Transformation Of The Week - Heather Pedigo.

Heather has made an amazing transformation where she went from skinny to muscular. You will see how and why she did it right here!

Before Before:
150 lbs
Feb. 2000
After After:
180 lbs
April 2005

Vital Stats

Name: Heather Pedigo
Weight Before: 150 lbs
Weight After: 180 lbs
Bodyfat Before: 20%
Bodyfat After: 8%
Biceps Before: 11 in.
Biceps After: 16.5 in.
Calves Before: 13 in.
Calves After: 17.5 in.

Why I Got Started

We took a trip to the Arnold Classic. I wanted to look like the fitness models I saw there. Physically impossible. Most of them are 5-foot-5 or shorter and 120 pounds. I am nearly 6 feet tall and 150 on my skinniest day. So I figured I would try to be as strong and muscular as I could, and it only took a few months to see I was born to be big!

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I Was Born To Be Big!

How I Did It

My husband was/is a personal trainer; he has never "trained" me, but has taught me everything I know about lifting. Lots of heavy weights, not missing workouts, dedication, discipline and diet (eating enough to grow).

Suggestions For Others

Be disciplined. Anyone can say they are going to change, but you have to take action to actually do it! Be a do-er not a talker! Once you reach your goals, help others.

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Be A Do-er Not A Talker!

Remember how many questions you had when you were just starting. Be patient. Results take time, but you will never get there if you don't keep trying. The best advice I can give is straight from The New Testament in the Words of Jesus "Love God" and "Love one another" Matthew 22: 37-39.