Transformation Of The Month - David Brown.

See how he went from 245 pounds to 190 pounds at the age of 40!

Name: David Brown
Age: 40
Weight (before): 245 lbs
Weight (after): 190 lbs

Weight: 245
Weight: 190

Why I Got Started

In February of this year I picked up a Flex magazine and saw they were having a transformation contest. That was my motivation initially along with the fact that I was turning 40 in June and wanted to see if I could dedicate myself 100 percent to my ultimate goal.

How I Did It

The main thing for me was my food intake. I've had sales jobs for many years where I worked late and rewarded myself with late night meals (cheeseburgers, fries sodas, etc.). After several years of eating horrible, I ballooned to almost 250 pounds of solid cellulite. I heard someone say a body is made at the kitchen table more than in the gym. For me this has been the case. (You are what you eat!)

I know for some people they have cheat days. I'm happy for them, but I have made the commitment to eat clean all the time. (Maybe I'm a little paranoid about getting fat again.) Since February of this year I haven't had a cheeseburger, french fries or a soda.