Demolition Man - Learn How To Train Harder!

If you are a bodybuilder, weightlifter, exerciser, whatever, listen up; I have some news for you. It is a flash that just came in over the fitness hot lines. You ready?

Ladies and Gentleman start your engines! Bodybuilding is a sport that has taken off over the last few years. More and more people seem to understand the importance of not being a fat ass. If you are a fat ass, don't be offended. Pat yourself on the back for at least reading this article. If you are a bodybuilder, weightlifter, exerciser, whatever, listen up; I have some news for you. It is a flash that just came in over the fitness hot lines. You ready? "TRAIN HARDER." Yeah, you heard it straight from the source. Everyone here goes to the gym with a goal in mind. The only thing stopping that success of that goal, pending a serious medical condition, is you. And I know that you can defeat you. Confusing? Good, that lets me know you are thinking.

I haven't written in a while, I am now commissioned and have an additional job on the side. (Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Colorado Springs. Hit me up if you are in the area). I also have a new training partner; he is close to getting his pro card. He is 5-foot-6 of twisted steel, 210 pounds of smoking brick. I used to think I trained pretty damn hard, I was wrong. The last 5 months I have added so much mass it's ridiculous. Shirts don't fit, pants run away in terror, and little boys hide in mommy's closet for fear the mass monster is in the kitchen about ready to eat his way into their room.

The training intensity has picked up by leaps and bounds. The weights are heavier, the rest periods are shorter, the vomit is fresh and the mass is packing in like a Type II diabetic at a chocolate buffet. We use drop sets, super sets, giant sets, f%*k you sets, all with the heaviest weights possible, all free of charge and yes, we do make house calls. We scream, yell, cuss, throw stuff, don't put away our weights and make you look small. We are the people you tell your girlfriend you don't want to be, but she didn't hear you cause she is staring at my six-pack between my 18.5-inch arms. Fear not though, I don't want your girl, too much personality.

Remember my article about being a freak, how I change my shoes and a switch flips and I am now a raging machine of mass that takes no prisoners. Well I now wear my shoes to the gym, saves a couple minutes. I do not need that switch anymore. I can rev myself up like a shitty dirt bike with fresh oil. Workouts now are hell. Not fun. If you think working out is fun, quit, you are not working out. You are playing fla la la with your gay cousin and his neighbor. I love being in the gym, before and after my workout. However, I hate the workout. HATE it, read this again, HATE it. It hurts, does not feel good, and almost brings me to tears. But I still do it two days on, one off.

My routine hasn't changed much. With the exception of adding a lot more intensity it still revolves around the basic movements as heavy as possible. Like I mentioned, we use a lot of super setting, drop sets, all that jazz. It makes the muscles grow. We still use heavy-ass pounding of compound exercises with enough weight to break the Al-Queda into talking. Example here:

Day one:

A.M. Quads

Extensions-warm up
Leg Press-4x12
Extensions/Hack Squats-4x12/12

P.M. Hams

Seated Curls-warm up
Standing one leg-warm up
Stiff Legged Deadlift-4x12
Lying Leg Curls-3x12, 1x20,15,10,5 (Giant set, 5 second rest in between each set)

Then it's on to day two. You know what, I'll save my routine for future articles about being a freak! (Probably thought I forgot, huh!). I want to stay on track and emphasize how important it is to train as hard as possible. Leaving nothing in the gym.

Who wants to be that washed out uncle that does not get invited to Christmas to Grandma's house because he already lives there? Go hard.

Yes, sometimes you can't go as hard as other times. However, do the max your body will allow for that day. I too toss in some light days, just to get some volume work and help the muscle grow. It actually makes me recover better, faster and makes me stronger for the next workout. I was lying about hating my workouts above. I really do love them. I love being in the gym. Wait, let President Bennett clarify that statement… I love working out and going to the gym. I am not that guy in an Abercrombie shirt and designer cutoffs with a pretty braided necklace and sandals talking to all the girls. I am in, I am out, with a workout in between. I have made great friends in the gym. Hey, back to the topic. Work Harder! That is my lesson for today. Just think about how hard you work and ask yourself if you can work a little harder. I just want to bring that to your attention.

Disclaimer: My articles in no way are written with the intent on offending anyone. They are written purely for entertainment and guidance. I have been training for a long time and have learned a lot, and just want to share it. I have a complex that many of you might be familiar with called Muscle Dysmorphia, so my main goal is to learn as much as possible about getting gargantuan. (Muscle Dysmorphia is sometimes called bigorexia. Muscle dysmorphia is the opposite of anorexia nervosa. People with this disorder obsess about being small and undeveloped. They worry that they are too little and too frail. Even if they have good muscle mass, they believe their muscles are inadequate.)

That's all for now. Stay tuned however for the Shadow III.