Mind Power!

Alright, now it's time to talk about the powerful enegy source called your mind. You may not belive it, but your mind can certainly determine whether you will succeed and create the body of your dreams, or fail.

Alright, now it's time to talk about the powerful enegy source called your mind. You may not belive it, but your mind can certainly determine whether you will succeed and create the body of your dreams, or fail. I decided to write this article because I realize that like me, other bodybuilders (particularly the ones on the message boards) have to deal with problems and obstacles they must overcome in order to see muscular results from all their hard work in the gym. Every once in a while, a bodybuilder can feel down in the dumps and dosen't want to go to the gym or keep up with the busy eating schedule.

It can be hard to overcome, so here is an article to help out. If you explore how to use your head to your advantage, your one big step closer to lean, ripped muscle mass. All successful bodybuilders who haved overcome amazing obstacles have incredible mind power, such as Larry Scott and Frank Zane. These two bodybuilders are for the most part ectomorphic, and their gains have always come slower than others. Does that mean they quit? Of course not! They simply have a very amazing mental discipline that allowed them to reach their goals


This can be a really good motivater and in my opinion is absolutley neccessary. In order to stay consistant you have to think of your ultimate goal and have a constant vision. Picture the results of your work in your head, just dream. This can help you keep the task at mind and let nothing get in your way. Imagine this for one second. Your walking down the street in the summer time, and people constanly stare at you and ask questions like "Wow, how did you get so big?"

Just think of how glad you will feel when you are one of the very few muscular people walking down the street and all eyes are set on you? Stop reading this article and actually imagine this for a few seconds. I just gave you a perfect example of using the powerful effect of visualization. Find whatever image personally motivates you, and use it to your advantage whenever possible.

A Role Model

This is also very important and I feel vital to acheive your goals. Pick a bodybuilder who's physique you admire or would like to match, but think realisticly. Your obviously not going to look like Dorain Yates if you are a full blown ectomorph, in this case, Frank Zane would be a better example. Many short bodybuilders, including me, have admired Dr. Franco Columbo becuase he was the very first man much smaller than any other pro to win the Mr.Olympia.

I think just about every bodybuilder on this site holds the great Arnold Schwarzenegger in the highest respect because of his flawless physique. Find out who your role model is and find all sorts of pictures of them. Keep one in your wallet, post them on your fridge or in your room to keep you reminded of the task at hand. Every time you find yourself eager to skip a workout or a meal, think to yourself, "what would ____________ think?"

I was flipping through Musclemags Bodybuilding Encyclopedia when I stumbled apon a picture of Micheal Francois totally pumped up with a tank top on that says "dedication". When I saw that picture, I cut it out immidietly, and I keep it with me at all times. I find it helps me with my training throughout the day, I reccommend you find a picture that motivates you.

Your Peers

Your peers can also be a very helpful tool. A training partner, for example, is not completely neccessary, but if you can find one with the same general goals as you, try to arrange some workouts. There are a number of advantages to having a training partner. You and your partner will constanly be trying to lift more weight than the other if you are in the same strength range, and you won't puss out on your last rep with him/her screaming in your ear to keep going. Your partner can be a good safty measure also, they will make sure you don't get hurt.

Also, if your partner knows that you should be at the gym at 3:00 and will be waiting for you, the chances are you won't let them down and you will show up for the workout.

There are many other ways your peers can help you also. If you are getting comments from people on how great you look or how strong you are, you feel great and will find yourself more motivated to reach an even better level of success. If you know anybody who doubted you, you feel you have to prove them wrong. Using their comments for "fuel" is a very useful tool. Along the way, I can almost guarantee that someone, somewhere will doubt you and try to shut down your success. Don't let it get you down, it is your job to keep in mind that if you stay consistant and dedicated, and you will show that person that they were wrong. Something to think about.