The Magnetic Diet: Harnessing The Powers Of Food Magnetism.

Created by a man named Nick Smith, who had tried many unsuccessful diets, pills and detox programs himself before, finally succeeded at weight loss... Learn more about this well rounded approach to weight loss!

Just when you thought you had heard it all, out comes The Magnetic Diet.

Created by a man named Nick Smith, who had tried many unsuccessful diets, pills and detox programs himself before, finally succeeded at weight loss by harnessing the powers of food magnetism to achieve weight loss and enhance his overall well-being.

Nick claims to have studied many scientific journals to get to the root of why he wasn't losing weight and after going through such research, finally developed a system that would not only have him losing the weight he never could but would also allow him to finally enjoy food again.

He hated the process of carb restriction on other diets or trying to stuff himself full of warm liquid beverages to tide away hunger. He states that on his diet none of this is necessary because you will get the foods you are eating working with your body to promote a better sense of wellness.

In the first chapter of his Magnetic Diet he goes through teaching you how to deal with your food cravings. This allows you to determine how much you want to eat and when, rather than relying on some outside factors that will only cause you to fail on your diet.

Six Tips To Combat Food Cravings!
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Six Tips To Combat Food Cravings!
The subject of food cravings has always come up. I would like to take this opportunity to share some helpful tips in the fight against food cravings.
Dave DePew

Since the number one reason people fail on their diet program is because of unplanned food indulgences, if you are able to overcome this, it is a step in the right direction.

Included with this diet program is also an exercise program that Nick recommends that can be done anywhere you like. He's designed it so that you do not need any type of equipment nor do you need a gym membership. He claims it will help you to build muscle and lose fat without even having you breaking a sweat, however also states that the program is for regular people not those who are aiming to achieve the look of a bodybuilder.

This diet plan also takes a very well rounded approach and also gets you going on some meditation practices that allow you to improve the overall quality of your life.

One good thing about the Magnetic diet is that you will go over what he calls "the mathematics of weight loss." This will essentially be planning out your ratios of carbohydrates, protein and fat along with how they comprise the total calorie intake of your diet.

Do note however that his plan is by no means low-carb because he stresses very heavily that it is not so much that carbs matter, but that total calorie intake must be in line.

His book will also teach you all the concepts of his 'food magnetism' principles as well as provide you with a detailed shopping list as to the foods you should be buying. He'll also review how you can stay eating healthfully in a restaurant, how you can still incorporate the foods you love into the plan while maintaining your weight loss, along with which supplements he recommends you start taking.

So How Does This Plan Add Up?

-> Not For Competitors:

    First off, you should realize that as he clearly states, this likely isn't the plan for someone who is planning on working towards a bodybuilding or fitness competition. He is not going to go into thorough details on how to tailor your plan in order to achieve these results so you need to be aware of that factor.

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This Isn't The Plan For A Bodybuilding Or Fitness Competitor.

    Furthermore, simply by his description of the workout program, chances are, it's not something that is going to take you to any high level of fitness. For some individuals this may be perfectly fine, particularly if they don't want to be dedicating a lot of time to their workouts, but for others however, it won't match with their goals.

-> 'Magical' Properties:

    Next comes the diet itself. There have been many, many research studies that have been done with regards to food combining and if there are any 'magical' properties to that and so far, it appears as though there really isn't.

    The old notion that you should only eat protein with either fat or carbohydrates is now moving out of the picture and more people are realizing that it is okay to have a meal that is comprised of all three macronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, so long as it does fit within the particular diet plan you are on.

    While he states he's found this amazing concept of food magnetism, more than likely it's just a matter of you eating certain foods and being restricted to those along with a certain calorie intake that's going to get you losing weight.

    The only magical formula when it comes to losing weight is calories in versus calories out. Then it becomes more of which type of diet is going to make you feel physically best (some individuals will feel best on low carb while others will do better on more moderate-high carb) and which will be the easiest to stick to.

What Type Of Diet Do You Feel Most Comfortable With?

Low Carb Diet.
Moderate Carb Diet.
High Carb Diet.

    Just because his magical 'food magnetism' properties worked for him does not mean they will work for you so you need to keep that in mind.

-> A Well Rounded Approach:

    Once nice thing about the diet is that it does take a well rounded approach, particularly for those who are looking for a more relaxed method weight loss, by incorporating the additional factors of meditation in.

    So overall, there is nothing too special about The Magnetic Diet except for the fact it's going to monitor your calorie intake to make sure you are losing weight. The workout program is not suited for anyone who is looking to make some serious physical fitness gains nor will the diet be accompany those types of goals.

Shannon Clark
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Author, Shannon Clark.

    For a beginner who is just looking into improving their overall meal plan however and learning more about how to figure out calorie intake, this approach might be worth giving a try.

    Overall Diet Rating: 2/5

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