Contest Day: A Breakdown Of What Happens!

Learn the secrets on how I won the 2002 teenage Mr. Australia! Find out what I did to kick so much ass!

My alarm went off at 4 A.M. for me to get up and go for my final walk before the show but I was still really sleepy so I decided to spoil myself and give myself another hour sleep, so I rolled over and went back to sleep until 5 A.M.

Starting The Day Off

At 5 A.M. I had half a grapefruit and then went for a half hour walk. It was a slow walk, and its purpose was just to see if I could drop some more water before prejudging. It worked I went to the toilet as soon as I got home, so it worked I guess.

I used the walk to mentally prepare myself for the days competition, I went through all the early morning walks in my head, thought about how hard I trained for the show, how many sacrifices were made and how much I wanted to win. After coming second the past 2 shows where depending on what the judges wanted I could have easily come away with the show if I had more stage presence and confidence up on stage.

After watching the 2001 NSW Titles (where Michael Barrett beat me and then went on to win the Mr. Teenage Australia) it taught me to be confident on stage and go all out, show the judges enthusiasm.

I visualized myself doing all those things on my walk, the way I hit each pose and the lead up to each pose.

I arrived home at 5:30 A.M. with 3 hours until I had to leave for pre-judging, I ate an orange and a kiwi fruit as soon as I got home then just started to pack my bag for the day. In my bag I took to the show:

  • Towel
  • Canola Spray
  • Dream Tan
  • Spare Shirt
  • Container of Chicken Breasts
  • Container of Fruit
  • Container of Veggies
  • Container of Rolled Oats
  • Container of Coffee Rice
  • Bum bag with Posing Music, Wallet and Phone
  • 500mL Bottle of Water

Duncan brought the food to pump up on which was helpful, as I didn't have it sitting in my room for the last week looking at me and telling me to eat it. At 6 A.M. I had 100 grams of chicken, ½ cup of coffee rice and a handful of dried apricots.

Pre-contest Eating

For those who don't know what coffee rice is I will explain it. Just start by preparing your rice (Brown Rice) to cook with the same amount of water in the bowl and everything, before putting the rice in the microwave add 3 table spoons of coffee and 3 table spoons of honey. After giving it a good stir put in the microwave stirring constantly. Anyway after I ate I just bummed around, went through my poses, went on the internet and layed down waiting for Duncan to arrive about 8 o'clock.

As soon as Duncan arrived he through my final coat of Dream Tan on and it doubled my colour, it was unbelievable. Duncan took a look at my condition and told me to eat an orange, pear and then a kiwi fruit. By this time I was starting to fill out and getting excited.

We took some photos and then Duncan and I left followed soon after by my family and friends. We arrived walked up slowly staying focused and putting our posing music in, after that was done it was time to dose off during the competitors meeting and wait for the time that my class was called backstage.

At 9:45, about an hour and a half before I went on stage I ate a half a container of my coffee rice, the honey and rice will fill you up (carb load) and the coffee is a diuretic to pass as much water out of your body as possible.

As I finished up my coffee rice the competitors meeting started, I usually just tune out and think about the day as all competitors meetings are about the same, going on about drug testing and information on when and where to go backstage.

The show got started at just after 10 A.M., which was an almost on time start, everyone was totally shocked. The day started off with proberly the most contested class where the top 5 guys were close but the top 2 were unbelievably close, a good friend of mine Ryan took second in this class only to find out later in the night he got beat in his under 90kg class by the eventual overall winner. I thought Ryan had the class although my favoritism might have blurred my vision, it went on what the judges were looking for all day, which was hardness and although Ryan had a better v taper, bigger and thicker back. The eventual winner was rock hard. I can only imagine Ryan losing by at most a few points. Congrats Ryan you went awesome.

At about 10:15 A.M., Duncan took me up the back of the auditorium and told me to lie down with my feet up on a chair and relax. This would drain some fluid out of my legs and I feel it worked, but the main thing was I felt better. The female under 52kg's were called backstage and as I wanted some extra time I went backstage with them as my class followed there's and they only had 2 competitors.


Backstage the first thing we did was check my tan, we put one final coat of dream tan on then when it was even Duncan applied Hot Stuff all over. We didn't pat it in yet as there was still sometime before I went on stage so I just put my tracksuit back on and just started to chat with Duncan. He was providing me with some good motivation and all I wanted to do at the end was go onstage and do battle with the other blokes.

The time came to start pumping up. I started with close grip pushups and then progressively getting wider. Next I moved onto curls, and then triceps extensions followed by lateral raises and some rows. I used marshmallows, raspberry jam and apple juice backstage for my sugars, we didn't go overboard just enough to get crazy amounts of veins out, and it worked.

After that I moved into hitting each pose with the exception of lat spread, as I didn't want to spoil my tan. By this time all the other teens were in the room and mind games came into play. When you are preparing to go on stage and you see the other competitors with there shit off for the first time you automatically become messed up in the head, you think they are more ripped, they are bigger and I noticed they were all taller, which I'm used to so this made me have a little giggle.

I was the last to take my clothes off and Duncan started to finish pumping me up and giving me my final sugars. I was facing the wall as Duncan knew how mind games mess with my head so I didn't look at anyone, I knew I was on so I had to keep thinking its up to me, the others are irrelevant for the next 20 odd minutes.

It was about 11 A.M., and the backstage guy came into the room and told us that we had 5 minutes till show time, a silence came over the room as every bodies nerves had kicked in. Duncan wished me luck and told me that I have prepared for this, I'm ready go and show the judges what 3 months of hard work and dedication can do.

On Stage

By 11:10 A.M., we were on stage, I walked on and all I had was confidence. I could feel the hours of posing practice I did at night and in the gym come back to me and when we were all standing there in our front relaxed position I couldn't help but smile, I was relieved it was almost over. I did however say almost, I know knew the nest 20 minutes would be the hardest part of the last 3 months. I had to work for the whole 20 minutes and not let up.

I didn't look around at any of the guys next to me, they were invisible. On stage the lights were so bright I could only see the odd person. I made sure I either looked towards the back of the auditorium or down at the judges. Every single pose called for I imagined hitting it in the gym, in front of the mirror. I tried to build each pose from the ground up, meaning I started at my legs and finished with blowing the air out.

I could hear the encouragement from the crowd calling my number and Duncan down the front making sure I continued to flex my legs and my abs.

I went through all the poses for round one and thought we had finished, but I was wrong, the judges shuffled us around, put me in the middle and asked us to go through all mandatory poses again, this didn't take so long. After that there was the only callout of the prejudging. The eventual second and third places were called out, when they were called out and leaving me at the back it gave me a 10 second rest, and trust me I needed this rest. I put my head down and closed my eyes, I then told myself there is about 5 minutes to go, 3 months work for 5 minutes.

We then moved into round 2 and they moved through that fairly quickly also. After we were ordered backstage I was confident, not knowing how I was looking at placing as I didn't speak to anyone as I still had to do my routine, but I was confident I did the best I could, I hit all my poses and thought I presented myself in the best way possible.

I was the second teen to do his posing routine and the general feel I got lots of noise from the crowd and they enjoyed my choice of music. As I am still pretty inexperienced in putting together a posing routine I made it pretty basic and only using poses that compliment my physique.

After Pre-judging

Two minutes later, prejudging was over. I went backstage, and the first thing I did was grab a chocolate out of my bag, oh it was sweet. After that I put my clothes on and went and saw all my family and friends. I love the walk back from backstage to where you are sitting because people you have never seen before congratulate you like they know you due to watching you onstage, I thank those people for the encouragement it means a lot.

I went back to my seat and was greeted by all my mates. Nothing but good things I heard from them and everyone was telling me I had it, I replied with," Not till tonight"

After I had a chat to most of the people on how things went that I knew Duncan and I quickly drove back to my place to apply Duncan's final application of Dream Tan. I was on top of the moon, I was so happy but I so wanted to keep my condition for the night show so I didn't drink any fluids. I continued to nibble on some chocolate while I was waiting for Duncan to go onstage and the pre-judging to go to the end.

Duncan competed at about 1:30 P.M., and I couldn't believe how tough his competition was. It was the second most contested division after the under 90kg. The guy who came first was really on, although his legs could get a little bigger to match his massive upper body, he was as hard as nails, full and had a massive, ripped and thick chest that stood out like dogs balls but complimented his overall physique. Duncan fought is way through the whole prejudging, outclassing a lot of competitors with his posing and posing routine which is always so graceful and liked by everyone.

After Duncan had finished pre-judging we went straight home for 2 hours of rest and relaxation. All we have now is the night show. I still didn't blow out too much in regards to my diet. I kept nibbling on chocolate, still staying away from fluids as the increase in carbs will hold onto the fluid and quiet possibly retain water. I ate some fruit, chicken breast and dried apricots.

The Grand Finale

At 4:45 P.M., we all headed back to the RSL for judgment time. I was lucky to be on third again so I didn't have to wait too long. I was there for about an hour before finals got underway. I finished off my coffee rice at about 5:45 P.M., I was ready to start pumping up by about 6 o'clock. I finally got on stage about 6:30 P.M.

I was really happy for when I was on stage doing my posing routine for the night show as the crowd got right behind me and it was awesome. I changed my routine up a bit so I would be walking around the stage more, getting the crowd involved and this was really fun. From the time I started to pump up until the places were awarded. Well it was finally time to hear what the judges had decided. Looking back at the video, it didn't look like I was nervous, but I was and I didn't know what was going to happen.

And The Winner Is...

They announced 5th, then they announced 4th place, this was followed by a pause an announcement that this is the top 3 and then 3rd was announced. I was surprised with thirds finish, as he looked awesome backstage. So it was down to 2. I am so used to hearing my name called out for second place I was almost expecting it, there was a bit of a pause and my name wasn't read out. I jumped back clenching both fists with the biggest smile imaginable. I was ecstatic; I had the biggest smile on my face. I shook all the other guys hands and then jumped into the middle and took some photos.

We then filed of stage and I couldn't believe the feeling I was feeling. All those early mornings, weight sessions by my self, cardio done in the rain and cold and the sacrifices such as not being able to eat tasty foods that were made. All those feelings combined into a feeling of relief, enjoyment. The feelings I felt were overwhelming. I had never been that happy in all my life, I wanted the win so bad and I got it! Unreal feeling.

I got changed as quickly as possible and met Duncan half way coming down the stairs, the look on his face was awesome, he was so happy for me but I owe him a lot. He congratulated me and told me that I should have seen the look on my dads face. It was priceless.

The first person I saw when I came out from backstage was dad and he gave me a massive hug, he was over the moon. I then spent the next 15 minutes getting congratulated by all my friends and family that came. What had just happened hadn't hit me by then, like I knew what just happened but I couldn't believe it.

I then went to see all the people I knew and had great time getting congratulated by everyone. I couldn't wipe my smile off my face and everyone was really happy for me. I couldn't stay in the same place for more than 5 minutes I was on a high; it was UNBELIEVABLE winning, a trip.

I then went backstage and got Duncan ready for the finals for the under 70kg's. We were confident he would come top 5 but depending on what the judges were looking for. When the places were awarded Duncan got 5th, but being able to make the weight was an achievement and being the 5th best under 70kg bodybuilder in Australia is an achievement in its self.

Now I had to wait around for the overall, which was an inconvenience, but I wouldn't give that opportunity away for the world. While I was waiting I made sure I didn't have any fluids, as I didn't want to be watery on stage for the overall because I was already going to look tiny next to all the blokes on stage.

I stayed hard for the overall only eating chocolate, and a couple of chicken burgers from Hungry Jacks. The overall was unreal, just pumping up backstage with some of the greats of Australian Natural Bodybuilding was unreal. They are all so cool and joked around with me a lot.

On stage after going through all the poses I was starting to get tired and didn't care too much as there was no way I was getting the overall trophy and everyone knew who was getting it so it was fun on stage none the less.

During the pose down it got a little heated between the 2 biggest guys on stage but they quickly calmed down when they realized what was going on. Funny stuff it had to be seen! I was ducking and weaving in-between the other guys hitting a most muscular then getting out from the front before I got crushed.

After The Win

The overall finished at 10:30 P.M., and I was home all toweled off by 10:45 P.M. The food was unreal at home, although I didn't go too stupid. I snacked on pizza, hungry jacks, chocolate cake, cream, mouse and coke!

Then my friends, family and I put the video on for the day and watched it before everyone went home. After the video I stood up and said thank you to everyone that needed a thank you. I thought this was important, as I couldn't have done this without the help and support of others.

Everyone left about 12 then I just bummed around unpacking my bag then took a shower scrubbing the tan off for about an hour and a half. I got out of the shower and due to all the sugar/sodium I have eaten there wasn't a 2 cm space on my upper body without a vein. It was something that you don't see everyday.

Well this was my day, October the 13th 2002, the day I became THE NEW TEENAGE MR AUSTRALIA. It was a long day but anyone who wants to compete but not sure I really encourage them to compete, it is the best experience. Finally I would just like to thank all the people that made this possible, these are in no particular order:

Special Thanks To The Following

Duncan - Without your nutritional advice I couldn't have gotten in the shape I was in. I had never been on a diet like the one Duncan gave me. I felt healthy, not getting sick the entire 3 months even on a high intensity-training program and low calories. Duncan your motivation and encouragement kept me focused and WE DID IT.

Troy - Big Choc, champion. Now people, this guy is what you want in a mate and a training partner. I trained at 6 A.M., up until the last 4 weeks where I didn't require a training partner, Troy got up at 6 A.M. every time we trained even if he didn't want to train he came to help me out. Without Choc, I don't know what would have happened, but I couldn't have trained as hard as I did. Now its time to put on some size Choc, see ya at the gym.

Mum - When dieting for a show, nutrition is about 80% of the final outcome. Without food, you can eat, if you don't eat, you can't win, and without my mum I wouldn't eat. Mum bought all the food I needed and that was a big, big help. Thanks mum, and I'll try to keep my room tidy as a thank you to you.

Dad - Dad kept me going with money for petrol and general spending money, as I couldn't really work due to training and college. Thanks dad, I owe you one.

Ian - Ian monitored my progress from about 9 weeks out and took a lot of the photos that you have seen in the gym (the progress shots). He weighed me, took my body fat and took measurements every week in his own time at no cost and for that I thank him. Thanks a lot mate.

Brad and Francis - Thanks for doing another great job with the video and filming "Brads People". More of that in the years to come.

Everyone else I haven't thanked - I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends for putting up with the bad smelling tuna, mood swings, anti social behavior and anything else I did to shit yas. You have stuck by me and that's the most important thing.

Well guys, that's a wrap. That was my day that I trained so hard for. I will be taking 2 to 3 years off, but really want to compete again in 2004 bigger, stronger and hungrier for the Junior Title.

Until Next Time,
The New Teenage Mr. Australia