Body Transformation: Making A Transformation This Phenomenal Requires 110% Commitment

Zsolt committed himself to living a healthier lifestyle for himself and his family. Read on to see how this family man shed 69 pounds!

Vital Stats

Name: Zsolt Pajer
Bodyspace: HungryFerret

Zsolt Pajer Zsolt Pajer


254 lbs


185 lbs

Why I Got Started

I have always been working out since I was 16, but never took it seriously. I would work for a year then skip another, so my physique never changed much. About 2 years before I started dieting, my son was born, so naturally I spent most of my time with him. I was not watching what I ate, and did not do any sports, so I gained a lot of weight.

I realized if I stayed like this, it could become a serious problem. I was also aware that if I didn't put 110% into it, I wouldn't achieve any results. This started an 8-month day-and-night journey. The other reason was I always admired bodybuilders and their endurance for this sport, and it was a dream to see myself as ripped as they were on contest day.

I was aware that if i didn't put 110% into it, I wouldn't achieve any results.

How I Did It

I have to say that the way I got into shape was not the easiest or most fun. The last two months were a complete nightmare. A huge thanks to my wife who stuck with me and lasted regardless of my mood and how much of a jerk I was thanks to the strict diet.

Basically, the diet was simple. I started on 400g of carbs and decreased this about every 10 days. The hard part was keeping up the 5-6 morning workout sessions and 6 evening cardio sessions, and not missing one session for 8 months.

The hard part was keeping up the 5-6 morning workout sessions and 6 evening cardio sessions.


Morning & Post Workout:
Morning, Pre Workout, & Before Cardio:
Morning, Post Workout, & Before Cardio:
Pre Workout:
Pre Workout & Before Cardio:
Post Workout:
Noon/Early Afternoon:
Before Bed:


Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

Meal 6:

Meal 7:

Meal 8: 1 hr Before Bed


I did a 5 day/week plan when I started, then went up for 6 because my leg training was separated. For cardio I did 50 minutes, 6 days/week in the evening at the beginning, but later added in 20 minutes post workout for a total of 70 minutes daily at the end.

Day 1: Arms/Abs


Post Workout Cardio:

PM Cardio:

Day 2: Chest

Post Workout Cardio:

PM Cardio:

Day 3: Back/Lats

Post Workout Cardio:

PM Cardio:

Day 4: Shoulders/Traps

Post Workout Cardio:

PM Cardio:

Day 5: Quads/Calves

Post Workout Cardio:

PM Cardio:

Day 6: Hamstrings/Abs

Giant set:

Post Workout Cardio:

PM Cardio:

Day 7: Rest

Suggestions for Others

Research and read a lot, listen to others advice, but select the information carefully, and try to adapt it to your own benefit. NEVER go off the track, try to accomplish your goal. Do not miss one single workout unless you can't get up.

One small allowance can ruin the whole hard work you did, because once you take things a bit easier, next time you'll be more loose on your training, and in the end you may give up.

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