My Review Of The 2007 Olympia.

The 2007 Olympia was almost like déjà vu from the 2006 Olympia. In the end, the same winner's emerged! Check this out and get my thoughts on the 2007 Olympia!

Olympia Review 2007

The 2007 Olympia was almost like déjà vu from the 2006 Olympia. There were a lot of new competitors on the Olympia scene, but in the end, the same winner's emerged from the previous year. Jenny Lynn stole the figure, Iris Kyle regained her bodybuilding title, Adela danced away with the fitness title and once again Jay Cutler was crowned the "KING" of male bodybuilding.

-> Figure & Fitness:

There were some upsets amongst the top figure competitors such as in Mary Elizabeth Lado and Monica Brant, who both failed to make the top 5 and were replaced with newcomers such as Jenny Gates, Sonia Adcock, and Gina Aliotti.

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Figure Top Four.
Jenny Lynn, Gina Aliotti, Sonia Adcock & Jennifer Gates.

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The fitness winners were the same top 6 as in 2006 with Adela edging Kim Klein out of the Olympia title.

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Adela Garcia.
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-> Women's Bodybuilding:

The women's bodybuilding showcased some amazing competitors such as Betty Pariso and Lisa Auckland. What is amazing about both of these competitors is that they are both 50+ years old.

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Betty Pariso & Lisa Auckland.
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They both look so amazing and continue to place in the top 5 but couldn't quite overcome the amazing physique of Iris Kyle.

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Iris Kyle.
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-> Men's Bodybuilding:

The men's bodybuilding had a huge turnover of competitors. Obviously Cutler regained his Olympia title for yet another year but unfortunately Ronnie Coleman, who has been riddled with injuries had difficulties on staying on top of his game and as a result, dropped down to 4th place.

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Jay Cutler & Ronnie Coleman.
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The Expo

The booth was a huge success and it must be noted that most of the traffic was at our booth again this year at the Olympia. I always enjoy working in the booth because brings in some of the best fitness icons in the world.

Some of the top names that I had the pleasure of working with were; the legendary Charles Glass, the beautiful and talented Jamie Eason, who had lines of fans over 50 deep, Fawnia Mondey, the energetic Jerome Ferguson, and top Olympia competitors Julie Childs and one of the best bodies in women's figure Valerie Waugaman.

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Charles Glass & Jerome Ferguson.
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I am often asked what it's like to work in the booth over the Olympia weekend. You might think that it's just standing there and posing for several photos, shaking hands and meeting new fans, but it takes a lot of hard work and positive motivation to work a booth over the Olympia weekend.

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Jamie Eason.
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The weekend is nonstop chaos and you have to spend a good part of your day stuffing goody bags, registering people with and handing out the various giveaways, including that ultimate cherished item; the official T-shirt. To me, the toughest thing is being on your feet for hours on end and keeping an upbeat, energetic atmosphere throughout the two days.

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Valerie Waugaman.
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I have worked other booths before and I have to say that is my ultimate favorite. It is a fantastic company to work for and many of the owners, Ceo's and employees are from the Midwest just like I am.

The whole staff is fantastic and the energy in the booth keeps running all day long, and if you start to fall off a little bit, they will likely give you a free thermogenic to keep you going-thanks Gary. Dave Middleton always selects some of the best outfits for us, that are not too sleazy or questionable and he makes sure the girls look fabulous. The whole group is very diverse and we all love the sport and are passionate about each other's efforts. I am very proud to represent and I hope they keep me around for a long time.

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Ginger Redeker.
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