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Steve Cook's Cutting Program

By the time he hit the stage to win the BodySpace Spokesmodel Search, Steve Cook was in the best shape of his life. Score his complete program here!

By the time he hit the stage to win the BodySpace Spokesmodel Search, Steve Cook was in the best shape of his life. Score his complete program here!

Steve Cook's Fitness Program
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Cutting Regimen


When getting ready for a show I try to lose weight slowly (about 1 lb per week) and without dropping my carbs too low. By carb cycling I am always keeping my body guessing.

I typically go four days of low-to-medium carbs and then I have a re-feed day where I have a high carb day. I try to schedule this on my leg or back training day.

If I'm not losing weight I drop my carbs while leaving protein high and fat around 17% of my caloric intake.

Meal 1

Egg Whites 6

Whole Eggs 2

Veggies 1 serving

Oats 40-60g (depends on if I'm low or high carb)

Meal 2

Brown Rice 35g

Broccoli 3oz

Chicken, Turkey, or Fish 6oz

Meal 3

Vitargo 1-2 scoops (depends on carb day)

Meal 4

Brown Rice (or yams) 35g

Broccoli 3oz

Chicken or Steak 1 serving

Meal 6

Tuna Salad w/ Olive Oil 1 serving

Meal 7

Chicken, Turkey, or Fish 6oz

Broccoli 3oz


I don't think just one workout works the best. I am constantly changing rep rage, rep tempo and volume to make sure the muscle is always being shocked into new growth.

When I'm cutting I typically follow a nonlinear style where I train heavy one workout and then more volume the next.

On these higher-volume days I go slightly higher reps with less of a break in between sets. I also take out some of the more high-risk exercises when I'm cutting.

Day 1
  • Heavy Chest/Abs
  • Triceps
  • Medial Delt
  • Cardio
Day 2
  • Heavy Back/Calves
  • Biceps
  • Rear Delt
  • Cardio
Day 3
  • Rest (Cardio only)
Day 4
  • Shoulders/Abs
  • Upper Chest
  • Cardio
Day 5
  • Arms/Forearms
  • Back
  • Cardio
Day 6
  • Quads/Hams
  • Calves
Day 7
  • Cardio


Steve Cook's Personal Philosophy


Nutrition is the most important aspect when it comes to being healthy and in shape. By eating lean protein, complex carbs, veggies and healthy fats you will provide your body and mind with the proper nutrients it needs.

By staying away from fast foods, sugary sweets, and anything with hydrogenated oils, you look and feel better.


Motivation is key! My Motivation comes from a deep love for weights and to see how far I can push myself everyday in the weight room. I want to be the best I can genetically be. As healthy and as strong and lean as possible.

I sometimes have to remind myself not to overdo it. As I've gotten older I realized how important recovery is. Ultimately I want to be the next Steve Reeves.

I want a body that is appealing to the masses. My goal is to have the perfect balance of size, shape and symmetry.


While good quality supplements can make a difference (especially when dieting) they aren't an excuse to have poor nutrition and sleep habits.

By taking the right supplements for your goals and in the right amount, one can achieve results faster than without supplementing. It's important to know exactly what you are putting into your body.

Follow the instructions...just because some is good doesn't mean more is better!

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