Teen Amateur Of The Week: Gabrielle Is A Figure Force!

Gabrielle trained under the tutelage of IFBB figure pro Belinda Hope and made big gains. See how guidance and hard work paid off on stage for this teen!


How did my fitness journey begin?

I started competing on a local swim team at age 5 with my sister and we loved it. It was a way for us to make friends and feel like we were part of something. My favorite event was the breaststroke, but I was the best at the butterfly. After years of swimming, my coach left for a better job. I continued to swim, but it wasn't the same without her.

During my freshman year of high school, I decided to try something new and completely out of the ordinary. I joined the wrestling team and was the only girl. I wrestled at the 113-pound weight class during my freshman and sophomore year. In practice, I realized how strong I was because I could lift most boys and throw them. After my sophomore year, I stopped wrestling because cutting weight became unhealthy for me.

In the summer before my junior year, I started going to the gym with my mom. I wanted to stay in shape for swimming and get stronger.

"After my first show I became hooked on figure competitions."

My mom showed me several exercises and set me up with IFBB figure pro Belinda Hope to learn proper form. Belinda trained my mom and sister before so I was excited to train with her. After a few sessions, Belinda convinced me to compete in figure.

I started training vigorously in November 2012 for my show. Belinda helped with my diet and posing and taught me everything I needed to know. After my first show in March 2013 I became hooked on figure competitions.

What Workout Regimen delivered the best results?

Switching up exercises delivers the best results for me because my body doesn't get used to the same movements. I work out seven days per week and sometimes take an active rest day. I do unassisted wide-grip pull-ups every day because figure requires wide lats.

How did your passion for fitness emerge?

My passion for fitness emerged when my mom introduced me to the gym. My mom also taught me to eat healthy. My goal to become an IFBB figure pro drives me to get better. Everything about the sport fascinates me.

What/Who motivated you to be a fitness guru?

My mom motivated me to become a fitness guru. She introduced me to the gym, showed me how to eat clean, got me personal training sessions, and gave me fitness magazines to study.

Where did you go for inspiration?

When I don't feel like going to the gym and need motivation, I look at photos of my favorite competitors. I also go on their Instagram pages and watch their training videos on YouTube. I like to check Bodybuilding.com for new exercises. Sometimes I look at my old competition photos to see where I need to improve.

What are your future fitness plans?

My future plans are to qualify for nationals and earn a pro card before age 20. I want to be a sponsored athlete on magazine covers. My dream is to inspire people who are my age to start exercising and eating healthy.

"My future plans are to qualify for nationals and earn a pro card before age 20."

What is the most important fitness tip?

Be grateful for everything you have. There are many people who would love to be able to lift heavy and compete but aren't physically able. Appreciate the little things.

Who is your favorite competitor?

My favorite competitor is Belinda Hope. She's the definition of a hard worker. It took her many years to become a pro, but she never gave up. She got her pro card in 2012, which showed how dedicated she is to the sport.

How did Bodybuilding.com help you reach your goals?

I visit Bodybuilding.com often to check out new exercises and read articles on nutrition, supplementation, training, and competing. It helps me to better understand the sport.

Gabrielle's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Talk That Talk" by Rihanna
  2. "Play Hard" by David Guetta (Feat. Ne-Yo & Akon)
  3. "Get Back" by Ludacris
  4. "Disco Inferno" by 50 Cent
  5. "Stronger" by Kanye West
Competition History
  • 2013 Dallas Europa Expo - 3rd Place Teen, 7th Place Open
  • 2013 Clearwater Super Natural - 2nd Place Open Figure
  • 2013 Europa Show Of Champions - 1st Place Teen Figure
  • 2013 NPC Southern States Championship - 2nd Place Teen Figure