Kirk Miller Fitness 360: Supplements

When you break yourself down over and over again, six times every week, every month, every year, you need a little help to rebuild. Kirk Miller relies on a smart supplement stack.

It should come as no shock that this high-performance athlete take a range of supplements. Kirk Miller is focused: he eats a lot of food, supplements smartly, and times his nutrition like a pro.

Kirk Miller Grenade 360
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Kirk's Supplement Philosophy

The multivitamin may be the most important supplement you take. It gives you a balanced infusion of nutrients to supply your cells with vital re-ups they need. A multi can easily get overlooked, but do not skip this. Kirk takes one every day to cover any nutrient gaps in his diet.

"In terms of the supplement stack I take, it's a lot," Miller says. "I take as much as I can, especially being a natural [athlete]. Obviously, I'll take Grenade fat burners and other Grenade products. I stock .50 Calibre. Since I started to take it, I've never had a bad workout. I know you'll say I should train hard without it, but I can train a helluva lot harder with it."

In addition to Grenade products, Kirk takes creatine, whey isolates, vitamins, and branched chain amino acids. He is also a huge proponent of L-glutamine to assist the immune system and help prevent muscle breakdown.

Kirk's Supplement stack

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