the substance. This past Night of Champions had two guys in the top five that were full of synthol and it was extremely easy to see. These two athletes should have been placed out of the top five because of synthol but both went unpunished. Until the rule of no synthol is actually enforced the athletes will not stop using the crap. There are many pros using synthol but it is starting to catch up to them in a negative way.

I'm 19 years old. Am I too young to use growth hormone?

I'm not a physician but I think you are in fact too young to use growth hormone. You are still developing which means your body is producing plenty of HGH. I myself did not use growth until I was 24 years old after I had been training for three serious years. It's hard for me to advise you on this subject because every human body runs differently. The best advice I can give you is to put yourself on a serious training program. Stick to this program for at least one year and see exactly how much muscle you can put on with out using HGH. Remember there are literally dozens of supplements designed specifically for increasing muscle mass. Later if you still want to use GH it will certainly be a personal choice you'll have to make.

After the last Fitness International there was some buzz that Jenny Worth totally trashed her room leaving an extremely high bill for the promoter, Jim Lorimer. Do you know if this is true? Is she allowed to compete in future Fitness Internationals?

Yes this buzz is in fact true. To go further into detail, Jenny was smashing her head against a door back stage after being announced third. She made an absolute fool out of herself to many whom watched in disbelief. After the finals Jenny proceeded to bust up her room. Problem is that the room was in Jim Lormer's name! Mr. Lorimer was stuck with a pretty hefty bill (in the thousands) and has permanently banned Jenny from any future Fitness Internationals. I think it was a very foolish thing to do on Jenny's part being that the Fitness International is one of the most prestigious events in fitness. To add more salt to injury the Fitness International is one of the two shows that pay the most money. Serves her right for being trailer park trash.

My question is 4 issues primarily all the same question: Do the pros use steroids? Where do the pros get steroids? How long do pros use steroids cycles to get as big as Cutler or Coleman? Which steroid stacks do they use?

Do the pros use steroids? Dude, have you been reading my column at all over the past 4 months? Like I've answered before, yes the pros use roids. All pros, in every sport from baseball to boxing and in the Olympic games when they can get away with it! That is a fact Jack. Where do pros get steroids? The big name athletes such as ball players have to be really careful how they obtain the drugs. Most of them go to physicians who have to keep doctor client confidentiality. Some have their runners go down to Mexico and smuggle them back over the border. I'm not going into much detail with this answer. I'm not going to be one of the dozens of idiots giving the authorities ways to arrest people who are hurting no one.

Funny thing is I know of many police officers that use steroids but will arrest another in a heartbeat. Let's not forget what the current Mr. Olympia was doing before he became Mr. Olympia. I can't speak for every pro, but the ones that I personally know don't stay on the juice for more than 12 weeks at a time. Usually starting 12 weeks out from a competition. This seems to be the average time but I have known a few to go on for longer periods. Bodybuilding is a time game. The longer you have been training the more muscle you can put on. As far as Coleman is concerned, he's been training seriously for over 15 years. Everyone thinks that the more steroids you take the bigger you get. That is not true! Lets not forget constant protein intake, more than ten hours of sleep a day, many sacrifices and total dedication for years and years. Forget the steroids, just train with no interruptions and total dedication for more than a year and then think about using them.

For real, how much gay for pay is there? How often do the pros take money to pose nude for gays while the client masturbates?

This has been going on for years, nothing new. I know a few pros for a fact that have been doing this to supplement their income. Several years ago Bruce Patterson made gay pornos that ended up hurting his career so much so that he has never placed well in any of his shows. It's safe to say he never will. Another pro whose last name rhymes with gay has made a considerable amount of money over the years taking his trunks off. Two others whose names are of royalty are well known in the gay community for being the most entertaining of all. Is this wrong? It's not for me to say I only know it's not for me.

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