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Fitness 360: Supplement Program—Shannon Clark, Body Of Work

Training? Check. Nutrition? Dialed in. Now it’s time for supplements to complete the package.

I don't eat a wide variety of foods. I stick with my healthy favorites time and again.

So I rely on supplements to help me cover all my bases, particularly concerning vitamins and minerals.

I also don't eat much red meat, so having a high-quality protein powder on hand helps ensure that I get all my protein in for the day. A protein shake is also a welcome reprieve from eating just chicken, fish/seafood, and egg whites over and over.

I also like using an energy enhancement supplement prior to my workout to help give me a bit of an extra boost for this gym session.

Here's how it breaks down for me over the course of one day:

Shannon's Supplement Stack

Before Bed

Shannon Clark Fitness 360