Seven Weeks And Counting!

The 2001 Northwest Natural is right around the corner! Find out what I am doing now to prepare...

Seven Weeks And Counting!

I can't believe that the Northwest Natural is right around the corner. My workouts are getting a little tougher to get through. My energy level is getting lower due to diet and my recovery is slower as well. The junk food cravings are harder to resist especially with Easter and all those chocolate bunnies. The neighborhood kids even came to my door and tried to sell me their Easter candy. Talk about temptation!

I have to admit my newly emerging body keeps me motivated. Every night my wife teases me because she catches me checking out my abs while I brush my teeth.

I feel like my glutes and legs aren't coming in as quickly as I had hoped. I started a new extreme regimen of lunges six weeks ago. A buddy and I have been lunging the length of the Boise High School football field six times (600 yards total) with 115 lbs weight once weekly. We go 200 yards down (down and back) and then take a two-minute break before we start again. I don't recommend starting at this distance and weight the first time you try a hardcore lunge workout. We started with 95 lbs and lunged 400 yards total the first workout. We could hardly sit down for several days. After the lunges we go back to the gym for leg presses, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. It is definitely my toughest workout of the week. I have been doing 45 minutes of stair stepper daily also to try to drop my body fat.

Another painful experience is the yearly leg waxing. It seems to hurt more each year. I don't know how my wife can stand a bikini wax each month! It gives a whole new meaning to suffering for beauty.

I need to start finding time for posing and going through my quarter turns starting next week.