Staying With The Sport!

One of the hardest thing for a younger kid, who like to lift, to do is stick with it.

There are a lot of things that make up a competitive bodybuilder. Dieting, tanning, cardio and posing all go into a competition, but almost all kids will not get this far because they do not stick with it. One of the hardest thing for a younger kid, who like to lift, to do is stick with it. I used to have the same problem until about a year and a half ago. I decided that I was going to hit the training hard. I found a buddy that felt the same so we went at it. Training everyday as hard as our bodies would let us. Now I have to admit it took its toll on us. There were days that we did not want to go into the gym and beat our bodies again. So we took the day off. WRONG. Now that I look back on it I wished I would have went in that day and did something. Now that I have started seeing gains I do not ever want to miss a workout.

Missing one workout will lead to another and then another and then even end up giving it up. So here are some reasons people quit and how you can get past these problems. You always have to go into the gym knowing what you are going to do. Make sure your schedule has the workout that you are going to do that day. You can get a workout from a book, a magazine or even form someone on this web site. Having a schedule will also help you from over training. Do not go into the gym doing chest 3 days in a row. Also, if you feel bad that you skipped a day (I used to) then you should realize that you are letting yourself down and not to let it happen again. Skipping a day will not get you any closer to your goals. Even if you do not feel like being in the gym just imagine the kids that are taking that day off. Going in there that day will give you that advantage.

Another reason kids give up on it is they do not have any body to workout with. When I first started working out I would workout in my garage all by myself. At the beginning I had no trouble with intensity or the drive to go out in the garage. Over time I was not seeing gains anymore. One of the reasons is because I could not use my maximum poundage. How could I go heavy with no spot? Having a training partner is good to help you in you form. A partner can also help relax you. I have to admit my first few times in a gym I felt a little out of place with all these men and women in there using outrageous weights. Having that friend in there as strong as you can help you get over that issue. Another problem is finding a partner that is reliable. A good way to find out who is going to be your partner is to find out what the goals are of your friends. You do not want to be working out with a friend who just wants to get a bigger chest, unless that is your goal. Now if you want to push yourself to your bodies limits day in and day out, then find a partner that will give you his all everyday.

Having goals is also another driving force in keeping you in the gym. Whether it be to become the starting linebacker on your varsity football team or you are looking to put on some mass to win the Teen USA competition, you must have goals. Goals will get you in the gym everyday. If you want to become that Teen National Champion you have to get in there and bust your butt everyday. My goal is to become Mr. Olympia one day. That means there is nothing that will stop me from getting in the gym.

One of the biggest reasons kids give up is because they do not see gains. I did not see gains at all during my first two years of working out. I was told by family members and friends that I was getting bigger. This drove me even harder so I could see the change. However, it takes a while before you see gains. Work hard and you will see gains. So let me recap real fast. If you want to become a competitive bodybuilder you must stick with it here are a few rules that will help you stick with it:

  1. Decide what you want to accomplish (goals)
  2. Come up with a schedule
  3. Remember gains take time
  4. Never back out on your goals

So keep up your hard work and do not give up. Nothing comes easy or with out sacrifice. So no matter your goals if you want to accomplish them you must stick with it.