Hardcore Supplement Stack: Gain 20 Lbs In 7 Weeks!

I have toiled many hours & over many different ideas on what mass-building supplements I will be using to help me pack on size and also how much money it would cost me...

Editor's Note: This article (originally dated 2003-10-08) is outdated because it was written before the U.S. ban on prohormones. Our site offers alternatives to prohormones, however. This article remains public for archival purposes.

Since mass building season is upon us I toiled over many hours and many different ideas on what mass building supplements I would be using to help me pack on the size and also how much money it would cost me.

My diet wasn't a problem to figure out. I would consume about 4500-5000 calories a day, some days I would venture above the 5000 mark. I would also be consuming close to 300 grams of protein a day and about 600 grams of carbs and the rest from fat. I would also be drinking about 2-3 gallons of water a day.

Choosing The Products

I decided I wanted to go with a strong prohormone cycle that would last about 6 weeks. I chose VPX 1-Test and VPX ParaDeca. I would take 9 cc's (mls) of each a day. I would take 3ml upon waking up, 3ml 30 minutes before working out, and 3ml before I went to bed. Dosages were spread out about once every 5-7 hours. After the 6 weeks of using the VPX products, I decided to use Ergopharm 6-OXO for 6 weeks.

I also decided I wanted to use creatine and an NO2 product. I decided on Phosphagen HP from EAS and Pinnacle NoX2. As for a protein supplement, I am using Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein and Prolab N-Large, as well as 5 extra grams of Glutamine.

Stacking Them Together

Now that I know what I will be taking, the tricky part was how I was going to cycle everything. I decided to add a new supplement every 2 weeks because I wanted to make sure that I was getting my money's worth with the VPX products.

Week 1-Test Paradeca Creatine NO2 N-Large 6-OXO
1 9 ml 9 ml 1 serving
2 9ml 9ml Before
3 9ml 9ml 20g first 5 days Bed For
4 9ml 9ml 10 g 9 pills Entire
5 9ml 9ml 10g 9 pills 12 weeks
6 9ml 9ml 10g 9 pills
7 10g 9 pills 3 pills
8 10g 9 pills 3 pills
9 10g 9 pills 3 pills
10 10g 9 pills 3 pills
11 10g 9 pills 3 pills
12 10g 9 pills 3 pills

Note: NoX2 is taken according to bodyweight. N-Large is taken once before bed. Phosphagen HP is taken once in the morning upon waking and once after working out during maintenance. While taking NoX2, VPX and Creatine at same time, take NoX2 first, wait 30 minutes, take VPX, wait five minutes, take Creatine (upon waking only).

My Results From This Stack

  • After the first week of starting this mass building program I felt a lot stronger and my muscles felt denser just from the VPX products. VPX is a great company and puts out a tremendous product line.
  • I mostly started to put on most of my weight when I added creatine to the regimen. This is mostly due to water retention.
  • This was my first time taking NoX2 and I knew it would take about a week to start kicking in, but once it did it felt like my muscles were going to rip through my skin during my workouts. I've never felt a pump like this before… the product is truly amazing. You keep the pump basically the whole day. You may stop feeling pumped during the day but you can still see it. It's a great product.

After being on the cycle for seven weeks now, I have put on close to 20 lbs., most of it muscle. I just started taking the 6-OXO and will continue to do so for 6 weeks, I am still taking the Phosphagen and NoX2. I hope to put on about eight more lbs. before the end of the cycle.

What Workout Plan Was I Following?

During the cycle I have kept to a 5 day a week lifting program listed below.

Day 1:  Chest, Abs
Day 2:  Back, Calves, Forearms
Day 3:  Off
Day 4:  Shoulders, Abs
Day 5:  Arms, Forearms
Day 6:  Legs
Day 7:  Repeat

I also set my younger brother up on the same cycle and he has experienced the same exact gains that I have.

So, if you want to put on a lot of size in a little over a month and you have to money to afford this cycle (it is pretty expensive), I would recommend that you give it a try. You will not be disappointed.